Medical step stool

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The architecture of a hundred ten year old Victorian house is just so beautiful. The whole entire time that it has been in existence its only had two owners. It cost me a small fortune to have the window treatments custom made up. The ceilings in the downstairs of the house are ten feet in height. The original kitchen was meticulously taken care of and were keeping it all original. I ended up going with a medical step stool to reach the top shelves in the cabinets. This type of step stool is just perfect for the height I was looking for.

Building puzzles

Its funny how some things work out sometimes. I really don't like doing puzzles but my four year old received one for Christmas. As we dumped it out on the table I thought my mind was lost at looking at it. Being I was typing at the same time I didn't think I'd be able to put any of the pieces together but to my amazement  I typed with one hand and doing my work and put the puzzle together with my four year old in record time. Must be my mind was very focused on both jobs. I guess.

Prom dress

Everything to take into consideration. The color, the height of the hem, and is it this years complete style. Then you'll always have the problem of picking a dress that somebody else has already picked. I ruled out that problem with my prom dress. I hand picked mine after a seven hour day search. After that I took it to my aunt's house do a make over on it. She works for a bridal boutique and has all the equipment to make my dress a work of art.

Repetitious work

So happy to have a few days off work even though its only a temporary job its been temporary for three weeks at ten hours a day five days a week. Getting up at five o'clock every morning is a little tiring after awhile. My husband at the moment is laid off from his Union Carpentry job so he's baby sitting our four year old. He said he's going nuts from the repetitious house work. He is going to every other day vacuuming of the rug and this is driving me nuts.

Fat burners

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My neighbor knocked on the door the other day returning some mail that the mail lady left at her house by accident. She had her little dog with her and it came inside the foyer. The little dog is  fifteen pounds over weight. Almost twice as much as it should be. I asked about his condition she went on and on about fifteen minutes. The owner herself weighs about three hundred pounds. She said she had just started a program that included fat burners. The way she talked  the dog and herself are on a race to see who loses the most weight per volume at the same time.

Wall-e movie

I missed out on a movie a few years ago that I just happened to be watching with my son. Whoever made up this movie must have had a big heart with lots of sensitivity. To sit here and watch a little robot almost break my little boy into tears along with myself is incredible. WALL-E the movie is great. Fantastic!

Home speakers

My husband told me stories of when he was young in the house they grow up in his dad had set up a complete surround sound system in their game room so he could watch the old war movies and it sounded like the bombs were exploding all the way around you like a movie theater. It's too bad they don't have big screen TV's back then to enjoy the moment even more. The home speakers that he had back then were over five hundred watts. These speakers were hooked through a Sansui stereo system into the TV. Incredible sound.

Christmas tree decorations

It was pretty depressing a couple weeks ago we were so excited getting our Christmas tree and setting it up. My husband went out to our shed to retrieve all of our Christmas ornaments and lights. We locked them up very tight in Tupperware bins so no varmints get inside of the boxes. Well some chipmunks must have had a powerful urge or sweet tooth because one corner of one box was chewed through and unfortunately all of our decorations were ruined. So that very same night we went out to buy our new one to decorate out tree.

Christmas gift ideas

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It seems like every year there's one in particular person that's tough to shop for not to mention myself. My husband has a tough time usually finding things for me. This year though it was tough findingchristmas gift ideas for my twelve year old step daughter.  She's right at that age where she's not really a child anymore but far from being an adult. She doesn't care for electronics which is great. She's  an outdoors girl but we've just about covered everything she could use outdoors.

Plasma whitener

I've always wanted to brigthen my smile a little bit. I tried one of those strips in the past but those things are just too inconvenient. I'm always brushing my teeth three times a day  but they just seem a little dull. I came across a smile plasma light that suppose to whiten your teeth. I don't know I'm kind of scared with it. I guess I shouldn't be. It's the same technology used by dentist all over the world. I'm still thinking about it.

HP printers

Monday, December 13, 2010

We have the same printer for so many years. We only run to clean cycle on it but eventually I think we just wore it out. Needless to say the old printer didn't even have a scanner on it. The new one with a scanner I found very useful if you try to copy old photographs. The brand names are so numerous out there. I finally narrowed it down to three different hp printers. After researching all three I picked the one that was best suited for our household.

