Lego games kit

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One of our son's birthday presents a few days back we finally got sometime to open it  up. I can't believe how many pieces in the little Lego kits there are. Three little kits took two of us about three hours to put together. There had to be at least two thousand pieces to each one. Thank goodness that the books show you step per step on how to build them.

Chicken coops

My husband was so tired when he arrived in the Philippines from USA. He just wanted to get some sleep to be rested for the rest of his trip. It was very hard to sleep when the roosters start crowing at street lights  as soon as they come on. He said he felt like having a barbecue every night. The chickens seemed to be all on the loose wandering where ever they feel. They all need chicken coops and the fenced in pen would be nice then at least you might be all to get away from some of the noise.

Kindergarten orientation

Our son went to his kindergarten orientation this morning. At first he kept on saying he didn't want to go to school but once he got there he was so excited about the gymnasium then his classroom. After listening to six different people talking about everything to do with the school they took the children, walked them out single file on to a bus and drove to the fire department to see the fire engines then back on the bus and back to the school just so the children will get a feeling of what a school bus ride would be. After coming back to the school they all went to the cafeteria to meet their parents and have the picture taken for school ID's. What a day...our son didn't want to leave.

Exam table

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lucky me I haven't had to go to the doctors too many times in my lifetime. The neighbor across the street they call her the hypochondriac. One day I went outdoors to get the mail she was getting hers at the same time. She came over and started talking about all of her ailments and all of her pills. She went on and on forever. One story I thought was funny that she told was about an exam table. She said that she went into the doctors. Sat down on the exam table. The exam table apparently had an electrical short in it. She screamed and got up quick needless to say there was about five people in the room in a couple of seconds to see what was wrong with her.

Too early for work

Finally taking some time off from work that I really needed. With both of us working and only one car to drive we had to get up at four thirty to be out of the house by five fifteen in order to get to the baby sitter then to my work so my husband could make it to his job by seven in the morning. Now that I'm not working my husband can get up at 5:45 am and still have time to make it to work by seven.

Steel garages

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Over the years we've collected quite a bit of outdoor toys. Storage for our large shed is getting out of control.  We can't really get into the shed to find stuff anymore. Some of our outdoor furniture that we used to put up in the fall is now being left outdoors all winter under a tarp. My neighbor was telling me after he ran out of space about the steel garages that he was looking at for his property. It seems to be the way to go. The building time is so much faster than the normal wood built garage.

The big cake

Talk about being surprised. We waited to the following weekend after my son's birthday to have a party at grandma's house. We had ordered the cake previously at the bakery. We only ordered a quarter sheet. When we got there to pick it up it was a thirty pound full sheet. We told the lady this is not what we ordered but they didn't have time to remake it. They gave us a huge discount on a full sheet and we ended up giving away the rest of the cake to a few neighbors. There was more than half still left over. But the party went fine anyway and our son was all ecstatic with all his gifts.

Honda generators

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Something you always put off because of the power outrage doesn't happen very often is buying a generator. The only thing is you have to figure out what size you need. If you plan on just running a few light bulbs and a small TV you really only need a small generator. The best price with warranty that we found are the honda generators. The name itself should give you the confidence alone to buy.

DVD/VHS recorder

We have so many old VHS tapes. Its getting out of control. I boxed up over fifty of them and I'm going to take them down to the salvation army and give them away. I'm hoping soon to buy a DVD to VHS recorder that way I can turn all my VHS tapes into DVDs.

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