Best affiliate marketing program

Monday, November 29, 2010

My husband's carpentry, construction work is a tough enough job especially when the temperature dropped down. Eventually it comes into a stand still. He enjoys being inside for the winter. So I make sure I put him to work with myself on the PC. He  is always searching online for different niches. lately he's come up with the best affiliate marketing program. Some of these programs may start out a little slow but they can turn into an avalanche after time.


Hats, hats, hats for sale! I can't believe how many hats we've collected over the years. Some of the hats that we bought our son are so cute you just don't want to get rid of them. He has one hat we call the old man's hat. He has a little gray suit and when he puts his gray hat on he turns into a little salesman. We even gave him a briefcase one day to take a picture of him. ☺

Herbal diet pills that work

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I've always been short but I am petite so that helps. Buying clothes can be bothersome sometimes I had to go to the kids department size fourteen. So after having our baby I put on a couple of extra pounds that I'd like to get rid of. I tried a few diets  over the counter at the store. They didn't seem to work good so now I'm on a search for herbal diet pills that work. My friend has recommended two different products for me hope they work.

Overseas shipping

Shipping things to our love ones overseas  is so troublesome. the way that they treat the boxes by the time they get there they're all busted and beat up. When they arrive to another country you never know if customs or somebody is going to open them for inspection. How honest are some of these people? Not very. We've had things missing on multiple shipping's. We've learned a few secrets on how to pack them and what product works the best to stop breakage.

Best acne treatments

Thursday, November 25, 2010

   Coming from a hot climate it's always a battle with skin imperfections. When it's eighty five degrees plus everyday there is no way to stop the oil on your skin. Acne loves to thrive in these conditions. So searching for the best acne treatments in my case started with my environment first. Secondly the sensitivity of my skin was my main concern. Thirdly I needed a type of treatment that wouldn't clog up my pores as some do.  Looking for this particular type took years of searching to suit my needs.

Too good to be true TV price

We were so excited for only our second time in our life to go on a Black Friday sale.  At Wal-mart they have a 55 inch HD TV for 800.00 dollars. "Sounds too good to be true"  an old cliche'. As they say when it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't true. We looked up the consumer report on this TV from Wal-mart and only one out of three reviews were any good. Some of the TV's didn't even work properly when the people first plug it in. Other ones stopped working within three days. Some of the TV's when first turned on were missing part of the pixels on the screen itself. No wonder they're selling these at Black Friday sale. So word of advice with so many search engines out there please research a product before you buy. You can start with google.

Roadside assistance

In the winter time the driving can be so horrible in the State of New York. Even when you're careful accidents can happen. It's always good around here to slow down especially when you're coming up over a hill. You never know what's on the other side. One time coming over a hill into a small town there were three cars in an accident at the bottom. We could just barely slow down in time to stop. The problem with stopping was the next car behind us slammed into us. We are so thankful for our roadside assistance program. Besides waiting for the police report we were home safe within two hours.

Stair building

Heating our house with wood  saves us about a thousand dollars this season. We're lucky to live on four acres of land where we have wood to burn. It is so nice each morning to sit around the wood stove with the cup of coffee with my love ones. The only problem with our land is that it drops off to the back side where our wood is.  So my husband has built a set of stairs that lead down the bank to the lower property. There is a way to drive around to the edge of the property down to the lower level. But it's nice when you can go from the backyard down the stairs to the lower area for a nice walk in the fall.

Digital cameras

Friday, November 19, 2010

My old cellphone took great pictures but the old phone was just worn out. My new phone works great but the camera part of it is very touchy. You can get blurry pictures easily. So I asked my husband to look into the prices of different digital cameras. So far  I know he's lying to me because there's a box already wrapped up in the closet that's the size of a camera for Christmas. I know I shouldn't be snooping. :-)

PC problems

It can be ridiculous these days when it comes to faulty electronics. Our old PC which was a beautiful high performance Gateway only three years old. We had an extended warranty on it so things started going wrong  so we took it back. They said they fix it, we'd picked it up, bring it home, turned it on it doesn't work. Take it back again they called again. We went to pick it up, my husband insisted that they plug it in to see it work. They did  while we walk around the store. Fifteen minutes later we stopped back it wasn't working. What the heck...After so called fixing it four times we insisted on a replacement. They argued with us for awhile and then gave in after my husband mentioned that his mom knows a lady at the attorney general's office three miles away. They were more than happy to get us a new computer after saying this.

Acne treatment reviews

I feel sorry for the people that have to go through life with bad acne problems. As a teenager mine was the worst . I ended up going to a dermatologist at least every other month trying new products all the time to see what would work the best. I was always keeping my face clean doing the best I can. I was of the lucky ones that outgrew it. In today's world looking into acne treatment reviews is probably your best bet to see what product may fit your application.

