Shipping boxes

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One of the main problems we've always had on eBay when we're selling things is custom shipping boxes. At first it was exciting to design out our own boxes for shipping. But if you start selling too many things and don't have the time for making the boxes it really gets into working too hard for the few dollars that you make on selling things.

Weird vehicle dollies

We're always running out of room in our garage. My husband is getting so tired starting the cars up and moving the cars out all the time. For our spare car that we don't use he went out and bought this vehicle dollies. It's kind of weird you can actually lean on the car and push the car sideways in the garage on these little dolly wheels.

Auto insurance quote

In this day and age, saving money were turning it into a work of art. On a daily basis my husband's figuring out new and better ways to cut cost. Just the other day he called around on an auto insurance quote. He might have spent over two hours talking to different companies but it sure paid off. He's saving extra hundred dollars just by telling the last company that he was getting a better deal than what he really was from the last company.

Bi-folding ramp

Where we live there is no good access to the state trails to ride the snowmobile. Backing up to a snow bank with our truck can be a pain trying to get the angle just right so we don't hurt the snowmobile and we don't hurt the truck. We went out the other day and purchased a set of bi-folding aluminum ramps for loading the snowmobile. Now life's a lot easier.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

I really enjoyed going out with my husband and little one sliding in the snow or riding the snowmobile. The only problem is New York State is so cold its not funny. My husband bought me a goose down coat but now I feel like a big balloon in the yard. It makes me look like I weigh twice my weight and have lots of muscles. I told him they should have an invention that makes warm snow.


We will just say we know for a fact that extenze doesn't work on everybody. Most guys get a light tingling and very little swelling effect down there. Some guys actually get strong cramps in the lower groin area that makes it an impossible for an erection. It's so unpleasant that you know for a fact nothing good is going to happen tonight.

Bulk buying

We found that we're saving a lot of money on buying a lot of our food in volume and splitting it with my daughter in law's family and our one neighbor. Let's face it. Saving over a hundred and fifty dollars a month when buying our meat and spending one Saturday morning together cutting it up helps our money go a lot farther with a little effort.

Quick trim

Here we go again. My neighbor stopped over and she's trying to talk me into quick trim. I only need to lose a little and I'm slowly doing it with my fat loss pills. And then she starts the argument of detoxifying your body. But first she starts with balancing the acidity story. I don't think she realizes that she already told me the story twice before. Next time I hope I see her coming so I can hide. lol!

Hot wheels beat that!

My husband went shopping the other day for our little guy to buy him a new hot wheel track. He came home quite discouraged with the story. When he was little there was all sorts of fancy hot wheel garages, towns, and play sets. Now, these days he says there's just a bunch of junk ones out there that don't make any sense at all. They also lead a child down a weird imagination. Instead of playing with cars in a garage atmosphere they got the cars going through a dinosaurs mouth. come on now he says. The people at Mattel that make these things needed a straightening out.

Fat burner diet pills

The game of life you know its not never ending. Getting older make sure you take your aspirin a day, make sure you take your vitamin a day but I didn't expect to be taking fat burner diet pills but I'm sick of my added weight. It's not much but I want it gone. I need to fit into my favorite pants that I packed away as I got pregnant for my little one.

Communication cutting back

As soon as our celphone ran out of our yearly contract we're switching to pay as you go celphone. between the celphone bills, internet access bills and cable bills I think we're gonna take step backwards to take and evaluate how much money is lost per year on these things. One of the things my husband is threatening me with is going back to an antenna on the roof. The neighbors have it. They only get five channels. That would be horrible.

Acne medicine

I thought as I grow older that I would grow out of my acne problem. I have less of them but they're more stubborn that the many I had as a youngster. Today's acne medicine are so much better than the yesteryear ones. I think the environment is more of a cause than what its put up to be. I clean my face three times a day and put my medicine on at night. It seems to be working fine now.

Almost free electricity

You got to love my husband's ingenuity. He got so tired of dragging two garden hoses out to water the garden because our garden is quite aways from our house. But the well is close to our garden. So for this year's garden he has set up a small twelve bolt wind generator which charges a car battery which runs a 12 volt pump at the well to water the garden. The whole system didn't cost four hundred dollars to put together. He figures in two to three summers it will pay for itself in the electricity savings.

Lipozene reviews

Dare to compare! Shopping around in this world of gimmicks. I hate it. Dealing with a little bit of weight loss always seems to be a fight. You should check out the latest lipozene reviews. It will probably amaze you about the product. The claim seem to be so great at the beginning and just like about anything too good to be real you'll see what they found.

Stinky dog

Talk about a pampered pet. Our "cloudy dog" is a shitzu poodle mixed. The only problem with her is she is extremely high maintenance. We end up giving her a bath one a week. She has oily hair that gives off that dog type smell. We finally found a shampoo that will get us through ten days instead of one week. What a relief.

Testosterone booster

Because so much of our activity slowed down in the winter, we tried the different aerobic videos which are nice but you don't seem to find the time in the day to plan forty five minutes of workout. getting up at five in the morning to be at work at seven is tiring enough. I've discovered a testosterone booster that works for me perfectly. I like the part that I can see the difference in the short period of time.

Swapping stuff for stuff

We finally broke down and cleaned out the shed the other day. It usually requires three times a year haul out. You get rid of stuff then you get more stuff. So its always getting crowded in there. My husband tries to repairs things in there. I didn't know how he did it 'till I seen half the content sitting in the snow bank wrapped up in a tarp as he re-built a motor for our snowmobile.

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