Medical uniform

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our car pooling to work  helps out so much when it comes to the budget in our household. One of our coworkers hasn't been feeling well for such a long time that last week our carpooling to work turned into carpooling to the hospital to see our co-worker. I can't believe how expensive the parking garage was for our 3 hour visit. When everybody made it back to the van for the ride home most of the girls weren't talking about our co-worker, they were talking about the medical uniform that the girls were wearing at the hospital. So bright and so many different designs they're made purposely to brighten their day along with the patients and I think it does.

Electric leaf eater

Its so much easier cleaning up the backyard now that we bought an electric leaf eater. This year I would have taken probably twenty five bags out of the backyard. Being we have the leaf eater we ran them through the machine and blew the shredded leaves into the surrounding woods of of backyard. So much easier now.

Best eyelash growth product

When I was little  living in the South Pacific area I always had the longest eyelashes. I remember my mom always commenting on them. After I moved to New York  it seems like they just don't grow as long. It must be because New York gets so much less sunshine than where I used to live. I've got into the point where I'm looking for the best eyelash growth product. My eyelashes right now are only about half the lenght they're suppose to be and that is kind of upsetting.

Drinking coffee at night

I used to think that eating a small candy bar or having a cup of coffee after supper is what was keeping me up at night. Until one night I was craving a cup of coffee and it was around nine o' clock at night. I drink my coffee finding out that it actually relaxed me and I had a pretty good night sleep. Needless to say at my doctors appointment they found out that I have low blood sugar and adding the sugar a little bit at this time in life actually is a good thing and helps me sleep better.

Easter baskets

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I can't believe since the last two generations  how commercialized Easter has become. It has been always one of our favorite holidays for the children. Every year the grandparents seem to spoil the kids more and more along with hearing what their best friend got from the Easter Bunny. Where did Easter turn into getting presents? But when were little we received a small chocolate bunny and some jelly beans in our
easter baskets. Now my son says they have light up led laughing baskets. I told him I find that hard to believe but you never know.

Our boat

This year to save some money we decided to not put the boat in the water at the marina. We found out it was a big mistake.The times we spent going out on the boat was alot of fun. But most of the time we would just go to the marina on hot days to relax. You can go swimming there fishing there, make plans with friends family to have a barbecue there. So the money we saved wasn't really worth it compared to how much fun we had there next year. Its going to be in the water next year  no doubt.

Back pain seminar

Have you noticed lately  how many kids are out there raising kids? Most of them don't have a clue. Someone should put their foot down in the state department  that the parent should have to go through in racing your child course because apparently the grandparents never instructed their child on how to do it. Just so frustrating. On the other hand a lot of employers don't instruct their employees on safety. Instructing your employees on safety is a very simple thing to do and there would be a lot less accidents. Maybe if they ever experienced extreme back pain the employer could put them through a  Back pain seminar. Anything to create an atmosphere of safety first is always worth  the time to learn it.

Collect all

Have you ever noticed that any flat surface close to where you come in your home is a collect all? I wish every thing was tilted in these area. So sick of picking up these things trying to figure out where to put stuff running out of room. I'm making a new rule that nothing can be put there no mater what. Its the only way to keep things organized.

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