Best Baby Shower checklist

Sunday, March 1, 2015

It was such a beautiful day growing up in my neighborhood I'd always had my two girlfriends through thick and thin we would even be on the phone every night trying to figure out what we were wearing to school the next day. All of us got married in the same year and two of the guys were actually close friends to begin with. I don't know if it was a raise or not but the three of us girls were all pregnant at the same time. We put in hours and hours planning our own baby shower. The list of people  grew and grew as the date got closer. Because we wanted it so perfect we sought the advice of a planner that could take care of all the little details that we might have overlooked. The original place that we thought we would have it at was too small for all the people that we invited. Considering we were inviting couples along with their small children this was a baby shower to ignite all baby showers. The Best Baby Shower checklist was gone over more than a Christmas present list. It turned out so wonderful for all of us. Now our children can grow up as we dis as friends forever we hope. Without this site and the help that became from it it would have been a lesser occasion. 

Recaro car seat covers

Our new truck that we bought  some of the interior parts are wore out and we like to get replacements for them. Looking for recaro seat covers to replace the ones that are there is more expensive than actually buying new seats off from eBay. A set of new seat covers because they're leather could cost 400-500 dollars a set of complete seats that look really great even though they were cloth is only 217 dollars. 

Health insurance agency in nc

Sunday, November 30, 2014

You never where life is going to take you. After my husband got a call from a friend of his that had too much work for swimming pool installations in North Carolina at the time my husband was out of work in New York.  We packed up a truckload of our personal belongings and headed there. While we were there my husband looked into a health insurance agency in nc to take care of our needs for our temporary stay.

Gold rush show

We love watching gold rush on cable just to think about the weeks to come on how much gold they will find makes you want to go there and try it yourself. It's amazing on eBay how many gold trommel machines are available for purchase. The trommel is a machine that separates gold from dirt.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

I can't wait for my son to see it. He hasn't been over  to practice in three of four months. The family band continues but of course it's not the same without him there. We started the family band years ago as a way for all of us to spend time together with something we all enjoy. Even though we didn't go very far  playing outside of the basement it was sure fun. I can't wait for my son to see the new  
view that I purchased.

Great headphones

Some days I just can't take it. My son playing his music  to a concrete wall still is too loud. After getting his attention by turning the lights on and off I asked him to turn it down he tuns it down then twenty minutes later he turns it up again. I don't know what he is thinking because I just talked to him. He is on his own little world as he sings his new songs. Maybe he should buy me a set of great headphones so I can live in my little world.

Auto accessories

Friday, November 7, 2014

We happened to get a home equity loan a few months ago. We started out by putting new vinyl siding on and along awaited new roof and bought a new four wheeler for plowing the driveway. We love our unique truck that we got a great deal on off from E-bay. But to make it sparkle more we thought we could use some auto accessories. We started out with this beautiful safari rack. We ended up with a set of Yokohama tires with this awesome chrome rims. To top it off we put blue neon frame lights underneath. How spectacular.

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