Shure 58 at musicians friend

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The music was playing pretty good as the kids were practicing downstairs. Its so nice that music and musical instruments had brought brother and sister closer together as friends. After bringing them down a light snack I came upstairs. As I got upstairs there was a huge crash from downstairs. My son had tripped over the mic cord and flipped the amp forward. The amp seems to be okay but I think we need a new  shure 58 at musicians friend. The end of the casing is completely cracked it could cut somebody.

Salt-water beta fish

We stopped in at a pet store that we've never been to the other day. Now we know almost everybody has seen a fresh water beta fish but at this store they have a 5 inch  brown speckled salt water beta fish. And of course my husband having salt water aquariums would love to purchase this fish but the owner said not for sale.

Black Friday sale deals

Recently after seeing my friends new tablet I decided to go online and compare all the different tablets. There are just too many  to do a complete comparison. I wanted to make sure that I bought one with enough memory and or expandable memory. The other point was portability I wanted to keep it under three hundred dollars. After finding the one that I wanted I couldn't believe that on a Black Friday sale they were offering it for fifty dollars less so I bought it.

Health insurance cost

Monday, November 25, 2013

Four months ago I went to the doctors. I pay a lot of money for my insurance for a month and it is very depressing that you still get a big bill in the mail. What it looked like was my health insurance payed about half the bill and I was responsible for the other . Considering that I pay over four hundreds dollars a year and I used it once the health insurance company really made out good on me. I didn't even meet my deductible.

Maintaining heat

We called today on purchasing four cords of firewood to heat our house through the winter. It doesn't take much to heat our house. When my husband built it, it was with energy savings in mind. The walls of the house are ten inches thick so not much cold comes through. After adding the wood stove it can get a little hot sometimes but it stays warm for hours after the fire has gone out.

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