Wrapping presents

With all of our Christmas shopping done finally it's time for the wrapping party.  That's me myself and I wrapping everything. The gifts to me from my husband he just lightly wraps them so I can't see what it is and I wrapped over top. He won't even try wrapping anymore because he knows I do a great job. Thank goodness for boxes that you can buy that are flat and you just unfold them. I had so many clothes presents to wrap it saved a lot of time.

Car insurance reviews

Saturday, December 11, 2010

In the big world of the web it's always good to do your research on everything these days before you purchase. Lets face it if you go around spending too much for everything you might be broke tomorrow. But remember the cliche' you get what you pay for. If you find the cheaper price you best make sure the product is the same as the other one you are looking at. When it came time for our automobile policy renewal I was deep in search for car insurance reviews. There was so much information on different companies, I was glad to see that our company was at the top of good agencies.

Warmer weather

Our cold weather pattern finally broke for at least a couple of days. The temperatures outside that were holding in the twenties escalated today  to the high thirties. For us it was an opportunity to get outdoors and have some fun with the kids.  We made two giant snowman and one snow dog. After taking some pictures we decided to ride our ski doo for a while.  The snow really isn't deep enough  yet so we only took it for a short ride.  After this  sliding down hill was a fun time.

Anniversary gifts

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finding a gem in a bed of stones as they say "one in a million shot". Just in time after searching and viewing for days I found a site that has the right anniversary gifts that I'm looking for. I couldn't believe how many different types of roses they offer. Each of different material for different years of your anniversary. I've never seen this before. The wedding anniversary gifts by year is so unique. I've also sent this out to my many girlfriends that always have a problem picking the appropriate item for their anniversary. I had such a laugh at the happy anniversary toilet paper. My husband was looking over my shoulder and happen to notice the sweet sixteen category. As I clicked there it brought up beautiful purple roses. His daughter's favorite. Next year he plans on surrounding her with these for her birthday.

HD tv

We finally got our new tv. We were so sick of our old fuzzy tv you can't even read anything close up on the old one. Our new tv is a Samsung HD fifty two inch and of course we got a great deal on a magnavox blue ray player at the black Friday sale at Wal-mart. Now we're all set for our tv viewing.

Best affiliate marketing program

Monday, November 29, 2010

My husband's carpentry, construction work is a tough enough job especially when the temperature dropped down. Eventually it comes into a stand still. He enjoys being inside for the winter. So I make sure I put him to work with myself on the PC. He  is always searching online for different niches. lately he's come up with the best affiliate marketing program. Some of these programs may start out a little slow but they can turn into an avalanche after time.


Hats, hats, hats for sale! I can't believe how many hats we've collected over the years. Some of the hats that we bought our son are so cute you just don't want to get rid of them. He has one hat we call the old man's hat. He has a little gray suit and when he puts his gray hat on he turns into a little salesman. We even gave him a briefcase one day to take a picture of him. ☺

Herbal diet pills that work

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I've always been short but I am petite so that helps. Buying clothes can be bothersome sometimes I had to go to the kids department size fourteen. So after having our baby I put on a couple of extra pounds that I'd like to get rid of. I tried a few diets  over the counter at the store. They didn't seem to work good so now I'm on a search for herbal diet pills that work. My friend has recommended two different products for me hope they work.

Overseas shipping

Shipping things to our love ones overseas  is so troublesome. the way that they treat the boxes by the time they get there they're all busted and beat up. When they arrive to another country you never know if customs or somebody is going to open them for inspection. How honest are some of these people? Not very. We've had things missing on multiple shipping's. We've learned a few secrets on how to pack them and what product works the best to stop breakage.

Best acne treatments

Thursday, November 25, 2010

   Coming from a hot climate it's always a battle with skin imperfections. When it's eighty five degrees plus everyday there is no way to stop the oil on your skin. Acne loves to thrive in these conditions. So searching for the best acne treatments in my case started with my environment first. Secondly the sensitivity of my skin was my main concern. Thirdly I needed a type of treatment that wouldn't clog up my pores as some do.  Looking for this particular type took years of searching to suit my needs.

Too good to be true TV price

We were so excited for only our second time in our life to go on a Black Friday sale.  At Wal-mart they have a 55 inch HD TV for 800.00 dollars. "Sounds too good to be true"  an old cliche'. As they say when it sounds too good to be true it probably isn't true. We looked up the consumer report on this TV from Wal-mart and only one out of three reviews were any good. Some of the TV's didn't even work properly when the people first plug it in. Other ones stopped working within three days. Some of the TV's when first turned on were missing part of the pixels on the screen itself. No wonder they're selling these at Black Friday sale. So word of advice with so many search engines out there please research a product before you buy. You can start with google.

