Fergie shoes

Friday, September 30, 2011

Growing up my mom always thought it was so ridiculous for young girls including me to have more than two different pairs of good shoes. I think I caught the shoe bug as early as kindergarten. One girl in the class would boast about all of her shoes and each day she would have a different pair. I was so jealous of her I couldn't stand her. As I grew up it never went away. At this point in my life I have at least thirty. The most number in my collection came from fergie shoes. I love their selection and how it is updated all the time with the newest styles.


It's so funny no it's amazing when my husband bought my son and himself camouflage suits to go into the woods for hunting season. The suits are so great he dared me to come find them in the small woods outback. I couldn't believe it when he yelled booooooo twenty foot away scared the heck out of me. It reminds me when we first bought our cream colored rug for the family room and our dog is cream color at night. With low lighting you can't see her I tripped over her many of times before I learned to look better where I walk.

Youtube downloader

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today's high tech world travels so fast when it comes to TV's, printers, cellphones, and video games. I hadn't looked at any new games in-depthly in about five years. The graphics and the speed of play are out of control. I was glad to see that there is now the new youtube downloader. Some of the systems on my PC wouldn't allow me to download the things I wanted most on youtube. I wasn't expecting a downloader to work as well. It makes me very happy.

Our own air filtration system

Few weeks back I was doing so called fall cleaning. I can't believe how dusty things can get  in a short period of time. Most of the dust comes from the outdoors sandy environment. And that's really hard to stop because you like to have the fresh air of outdoors. So  instead of having a lot of windows open my husband bought a filter put it on the back side of our fan so now we take air in  only from that window which the filter catches a lot of the dust. How ingenious.

Life insurance quote

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So many things in life you can say the cliche' better late than never but there are a lot of things that you better make sure you don't rely on that statement as in taking the dog out before he has to go potty. Major medical if you can afford it in life insurance are something you should have for those extremely unforeseen life or death matters. It took me six months of searching before I actually purchased my life insurance. One very helpful site is www.trustedquote.com. It saved me a lot of extra work and help in my decision.

Crazy weather

I can't believe the weather in Central New York. It looks like instead of going from summer to fall we are going to go from summer to winter in September.  The other it was 82 degrees in the daytime and I see this Thursday night it would drop down into the high 30's. Fifty degrees difference over seventy two hours is ridiculous. The air conditioner was on now we're going to turn on the furnace in September. So crazy.

Water softeners

We moved into our house quite a few years back , one of the things that we loved about it was our artisan well. After about ten years the iron in the level kept on increasing. So one of the first thing we did was to buy  an iron filter systems. After doing this we tested the water  and for some reason it tested harder s o now we're on the search for the best water softeners. We want to find the best for our particular circumstances. Being that there's eight people in the household we need to go with the larger one.

Star Wars Lego

I started buying little things for Christmas online, some cloths etc. My son loves Lego blocks so I started looking for star wars Lego sets. I cant believe the prices of the little sets. I guess I shouldn't be shocked I can remember my mom saying that they cost a lot when  I was little. Id like to get him sets of the mega-blocks but they don't have the star war kits so I guess I'm stuck with the price of the Lego's for now.

Christmas gift guide 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ever since I was a little kid the best thing about fall was waiting for the christmas gift guide 2011. I looked through that book so many times and folded over so many pages. I wore the book out before my mom ever had a chance to look at it. Every time I found something different I would go back and unfold a page that I previously folded because I knew what my limit was when it came to asking Santa Clause for presents.

Flat tire

I couldn't believe that the other day about five miles from our house I started hearing this noise like a leaking tire. I had the window down so I could hear it easily. We pulled over there was a nail in the tire. My husband got back in the truck and drove fast to our house. We just made it as the tire went flat in the driveway. Now my husband can change the tire.

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