Finance job search

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's been twenty plus years since my husband has had to search for work. The company that he been with had finally closed their doors. We didn't really see the economy going down hill until it hit our house with the loss of his job. He had never made up a resume' in his life.
Finance job search resumes' are tough to do. We sent them out. The trouble with making up resume' ahead of time is that everyone has to be a little different focusing on the exact criteria of the new company. My husband's skills are intense he crosses over many different skills over the last thirty years.

Gander Mountain attire

Trying to get something done in the rain outside that's very important is horrible. My husband had a set of all rain gear. It's so ridiculous I don't know what's worse having freezing rain come down on you or sweating to death in a rubber suit. We decided to gear up, we went to a hunting store, and found top of the line nylon knit breathable rain suits. Now we're good to go.

Walk in tubs

You can't help but love today's unique designs when it comes to kitchens and baths. The hardest part of doing any renovation obviously is picking out your product. You might find the right tub or sink and then it comes to picking out the faucets, are you going to go simplicity or elaborate? A lot of times its the cost. Looking at walk in tubs for a client took quite sometime considering we're the nice guys. We picked her up took her to the store on three separate occasions. It was all worth it when the bathroom turned out to be a miniature work of art.

Cold November rain

What a pain the neck. Another rainy cold day. One of the things that they say for sure in New York State is there's always cold November rain and this year we started early. We had noticed that the small part of our roof in the back that faces the sun all the time was deteriorated. My husband started stripping it unfortunately he got caught up in the rain. The project that should have took six hours is now going take two days.

New York accident lawyers

Monday, October 26, 2009

My husband was telling me of a story that happened to a good friend of his. Talk about a weird accident. The friend had pulled in to get gas at a local convenient station. It was like somebody put a hex on a place. A lady on a main road had a heart attack her car swerved towards the gas station. A man was hopping out of his car his door open he hopped back in as the lady's car smashed his door it then pushed his car forward. It hit my husband's friend's car smashing the bumper. being this was such an intricate accident the friend had used New York accident lawyers before and recommended them to the other driver.

Clearing out the sceptic tank nightmare

Its not a nice thing when you get up in the morning. You go in the bathroom to do your usual business I flush the toilet it didn't go down. So I use the plunger and still it didn't go down. My husbands worst fear were realized when he spent three hours digging up the sceptic tank. After he found the exact location it was full. On a weekday, it would cost only a hundred twenty five dollars to get it pumped. Being we were in the weekend, it cost two hundred fifteen dollars. But hey you can't live without cleared drains.

Life insurance rates

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now that my husband is fastly approaching fifty, something that we should have done a long time ago was to do up a will God forbid you never know what the next corner will bring you in life. We were looking at our life insurance policies . They seemed a little high in price so we decided to shop around for life insurance rates. We couldn't believe the difference in companies. All we can tell everybody is that smoking extremely increases your monthly payment immensely.

Snow globes fascination

Every time we go on a trip its nice to collect souvenirs. My husband likes collecting coffee cups from each location that we go to but myself I've always had a fascination with snow globes. I love shaking them and staring into them that reminds me of the trip even from vacations of years ago. I can still go back just by staring into the globes. Memories are priceless.

Car Insurance

Saving money is very important these days. It seems that we're shopping around for everything. You can be very driven when it comes to saving money. Because of our energy high pricing combining trips to the store we figured would save us at least five hundred dollars a year. Shopping around for car insurance saves us two hundred and eighty four dollars on two vehicles. Altogether we came up with twenty one hundred dollars of savings from one day of brainstorming.

Scary deadly H1N1

What's the world coming to? Eventually you're not going to want to go to the store. We wash our hands all the time. We even wipe down the shopping cart with hand sanitizer. We take precautions not to even go to the relatives without calling making sure they don't have bad colds or the flu. I think everybody should be more paranoid about germs specially with the flu season coming up. It's a scary thought that you could just go to the store and end up with a deadly disease.

Acne treatment

Friday, October 16, 2009

It's been many many years fighting my problem. So many different products promise you this and promise you that. I even change my diet three different times. I had some super tough acne. Most of it due to my environment. Ninety degree heat and the dusty grime of the city. Throw a little Asian cuisine in there, the combination was horrible for bad acne. I ran into an acne treatment online that was different than others. Decided to give it a try and amazingly after all this years I was cured. My mother can't believe the difference in my face.

World's deadliest catch

Watching T.V. the other day, usually can't find much to watch. I'm always getting stuck on the history channel or when I'm bored with that I go to discovery channel. Clicking through the channels the other day, I happened to see a program "world's deadliest catch". The men and women that work on these big ships to bring in the biggest sea food catch of the year. They got to be crazy! Fighting the sub-zero weather and water of the seas around Alaska is insane. As I'm watching it a large wave completely engulfed the boat head on sweeping one of the men off the deck. Thank god he had a life line on so he can pull him back in. My nerves in my stomach were so shot watching this program but I had to. To have a feel for what they go through.

Poison on plastics

When I was growing up we had very little of what you would call true toys to enjoy. Most of them were wood some pieces made of metal. A lot was hand painted. In today's world almost everything is plastic. Plastic this plastic that. The list goes on. There's plastics in your rug, plastics in your couch, thirty to forty percent is even in your vehicle. What most of the world doesn't know are plastics are derived from oil. If we cut back twenty percent of our plastics manufacturer we could pick up forty percent of our gas shortages from the savings. We want to let you know that a lot of plastics contain poisons that only come to you in trace elements the government seems to think this is okay. Plastics have been related to cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Furnace filters

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's always really important before the cold season gets here to change your furnace filters. Actually we start out with longer process of pulling our cold air ducts apart. Spraying them down with a Lysol type product and then with a high powered vacuum cleaner we suck out all the dirt and grime. You also have a piece of mind knowing that you killed any germs that might have been hanging around in there.

Toxins of the mouth

Here is another reason to take extremely good care of your teeth. They found new results that about ten type of cancers in the body are directly related to teeth. Not just good teeth but your bad teeth. It seems the point is when you have your teeth pulled it leaves a little sockets open in your jaw bone. Even they cleaned them all as much as possible and have you on antibiotics. Most of the times it doesn't cure the toxins that are in the sockets slowly spreading the toxins through your blood stream causing all sorts of problems. What's even worse is when you have a root canal the problem can be ten times that or more from a single tooth. There are specialty dentist out there that will try to do a better job but the ruling is out there is no safe root canal.

A trip to the dentist

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The other day I felt sick in a way my throat hurt my glands in my neck were swollen so much that it gave me a stiff neck . I kept on thinking it was an ear infection because it tickled inside. I was gonna go to the doctors but them my husband asked me how did my teeth feel. And I told him about a week ago I had a tooth ache come to find out it was an infection in one of my teeth so the trip to the dentist and an antibiotic took care of everything.

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