Guitar center's bbe supa charger

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The things your kids needs these days at least when he ask for this it wasn't another tablet that he could blow up. I sat down and had to ask him why he needed it. And of course my son was ecstatic on giving me a description and what he could use it for and how much better he would be if we had one. It took him a few minutes to figure out the guitar center's bbe supa charger but the very next day he had to show me how new and improved he is for this.

Camper renovation

My husband just renovated the camper that was left to him when his dad had passed away. Doing a complete new floor along with linoleum on top of the new floor it's turning out great. He didn't realize that he would have to strip and clean and then re-caulk all the seams on the camper now we are just waiting for warmer weather so it's enjoyable when we go up North for a weekend. 

Musician Friend music shops

Monday, May 16, 2016

Our live in basement stays about seventy five degrees year round. This we thought would keep all the band equipment in good shape over the years. But after checking everything out downstairs my husband found one of the amps has a problem also one of the mixing boards doesn't sound right. I guess next month after my federal tax return comes back I'll be checking on some new equipment's through Musician Friend music shops hopefully I won't need much.

Salt water aquarium problem

My husband spent many years  setting up the different salt water aquariums. He just gets everything perfect and then from nowhere the Eyck fish disease comes along. It isn't like we added a new fish or did something different to create it. It just shows up and weeks have it on the fish in the aquarium. This time he's lost two of his biggest priced fish. Very upsetting.

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