Phentermine reviews

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

With all the weight loss pills out there its tough to figure out what is exactly right. Unfortunately, it's all about trial and error. With me some work for a short period of time others don't work at all. Makes you wonder if they work on anybody. The only big problem is the one that works for me makes my heart feel like its running a relay race for days on end. And if you feel like staying up all night you can take mine. Lately with  the phentermine reviews at least you can see what you might be getting into before you take this product.

Arts and crafts

I really love going to the arts and crafts store. I've made so many things for our house to be a home. I make curtains for our upstairs bedroom and also have a lot of fun doing flower and fern wall decor. The other day we're in there and I couldn't believe my eyes. They have puzzles for children that aren't colored yet so my little four year old is having a riot at scribbled coloring and then taking the puzzles apart and putting them back together again.

Weight loss drinks

Monday, January 17, 2011

It seems like everyday we are in a hurry.  I catch a ride with a friend down the road to commute to work everyday.  The little bit of weight that I had leftover from having my baby was plaguing me. But to get up so early in the morning and then trying to take my diet pills on an empty stomach  just didn't work  and I don't have enough time to eat a full breakfast.  So I gave up taking the pills. Lately I found something better to help me with my weight loss problem. For the hidden secrets of my weight loss click here.

Boot drier

Dressing up to go outdoors in a winter time can take such a long time and the very next day you're going to  do it all over again. Now usually every thing's all wet. It's pretty easy time frame wise to dry the clothes but the boots forever don't want to dry. I've always said after using a blow drier one day to dry my boots they should make a boot drier. And I couldn't believe it when I found one through Heartland America catalog. Now we just need to buy two more.

Diet pill discounts

Guys I've heard of a new place it's called I can't believe the savings compared to my local supplier. I figure over a month time  of the things I need I'm going to save close to a hundred dollars. Now that's some extra gas in your gas tank. Let alone helping to pay our heat bills. That little bit of extra weight I had put on after having my baby is slowly melting away and it couldn't come at a better time. With summer coming the bikini season is right around the corner.

Disappointing eBay

My husband usually has a real good luck purchasing on eBay. Our snowmobile was ready for some maintenance. My husband discovered a part that was broken so he went online to eBay purchased the part first of it was four days before the seller responded three more days to send the package then the package arrived. My husband was so excited. He opened the package up to discover that the parts he bought were too worn out to even think about using. Now the seller is trying to locate more parts to send to us.

Glass mosaic tiles

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My husband being a contractor finds himself in the middle of a lot of different renovations. Even though he is a union commercial carpenter his heart lies in residential remodelling. One of his favorite things to do is glass mosaic tiles. The three bathrooms that he did along with a front entrance way in a house totalled over one hundred thousand little tiles. No wonder he was there for quite sometime. When he was done with this job of course he took pictures. I couldn't believe the extent of all the details specially around the master bathroom bath tub.

Dog treats

Our Shih Tzu poodle puppy dog is so hard to please when it comes to her food. She's a vegetarian  and she'll let you know because she won't eat any food with meat in it. We're forever looking for a treat for her. I think the other day we found one. The amazing thing is that it contains chicken flavor. They're called Cesar treats K9 cuisine.  The smell of it actually smells like hickory chips that you'd use for barbecue grill.


For the longest time we didn't own a video game for so many different reasons. But last Christmas we bought one for my son. He loves it very much its his addiction. His favorite wii game is Mater National. I didn't realize that some games have to complete their lower levels to progress to the upper level. As far as I know right now the game has four levels. He has slowly work his way up in points. He has to tell mommy everyday of his progress.

A new kitchen

My husband has been promising me a new kitchen for a long time. I'm so excited. I can't wait in the next few days my husband says that he's rebuilding our kitchen in a different style. He won't tell me exactly what he's doing. He's even not going to let me in the kitchen while he is doing it. I can't wait to see what he does. Lucky for me that means for everyday he's working on it we get to order in or go out for supper.

Online nursing degree

I have reached the mid-point in my life. Being not so happy about my career choices they've worked out fine just kind of bored with the situation. After talking to a few of my friends that have received their online nursing degree. I think this might be the way to go. There's always a need for nurses all around the world. Even if I travel back to my homeland this will be a way of opportunity. My friend next door may always look tired but there's always a smile on her face and a story in her heart about her patients.

Difference between spicy hot food and hot food

It is so much fun enjoying the moments of learning with our four year old. Some of the questions that he asked are just too cute. The funniest moment lately was the look on his face when mommy tried to explain the difference between something being hot to eat versus something being spicy hot to eat. Our son just assumed anything that's hot can be put in the freezer to cool it down. Even spicy hot stuff such as barbecue potato chips.


You get what you pay for. We won't tell you the brand but it's easy to find out. We thought we were getting a great deal on a HDTV.  We're all excited when the ad came out for the Black Fridays sale. We stayed up all night standing in line waiting for the sale to begin. After we returned home with our TV turned it on the pixels of one corner of the screen weren't working. Boxing it up and returning it we ended up buying a better brand off the Black Friday sale.

Bose surround sound

We were out shopping the other day not for anything in particular but one place we went to had a Bose sound system. I could not believe they had a comparison of a regular sound system versus theirs. We were going to buy eventually a complete surround sound for our TV  but the Bose system is still much more incredible with its acoustic wave sound. We now know which one we'll be buying.

Cash advance

Saturday, January 1, 2011

In New York State during the winter the heat bills alone can just about bankrupt you. I want to just stay home for the final year before my four year old would go to school. But what we didn't count on was my husband's lay off. So the easiest way to get a job is to go through one of those temporary services. A week before I went to work we needed a cash advance to get us a little bit ahead on our heat bill. Now that I'm working we can stay ahead but it was close for a while.

Accident -- preventative measures

They say accidents happen but preventative measures of course can drastically cut back on this. During the holiday season there's always extra things hanging around. Because of the extra people coming over for the holidays we had a hundred count of Styrofoam plates which was about three foot from our gas stove. As my son went to reach a box of cereal on the back of the counter the Styrofoam plates in the plastic back were on top of them. They rolled off the top of the box of cereal across the counter and right into the open flame of the stove. If it wasn't for the quick response of my husband putting the bag quickly in the sink and turning the water on to put the fire out I'd hate to think what would have been happen.

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