Gold bullion

Friday, October 29, 2010

Years ago one of these state sales that we went to  it turned out to be a real treasure hunt in some manner. We got some great deal on a crystal chandelier. I had been keeping an eye on an  old dresser with mirror all day. I know it was going to bring a lot of money at the sale but I wanted it so bad. After buying a few things we went down to grab a quick hotdog from the portable vendor that was there. Later that afternoon after making my husband mad and paying too much  for the dresser we loaded it up took it home. As we were removing it from the truck we jarred it too much. Two pieces of something hit the ground that were very shiny. It turned out there were two liberty ten dollar gold bullion squeezed in the same frame that held the mirror.  Now my husband doesn't feel bad at all about the price I paid.

Visor hat

My husband is slowly losing his hair. He still got a good ten years before it really recedes a lot. But looking through a magazine the other day he found exactly what he wants. It's a sun visor hat that has hair built-in to the top of it comes in brown or gray colors and its like instantly transforms bald guys into guys with a lot of hair. How cool is that! Catalog number j4-97607 of

MBT shoes

Working construction all of his life, my husband goes through so many different styles of shoes, work boots, and occasion sneakers. It's very seldom I hear from him that his shoes are comfortable. Pending on what he was working on he could be kneeling down or climbing scaffolding. Having different shoes or boots for different jobs is the name of the game. For Christmas I bought him a pair of mbt shoes hopefully being something extremely different he might like them. 

Electric lawn mower

It's so much easier than having our old gas lawn mower. My husband went out and bought to my amazement an electric lawn mower. He got a really great deal on it. It had a couple scratches on the case so they discounted it by thirty dollars. It has a twelve amp electric motor so no more spilling of gas or smelling of gas when I mow our little lawn. Next year a rider. (lol)

Treatment for body acne

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting a proper diet in order was my first step. Eating too much hot and spicy things has been my weakness. What can I say I was raised on this stuff. I used to think a lot of a good thing was a good thing. The spices I like along with soy sauce can make me breakout horrendously. Also you may get scarring from the breakout. At this time I'm looking for a better treatment for body acne. I've looked into a lot of different things to help but it seems like a long journey finding the right product.


We were out grocery shopping the other day and you're always going there thinking that you're going to spend a hundred and fifty dollars. By the time you're done its always over two hundred. This time though I took a look in our cart to see if there was anything that we really didn't need. I came up with twenty five dollars in stuff that we put back. We can learn to deal with a little less in this tough economy. After all twenty five dollars savings a week equals a hundred dollars a month that we could put away.

Diet pill weight loss

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My friend keeps on complaining about her weight. She work so long each day and she is so exhausted each night. She says she doesn't have the energy for any kind of exercise. She gets home, eat supper, takes a shower, and goes to bed. All that supper just sits on her all night. You can see where the extra weight is coming from. Being I have some extra time I started shopping around for a diet pill weight loss program that would work for her. I've already talked her into different foods for her supper. 

Snowmobile trails

We had so much fun last winter after we found a long trails for our snowmobile. The journey begins right in our own front yard warming up the snowmobile and making sure everything is working properly. We take off and travel approximately two miles of road before we get to the trails. The trails take you through so many different landscapes from pine forest to the glare of the frozen ponds. Ups and downs a lot of left and twisty turns but we made it to a restaurant which on a straight line from our house is only seven miles through the trails its eighteen. We took some time getting there but it was lot of fun. 


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Millions and millions of dollars spent on diet pills bought by the consumers. Let's face it a lot of times we fall for the best sales ad. Lets face it the better the sales height the more apt you are to buy the product. It's the same thing with sleep aide pills. I haven't found one that actually works good for me. A lot of diet pills after the first week build up in your system and with so much caffeine in them you start getting the shakes and you have to stop them anyhow. When it comes to hydroxycut the first formula they had worked for my friend but after trying it again it didn't work at all.

Blood pressure

I was reading an article the other day about a silent killer. I couldn't believe how a little rise in your blood pressure can be such a serious problem. Not just heart problems, brain problems, blood sugar imbalances not to mention kidney problems. Keeping a good diet I know is a hard thing to do because you have to watch your intake everyday along with a daily exercise program.Will usually help with your blood pressure.There are a lot of natural supplements out there. Ultimate bp from true health seems to be a good choice.