Roadside assistance

In the winter time the driving can be so horrible in the State of New York. Even when you're careful accidents can happen. It's always good around here to slow down especially when you're coming up over a hill. You never know what's on the other side. One time coming over a hill into a small town there were three cars in an accident at the bottom. We could just barely slow down in time to stop. The problem with stopping was the next car behind us slammed into us. We are so thankful for our roadside assistance program. Besides waiting for the police report we were home safe within two hours.

Stair building

Heating our house with wood  saves us about a thousand dollars this season. We're lucky to live on four acres of land where we have wood to burn. It is so nice each morning to sit around the wood stove with the cup of coffee with my love ones. The only problem with our land is that it drops off to the back side where our wood is.  So my husband has built a set of stairs that lead down the bank to the lower property. There is a way to drive around to the edge of the property down to the lower level. But it's nice when you can go from the backyard down the stairs to the lower area for a nice walk in the fall.

Digital cameras

Friday, November 19, 2010

My old cellphone took great pictures but the old phone was just worn out. My new phone works great but the camera part of it is very touchy. You can get blurry pictures easily. So I asked my husband to look into the prices of different digital cameras. So far  I know he's lying to me because there's a box already wrapped up in the closet that's the size of a camera for Christmas. I know I shouldn't be snooping. :-)

PC problems

It can be ridiculous these days when it comes to faulty electronics. Our old PC which was a beautiful high performance Gateway only three years old. We had an extended warranty on it so things started going wrong  so we took it back. They said they fix it, we'd picked it up, bring it home, turned it on it doesn't work. Take it back again they called again. We went to pick it up, my husband insisted that they plug it in to see it work. They did  while we walk around the store. Fifteen minutes later we stopped back it wasn't working. What the heck...After so called fixing it four times we insisted on a replacement. They argued with us for awhile and then gave in after my husband mentioned that his mom knows a lady at the attorney general's office three miles away. They were more than happy to get us a new computer after saying this.

Acne treatment reviews

I feel sorry for the people that have to go through life with bad acne problems. As a teenager mine was the worst . I ended up going to a dermatologist at least every other month trying new products all the time to see what would work the best. I was always keeping my face clean doing the best I can. I was of the lucky ones that outgrew it. In today's world looking into acne treatment reviews is probably your best bet to see what product may fit your application.

Creating UPS account

With all the different things that we are now shipping today we are going to set up a UPS account. It will make it so much easier just signing in to create our own shipping labels. Some things are a little costly but the time save is time that we could be doing other things to make extra money.

Accessory cigars

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Years ago my husband likes smoking cigars. He even made it popular with all of his buddies on poker night. Have you ever been even in a large room when there are many cigars burning? The first thing I looked up online was accessory cigars. I was looking for an air cleaner or air purifier for our basement level where their poker games were held. Every Wednesday before they got there I would turn it on. It's so quiet they were wondering why the air was clearer. This unit also helps with the damp basement.

Plastic stackable storage drawers

Our son's toys are getting out of control. We used to keep them in one room but it was tough because the normal toy box he can never find the different pieces that he was looking for at the bottom without throwing everything on the floor. When we were out picking up more printing paper and some ink cartridges we happened to run across the ideal storage units for his toys. It's actually a plastic stackable storage drawers. Kind of like a filing cabinet but you can build them one drawer at the time so when his collection grows bigger we can add more drawers.

Cheapest auto insurance

Friday, November 12, 2010

Our economy as you know is not doing so well. And you also know bad stuff rolls down hill eventually hitting the consumer and that's us. We loved a new challenge to save more money on goods and services. And of course cutting back on some of the good stuff that you like to munch on. We found a new company for our home owners insurance  that saves us one hundred sixty dollars a year. The next step is searching for a better price on our auto insurance. One place we heard to start is Hopefully we can save another hundred sixty dollars. 

