Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can you ever have enough toys for your kids? I didn't think we could until we started planning a new addition. It is going to be the playroom! Let's see...We have plains, trains and automobiles. There's inside toys there's outside toys. There's boy toys and there's girl's toys. We have not yet found out what our son's favorite is. It's a toss up between his train tracks and car tracks but it is nice. We have a different box for each different set to keep them organized for his easy playing. What a spoiled boy.

Blood pressure wrist band

My husband is finally gone back to his jogging. Even though he is not losing much of the weight that he wants to lose very fast it keeps him busy and is slowly trimming him down. One thing that he always wanted for his jogging is the blood pressure battery operated wrist band so he can keep track of his heart rate and blood pressure at any given time. He says that it is always good to know this so you don't over do yourself.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We had a great day today even though it was ninety degrees there was a fifteen mile an hour wind that kept the heat down. After going to my mother in law's for dinner she made home made meat balls and spaghetti. We headed down to the boat for a quick dip. My husband talked me into getting into the water. I'm still learning how to swim better. It amazed me that I did really great swimming from dock to dock as the kids played in the shallow parts.

Diet supplements that work

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Exercising doesn't seem to do my husband much good. When he is done exercising he is twice as hungry and finds himself in the middle of the night munching on something from the kitchen. So this doesn't do any good specially when he eats the food that I need for supper tomorrow night. So looking for the right combination we ran into a site called He has set his hopes high to lose twenty pounds before summer is gone.

Movie marathon

We finally cleaned out our upstairs collection of VHS tapes and DVD it's something that how many great ones we had that our four year old has never seen. So now it's going to be a marathon of movie catch up with our son. The Walt Disney collection that we had goes on and on to no end. We even found a couple Barney tapes and Blues Clues. I just don't know if I can sit through these ones again.

Blue Advantage

The price of medical insurance is crazy these days. Of all things I went out to weed whack one day. Two days later I started itching all over my ankles and my legs. I ended up at the doctors waited an hour and a half to get in just for the doctor to say I had poison ivy. The thing that got me the most was there was a double billing. One for the doctor and one for the room. So ridiculous. Later that week we started our search and found that the Blue Advantage was the way to go when it came to changing our insurance.

Building the playground

Daddy and Jarred disappeared this morning. They said see you in a little while. They hooked up the trailer and went down the road. A couple of hours went by they pulled in with a load of lumber to build Jarred's play ground. I was surprised. They got busy building the first part. The first tower is to hold the curve slide that we had bought months ago. The work will continue tomorrow to build the rest.

Best wrinkle cream

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Looking for the best wrinkle cream can take so much time you might even get a few more wrinkles by the time you find it. It all started about two years ago when I seen my first wrinkles at the edge of my eyes. I went and bought the standard over the counter fixer upper wrinkle cream used it for about six months seen no real improvement. So now the hunt is on for something that really works.

Hedge trimmer

I have a bunch of hedges on the side of our house. They can be such a pain. I tried to level cut them and I'm always running off. The other day my husband bought me this trimmer thing, it looked right out of the sci-fi movie. It trims and edges but it also sucks up the pieces like a vacuum cleaner. It is called the garden groomer its from Harbour freight 97 total dollars including shipping.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

I can't believe the difference in my nephew at twenty one years old he is six feet tall. He was very out of shape six months ago when we last seen him. He said he got sick of people picking on him for his bad shape. He said he turned everything around with noxycut. I guess somehow it turns fat into muscle somehow. I'm going to look into it more and start feeding my husband it.

Koi fish our new pets

Well after our tropical fish died we decided to changed over our aquarium to have koi fish. They seem to be very strong survivors even with diverse minerals in the water. Something a tropical fish won't survive. It doesn't seem to bother the koi fish. They're so beautiful. We bought four all different colors. We're hoping they get big enough to move out to a pond we are planning someday. Hopefully...

Eye wrinkle cream

Friday, July 2, 2010

Getting older brings on a lot of different things. A pain here a pain there. But when it comes to staying young I like to do my best the proper foods the proper vitamins. I found myself even buying an aerobic dance DVD the other day. One of the things I won't do without is my eye wrinkle cream. You know I started about five years ago and I use the product at least every other day. I haven't found a new wrinkle in the last three years.

Building blocks

We had so much fun using the building blocks with my son lately. We've built castle after castle after castle. So many different things we can build with them we even built a pirate ship out of blocks. Not bad for mommy helping. He already knows what he wants to be when he grows up. Let me back up for a moment, he doesn't want to grow up he wants to stay mommy's little boy forever. Anyhow, he wants to be a conductor on a train when he gets big.

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