Natural acne cream

Saturday, October 16, 2010

If you never had acne in your life you must be the lucky one. I fought with oily skin all my life. My original hometown  didn't help being so close to the equator. If you think you drink a lot of water in Upstate New York on a hot summer day you should try drinking twice as much when it's 90 plus degrees in the shade all the time. I have to use a natural acne cream because my skin is so sensitive. If I use a stronger cream it reddens  my skin to an irritable state.

Autumn is here

Time moves on and a season follows another season. This time autumn sets in. It reaches another new season full of amazingly beautiful colors. As we were driving down the road we can see the foliage around us. I can't help but admire the scenery. Thanks to my husband who tolerates my vices and had to pull over on the side of the road so I can take my time and clicking on my camera. Here's my work for today.

Polaris Sportsman ATV Parts

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We have so much fun riding our four wheeler. Our kids called the back woods the jungle. We have cut so many paths through there. There is not much jungle left. One day as we were there we ran into a hidden stump. The stump called one of our front brake cables right out of the hub. I didn't notice until we were coming down the hill and it was a lot harder to stop. It's always good to have a Polaris Sportsman ATV Parts place close by with knowledgeable people to get you through your own repairs.


Our cellphone contract is finally up after two long years. Looking around at different companies  with different pay plans is so confusing. The new phones out there are so extra ordinary. The books that they give you to teach you how to use the phone are now one inch thick. I guess I'm just gonna settle for something simple to get me by for now while I think about the extremely complicated ones.

Baldwin hardware

Sprucing up a house to put it on a real state market was kind of fun. First we started with the little things. Changing out the kitchen sink  was little tough. The previous owner used an incredible strong silicone caulk to hold it down. After installing the new one along with the faucet  it came out beautiful. We called a friend of ours to change out six lighting fixtures. Myself I took on changing all the bedroom lock sets. Quite a few of the things came from Baldwin hardware. They have a very nice selection that was easy to pick from.

Bait and switch

My mother in law needed new tires on the front of her van. She calls around to get the best price. She went there to get the tires the sales man said that brand is iout of stock. But of course he had other ones that would fit her van but they were a premium name brand tire. So the sales man on the phone played my mom on a cheap price and then took her for twice the money. you gotta love sears.

Glass tile

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It was so much fun re-doing our bathroom. It took us about three weeks in our spare time to pick out all the different materials for the job. At the last moment we decided to change out out chrome fixtures for brass ones. It looked beautiful but it didn't match the glass tile so we drove back and picked out another color. That worked a lot better with the color scheme of the room. All in all it was still fun.

Apple picking...

Is so much fun for our family  specially for our little guy and of course myself. It was our first experience to pick apples so every kind of apple in the orchard we had to try. We then decided that we should get each kind and fill the bag  that the person at the orchard handed  us. For nine dollars a bag  I am talking of a big bag. It was really worth it. Jarred was so ecstatic to see a lot of apples around us and  had to show mommy each one that he had picked from the tree. The fruits are with in his reach so that was very exciting. Now I can make my home made apple pie and apple fritters.

Indoor tanning lotion

We were so surprised at work when I told the managers after completing the five years of employment with them. They were sending us on an all inclusive five day stay in sunny Cancun Mexico. Of course there will be business meetings there. It was really just a big get together of upper management and all of us from different parts of the United States. Still it was great. I wanted to look prepared for all that sun. I put on my indoor tanning lotion. It looked so great against my yellow bikini. Everyone asked if I'd been there for a couple of weeks because of the tan.

Garden inside the house

Our outdoors plants  finally made it inside our house. If not for cold weather and freezing temperatures in the early morning I wouldn't transfer every plant we had and put in a pot from our garden. But I'm glad I did  because they seems to be doing better and some even have  flowers in them. I like to save our plants as much as we can and enjoy them for the rest of the season.

Sunday drive

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I thought it was going to be another boring Sunday, but my husband said come on guys we're going for a ride. We ended up going to Mexico New York for a hay wagon ride in the apple orchard. It was a lot of fun after the hay ride we ended up going through the corn field maze. That was a lot of fun getting lost. And then after that we went to three different style apple orchards to pick different apples. Each field we tasted one to make sure it was one that we wanted to pick to take home. Our trip on the way home turned out to be yummy also. The church down the road had barbecued chicken that we  picked up for our supper.

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