H802 WiFi Dual SIM Standby Touch Screen Quad-band TV Java Cell Phone

Yes! I always love Christmas presents or should I say early Christmas presents. My husband's old flip phone had a broken cover that you can't even see whose calling when it rings. So he decided to go online and look for a new phone replacement and he came up with a few good ones. He ended up with this new unlocked phone with dual sim card. Upon arriving to the mail he said to me. Here's your early Christmas present...Wow! that is sooo cool! Now we switched phones, he's got my old one and I have the new H802 phone.. Awesome features! You may click on this link to know its features that I found from you tube. Same phone except mine is in red  color.

PCI compliant hosting

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Learning the all in's and out's of site building seems to take years. It seems like the things you learn six months ago are now outdated. And of course you're always getting more and more emails for updating the mechanics of your site. We have found the security of the system on the page to be a pain. But since we went with pci compliant hosting our lives have become a lot less hectic. Now we have more time to concentrate on our sales goals and mailing list. 

How far we've came?

It's amazing how far we've come from the turn of the century. If you want to call them records the first ones looked like they were on large toilet paper rolls the lines were cut in the side and the needle picked up the sound as it touched the lines on the roll. Next came the flat record again with a needle touching the lines  then came the eight track tape then they miniaturized it and called it a cassette tape. And now we have the cd's that it's amazing that a small per say laser reads the disk and converts it into music. 

Personal injury Tucson

Thursday, November 4, 2010

There's so many different lawsuits out there these days. I take a look backwards in time and I think it all started with the extremely hot coffee spill from the McDonald's cup. I hate it when we stop in to a gas station for gas and coffee on a trip the lids to the coffee cup don't fit tight and sooner or later if you aren't careful you'll spill one.  Our spill happened handing it from the front seat to the back. Our four year old was next to our friend that was receiving the coffee. The cup went down spilling on one of our son's feet. Getting a shoe and sock off fast help alleviate the burn. If you ever have any questions about personal injury Tucson feel free to look this up.

Hollywood Treasures

Finding treasures, auctions are always fun to watch and even more fun to participate in. The latest on Sci-Fi is  high ticket items. a lot of this items are from old movies. The props that they use in these movies were so awesome. The name of the show is Hollywood Treasures. It's on Thursday night at seven o' clock Eastern time. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

How to get rid of acne

Several times during the year my girlfriend schedules appointments with her dermatologist. She said it's so frustrating with the trial and error of new medicines. Sometimes the medicines don't work at all. Other times they're too strong and can't be used on her sensitive skin. It makes me glad that my own acne problems went away as I grew older. The search on how to get rid of acne is a long one. There's no one right thing for everybody at one time I even changed my diet to stay away from foods that will give me outbreaks.

Ebay tough bid

I thought I'd go on Ebay to do some Christmas shopping. My husband has it down to a science on how to beat the other bidders at least when he wants to. Sometimes he just plays around on there. When you go to buy a car on ebay there could be five or six bidders usually three are newbees so its not too hard to win the vehicle. On the other hand the tough bids are when it comes to toys sometimes you could have twenty five bidders bidding all at once and it gets crazy. Some of the toys on ebay are actually bringing more than what you could buy in the store. Either people have too much money to waste or they have that disease that doesn't let them leave the house. (toys are tough)

Gold bullion

Friday, October 29, 2010

Years ago one of these state sales that we went to  it turned out to be a real treasure hunt in some manner. We got some great deal on a crystal chandelier. I had been keeping an eye on an  old dresser with mirror all day. I know it was going to bring a lot of money at the sale but I wanted it so bad. After buying a few things we went down to grab a quick hotdog from the portable vendor that was there. Later that afternoon after making my husband mad and paying too much  for the dresser we loaded it up took it home. As we were removing it from the truck we jarred it too much. Two pieces of something hit the ground that were very shiny. It turned out there were two liberty ten dollar gold bullion squeezed in the same frame that held the mirror.  Now my husband doesn't feel bad at all about the price I paid.

Visor hat

My husband is slowly losing his hair. He still got a good ten years before it really recedes a lot. But looking through a magazine the other day he found exactly what he wants. It's a sun visor hat that has hair built-in to the top of it comes in brown or gray colors and its like instantly transforms bald guys into guys with a lot of hair. How cool is that! Catalog number j4-97607 of

MBT shoes

Working construction all of his life, my husband goes through so many different styles of shoes, work boots, and occasion sneakers. It's very seldom I hear from him that his shoes are comfortable. Pending on what he was working on he could be kneeling down or climbing scaffolding. Having different shoes or boots for different jobs is the name of the game. For Christmas I bought him a pair of mbt shoes hopefully being something extremely different he might like them. 

