Organ keyboard

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Its amazing to find our son playing by ear on his organ keyboard. When he was first introduced to his music teacher without trying he put on a little show . Our son is in fourth grade and the teacher was the high school band teacher. As my son played I could see the envy in the music teacher's face. My son started out with the very simple song when he was done he asked the music teacher if he wanted to hear more so my son continued and finished with the song amazing grace.

Economy heat

Usually we burn wood in our wood stove during the winter but after buying a light smart heater and running it all month burning wood is out of the question. This very small energy efficient heater running all the time on a thermostat control cost us about ninety extra dollars a month. Burning wood cost us about a hundred and twenty dollars a month with a lot of extra work cleaning the wood stove and worrying about fires.

Folding hand cart

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My husband as a contractor travelling around the tri state area would always try to find away to save on gas at one point figured out that the fifteen windows he had to pick up to Pennsylvania if they stood on edge they would fit perfectly into  our little Amigo truck. So perfectly that the only space left in the truck in the back was for the folding hand cart. It made it so much easier to move the windows from the warehouse to the curve side for loading.

No snow yet

I can't believe the weather its the middle of December and we're still holding in the daytime temperatures in the fifties. Whether there will be snow for Christmas or not. We have had winter's like these in the past and had green Christmas days. We are also had green Christmas Eve's to wake up to two foot of snow in Central New York. We get the lake effect from Lake Ontario.

Yamaha sound

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

When building our house my husband wanted to make sure that all the wiring was in place  just in case we wanted to install a few different things in the future. So every room is wired for cable, alarm system, PA system  and also a terrific sound system that runs off an old sansui am/fm receiver. Recently he has purchased a yamaha sound system to replace all the speakers that were installed in 1994. The old speakers lasted a long time and we know with the Yamaha name that these will last forever.

Dirty AC

So coming home from labor day from camping it was ninety plus degrees outdoors. As we opened the front door of the house it was also close to ninety inside. Who would think to leave the air-conditioner on all weekend while we were gone? As soon as my husband turned on the air-conditioner he started sneezing from the dust that he should have cleaned out to filter first before turning it on. It had been at least a month since the AC was on and it must have been some mold that hit him straight in the face as he turned it on. He shut it off but its too late for him he did pull the filter and clean it afterwards.


Friday, June 12, 2015

So I'm cleaning the house last weekend my son and my husband were suppose to just go to the store and pick up a few things. I see that they were running late so I called  and he reassured me they will be home soon. As my husband pulled in a truck pulled in behind him loaded with something in the back. As I got closer and my husband started talking to me he told me my son and himself had stopped at a garage sale and the man in the truck gave him a great deal on just about everything we need to set up a band including two sweet guitars with ten gauge strings that looked brand new.

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