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Friday, March 31, 2017

Its so awesome to see the face on our son when we buy a new or different instrument. Our son's ears are incredible when it comes to tuning just about anything you can. After buying the paul reed smith at I was playing it for a while when he came home from school. He looked at me with a smile took it from me sat down and he just had to adjust it so funny to see how serious he is when it comes to the sound being perfect.

Spring or winter

Well for one week in New York State we thought it was spring but boy we were wrong. In two days we had twenty three inches of snow so my husband got the snow blower out to clear the driveway. As soon as he started it the belt blew to the auger. Good thing we have Isuzu Vehicross which are four wheel drive SUV's to get out of the driveway. He ordered a belt  but the guy said they were on back order and now we're back to a rainy cold spring. Snow is gone.

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