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Saturday, June 16, 2012

These days whenever I want to buy something I go online and search for reviews of whatever I am looking for. I gained a little extra weight after having my baby and I'm looking to lose it but what product is right for me and for what cost. I can't believe how many people respond to so many things. I think the feedback pages speak for theme selves. Here's a link to what I was looking for at hopefully this will work for you also.

Free jacuzzi

Tomorrow my husband and myself are going over to my sister in law's house. If we tear down the old deck to the pool she said that we can have the jacuzzi for free. We have no problem tearing down the deck we are just going to have to rent a trailer  to transport the jacuzzi to our house.

Ps3 controllers

The fight is on. It always has been between our five year old and our fourteen year old for the best ps3 controllers. My five year old started playing games on the original old play station then moving up to a play station2. All I get from both of the kids is how much better the PS3 is compared to the PS2. But when it comes to me I have to put out the money. I talked the two kids into doing more chores for the summer to take the burden off from their dad so when he comes home from work there is less work to do on the weekend. Their extra work will pay for the PS3 if they don't do it they don't get money put in the money jar. No money no ps3.

Vinyl face lift for a house

We went shopping around the other day to home depot and Lowe's to compare the prices on siding. We're thinking about changing the siding on our house now that my husband's done with the friend's house. By putting new vinyl siding on your house it's like a complete face job on a person. Now all we have to worry about is the tax men increasing the value of our home.

Appliance factory parts

Thursday, June 7, 2012

With the Internet these days you can just about find anything by doing a little reading. When you buy a repair manual sometimes you could fix things that would normally cost you hundreds of dollars to replace. I discovered appliance factory parts online along with the repair manual, it was a little touch and go at first. But the repair went fine now the next thing is to figure out how to remove the agitator in the washing machine to replace the cogs underneath that make it agitate the clothes.

Ice maker

Every summer we never have enough ice as the hot summer days go by. My husband says we don't need a new refrigerator with an ice maker. I found the next best thing. It's an ice maker that sits on the shelf and works by itself with out the freezer. In as little as 6 minutes it can make up to 26 pounds a day if needed. Now I'm ready for the summer.

Monster headphones

Friday, June 1, 2012

Some days it seems like I'm getting so stressed out. I finally figured it out there's just too much noise., The husband is trying to watch TV, my son is playing angry bird on the phone and the daughter is listening to songs in her ipod, myself I just like listening to good country songs as I'm working in the kitchen. I'm going to buy myself a pair of Monster headphones so I don't have to listen to every body's noise.

Friend or not

Sometimes my husband can't stand it but on other times when work is slow he welcomes it. Don't you just hate it when a friend takes advantage of  your knowledge to use you to take care of all their problems. When it comes to siding my husband has done it for years but it seems like his so called friend is dragging him into a project that can last all summer on his own house.

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