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Monday, September 1, 2014

A friend of mine has always been into  scrap booking and all sorts of different little home projects. This summer to make a little extra money she took care of two girls while their parents were working. She also has a little girl of her own. One day when I stopped over to have  lunch with her the one whole room at her house was like a project room with heat guns, glue guns, and other unique tools so her and the kids could build their projects. She said she purchased these all  from this website. It look like a lot of fun.

Vegetable garden

At least this year the hot summer days and the very cool summer nights had a great effect on my mother in law's garden. There was only one problem the feud tomato plans that were planted completely grew out of control and suffocated the pepper plants. So we had tons and tons of tomatoes and very few peppers. Next year she will separate them more.

Printing services nyc

Starting up  our business brought on a lot of different challenges.  One of the first things was dealing with the different ways or options on how to advertise our services. The first easiest way was printing services nyc making up the different flyers that we can handout on different locations worked out pretty good. The next step was the timing of our short commercials and how many we could afford over  a month's time. That in particular drew  a lot on our cash flow.

Diamond rings

I remember years ago when my cousin was getting married it was such a grand affair everything was so beautiful. As you know the day of the wedding and leading up to it can be very hectic. One of the main responsibilities of my cousin were to bring the wedding bands and the diamond rings of course to the church. He had them setting out on the dining room table but forgot to bring them with him. Luckily, there was time to do the two hour round trip to his house and back.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

We wait all year of our favorite band to play in Syracuse and then the whole thing is cancelled because of  bad weather. The last time we seen our band was down in North Carolina and at 9:30 at night it was still 85 degrees. People that had been there all day were falling down from heat exhaustion. The one thing that sets our band apart from almost everybody else is the vibraphone. When they roll that out the guy that plays is is just sort of a genius.

Affordable rack shelf

It was a lot of fun building my new office. The plans changed at least three times  in five days. All the plans were based on measuring all of my equipment that was going into the office space. The office space is very small and in one corner I used three affordable rack shelf. On the other wall was a book shelf that was custom made also to fit the area.

2013 Oreion Reeper

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Searching through eBay the other day for used vehicles I happen to come up with something really unique. It say 2013 Oreion Reeper. Its nothing that I could use on a daily basis but it looks like such a fun vehicle. Maybe if I had sand dunes in my backyard I would be more interested in it. The price is a little out of my budget.

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