Creating UPS account

With all the different things that we are now shipping today we are going to set up a UPS account. It will make it so much easier just signing in to create our own shipping labels. Some things are a little costly but the time save is time that we could be doing other things to make extra money.

Accessory cigars

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Years ago my husband likes smoking cigars. He even made it popular with all of his buddies on poker night. Have you ever been even in a large room when there are many cigars burning? The first thing I looked up online was accessory cigars. I was looking for an air cleaner or air purifier for our basement level where their poker games were held. Every Wednesday before they got there I would turn it on. It's so quiet they were wondering why the air was clearer. This unit also helps with the damp basement.

Plastic stackable storage drawers

Our son's toys are getting out of control. We used to keep them in one room but it was tough because the normal toy box he can never find the different pieces that he was looking for at the bottom without throwing everything on the floor. When we were out picking up more printing paper and some ink cartridges we happened to run across the ideal storage units for his toys. It's actually a plastic stackable storage drawers. Kind of like a filing cabinet but you can build them one drawer at the time so when his collection grows bigger we can add more drawers.

Cheapest auto insurance

Friday, November 12, 2010

Our economy as you know is not doing so well. And you also know bad stuff rolls down hill eventually hitting the consumer and that's us. We loved a new challenge to save more money on goods and services. And of course cutting back on some of the good stuff that you like to munch on. We found a new company for our home owners insurance  that saves us one hundred sixty dollars a year. The next step is searching for a better price on our auto insurance. One place we heard to start is Hopefully we can save another hundred sixty dollars. 

H802 WiFi Dual SIM Standby Touch Screen Quad-band TV Java Cell Phone

Yes! I always love Christmas presents or should I say early Christmas presents. My husband's old flip phone had a broken cover that you can't even see whose calling when it rings. So he decided to go online and look for a new phone replacement and he came up with a few good ones. He ended up with this new unlocked phone with dual sim card. Upon arriving to the mail he said to me. Here's your early Christmas present...Wow! that is sooo cool! Now we switched phones, he's got my old one and I have the new H802 phone.. Awesome features! You may click on this link to know its features that I found from you tube. Same phone except mine is in red  color.

PCI compliant hosting

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Learning the all in's and out's of site building seems to take years. It seems like the things you learn six months ago are now outdated. And of course you're always getting more and more emails for updating the mechanics of your site. We have found the security of the system on the page to be a pain. But since we went with pci compliant hosting our lives have become a lot less hectic. Now we have more time to concentrate on our sales goals and mailing list. 

How far we've came?

It's amazing how far we've come from the turn of the century. If you want to call them records the first ones looked like they were on large toilet paper rolls the lines were cut in the side and the needle picked up the sound as it touched the lines on the roll. Next came the flat record again with a needle touching the lines  then came the eight track tape then they miniaturized it and called it a cassette tape. And now we have the cd's that it's amazing that a small per say laser reads the disk and converts it into music. 

Personal injury Tucson

Thursday, November 4, 2010

There's so many different lawsuits out there these days. I take a look backwards in time and I think it all started with the extremely hot coffee spill from the McDonald's cup. I hate it when we stop in to a gas station for gas and coffee on a trip the lids to the coffee cup don't fit tight and sooner or later if you aren't careful you'll spill one.  Our spill happened handing it from the front seat to the back. Our four year old was next to our friend that was receiving the coffee. The cup went down spilling on one of our son's feet. Getting a shoe and sock off fast help alleviate the burn. If you ever have any questions about personal injury Tucson feel free to look this up.

Hollywood Treasures

Finding treasures, auctions are always fun to watch and even more fun to participate in. The latest on Sci-Fi is  high ticket items. a lot of this items are from old movies. The props that they use in these movies were so awesome. The name of the show is Hollywood Treasures. It's on Thursday night at seven o' clock Eastern time. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

How to get rid of acne

Several times during the year my girlfriend schedules appointments with her dermatologist. She said it's so frustrating with the trial and error of new medicines. Sometimes the medicines don't work at all. Other times they're too strong and can't be used on her sensitive skin. It makes me glad that my own acne problems went away as I grew older. The search on how to get rid of acne is a long one. There's no one right thing for everybody at one time I even changed my diet to stay away from foods that will give me outbreaks.

Ebay tough bid

I thought I'd go on Ebay to do some Christmas shopping. My husband has it down to a science on how to beat the other bidders at least when he wants to. Sometimes he just plays around on there. When you go to buy a car on ebay there could be five or six bidders usually three are newbees so its not too hard to win the vehicle. On the other hand the tough bids are when it comes to toys sometimes you could have twenty five bidders bidding all at once and it gets crazy. Some of the toys on ebay are actually bringing more than what you could buy in the store. Either people have too much money to waste or they have that disease that doesn't let them leave the house. (toys are tough)

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