Friday, June 12, 2015

So I'm cleaning the house last weekend my son and my husband were suppose to just go to the store and pick up a few things. I see that they were running late so I called  and he reassured me they will be home soon. As my husband pulled in a truck pulled in behind him loaded with something in the back. As I got closer and my husband started talking to me he told me my son and himself had stopped at a garage sale and the man in the truck gave him a great deal on just about everything we need to set up a band including two sweet guitars with ten gauge strings that looked brand new.


So far this summer turned out to be a wet one. We were thinking about this weekend to go camping and I'm glad we changed our mind because its going to rain on and off all weekend. With the nights going into the high 40's to mid 50's its not comfortable to be wet and cold. Reminds me of the show naked and afraid. The poor people on that show at least being eaten by mosquitoes and ticks not to mention some of them not finding good water to drink or anything to eat. That's horrible.

Logo printed table cover

Every year my husband's work place enters into a charitable event trying to make sure that every worker volunteers some of their time is hard to do. But this year the boss decided to buy logo printed table cover. They were so bright they drew a lot of attention to all the safety programs that we have. For every worker that volunteered the boss also had made up table clothes with each families name. 

Yard sale

Our first yard sale turned out better than expected.  We had lots of stuff to get rid of cleaning out a lot of things of the old shed that we been storing for years. What we didn't expect was when our neighbor  seen us having the sale ask if she can bring us over some of her stuff.  A few things she brought over and then she asked my husband and myself to basically clean out her garage and bring it over. Most of her things didn't sell and we had to deal with nicotine covered items. We put their stuff over to one side and some people were disgusted with it. So next time she can have her own sale of sticky stuff. We ended up also carrying all of her stuff back because she said she was too busy.

Buying a clarinet

Sunday, April 5, 2015

My mother in law was telling me when she went to school  the school had quite a few loaner instruments fro the children. It was first come first serve as to what type of the musical instrument that you got and whatever was left over if you didn't like it then you didn't play any.  At first, my step daughter wanted to play a trumpet  but now buying a clarinet is all she has on her mind because her best girlfriend is playing one in school.

Easter Sunday

It's Easter Sunday.  Outside is such a gloomy day  I can remember years in the past when it was at least 60 degrees so the kids could have an Easter egg hunt outdoors.  So this year we're having our Easter egg hunt inside. After the kids are done finding all the eggs the house was a wreck. The kids thought the Easter bunny would go to extremes hiding the eggs in tough places but hiding them in plain sight was the clue. The kids just walk right by some of the eggs.

Best Baby Shower checklist

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It was such a beautiful day growing up in my neighborhood I'd always had my two girlfriends through thick and thin we would even be on the phone every night trying to figure out what we were wearing to school the next day. All of us got married in the same year and two of the guys were actually close friends to begin with. I don't know if it was a raise or not but the three of us girls were all pregnant at the same time. We put in hours and hours planning our own baby shower. The list of people  grew and grew as the date got closer. Because we wanted it so perfect we sought the advice of a planner that could take care of all the little details that we might have overlooked. The original place that we thought we would have it at was too small for all the people that we invited. Considering we were inviting couples along with their small children this was a baby shower to ignite all baby showers. The Best Baby Shower checklist was gone over more than a Christmas present list. It turned out so wonderful for all of us. Now our children can grow up as we dis as friends forever we hope. Without this site and the help that became from it it would have been a lesser occasion. 

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