Electric lawn mower

It's so much easier than having our old gas lawn mower. My husband went out and bought to my amazement an electric lawn mower. He got a really great deal on it. It had a couple scratches on the case so they discounted it by thirty dollars. It has a twelve amp electric motor so no more spilling of gas or smelling of gas when I mow our little lawn. Next year a rider. (lol)

Treatment for body acne

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting a proper diet in order was my first step. Eating too much hot and spicy things has been my weakness. What can I say I was raised on this stuff. I used to think a lot of a good thing was a good thing. The spices I like along with soy sauce can make me breakout horrendously. Also you may get scarring from the breakout. At this time I'm looking for a better treatment for body acne. I've looked into a lot of different things to help but it seems like a long journey finding the right product.


We were out grocery shopping the other day and you're always going there thinking that you're going to spend a hundred and fifty dollars. By the time you're done its always over two hundred. This time though I took a look in our cart to see if there was anything that we really didn't need. I came up with twenty five dollars in stuff that we put back. We can learn to deal with a little less in this tough economy. After all twenty five dollars savings a week equals a hundred dollars a month that we could put away.

Diet pill weight loss

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My friend keeps on complaining about her weight. She work so long each day and she is so exhausted each night. She says she doesn't have the energy for any kind of exercise. She gets home, eat supper, takes a shower, and goes to bed. All that supper just sits on her all night. You can see where the extra weight is coming from. Being I have some extra time I started shopping around for a diet pill weight loss program that would work for her. I've already talked her into different foods for her supper. 

Snowmobile trails

We had so much fun last winter after we found a long trails for our snowmobile. The journey begins right in our own front yard warming up the snowmobile and making sure everything is working properly. We take off and travel approximately two miles of road before we get to the trails. The trails take you through so many different landscapes from pine forest to the glare of the frozen ponds. Ups and downs a lot of left and twisty turns but we made it to a restaurant which on a straight line from our house is only seven miles through the trails its eighteen. We took some time getting there but it was lot of fun. 


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Millions and millions of dollars spent on diet pills bought by the consumers. Let's face it a lot of times we fall for the best sales ad. Lets face it the better the sales height the more apt you are to buy the product. It's the same thing with sleep aide pills. I haven't found one that actually works good for me. A lot of diet pills after the first week build up in your system and with so much caffeine in them you start getting the shakes and you have to stop them anyhow. When it comes to hydroxycut the first formula they had worked for my friend but after trying it again it didn't work at all.

Blood pressure

I was reading an article the other day about a silent killer. I couldn't believe how a little rise in your blood pressure can be such a serious problem. Not just heart problems, brain problems, blood sugar imbalances not to mention kidney problems. Keeping a good diet I know is a hard thing to do because you have to watch your intake everyday along with a daily exercise program.Will usually help with your blood pressure.There are a lot of natural supplements out there. Ultimate bp from true health seems to be a good choice.

Natural acne cream

Saturday, October 16, 2010

If you never had acne in your life you must be the lucky one. I fought with oily skin all my life. My original hometown  didn't help being so close to the equator. If you think you drink a lot of water in Upstate New York on a hot summer day you should try drinking twice as much when it's 90 plus degrees in the shade all the time. I have to use a natural acne cream because my skin is so sensitive. If I use a stronger cream it reddens  my skin to an irritable state.

Autumn is here

Time moves on and a season follows another season. This time autumn sets in. It reaches another new season full of amazingly beautiful colors. As we were driving down the road we can see the foliage around us. I can't help but admire the scenery. Thanks to my husband who tolerates my vices and had to pull over on the side of the road so I can take my time and clicking on my camera. Here's my work for today.

Polaris Sportsman ATV Parts

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We have so much fun riding our four wheeler. Our kids called the back woods the jungle. We have cut so many paths through there. There is not much jungle left. One day as we were there we ran into a hidden stump. The stump called one of our front brake cables right out of the hub. I didn't notice until we were coming down the hill and it was a lot harder to stop. It's always good to have a Polaris Sportsman ATV Parts place close by with knowledgeable people to get you through your own repairs.


Our cellphone contract is finally up after two long years. Looking around at different companies  with different pay plans is so confusing. The new phones out there are so extra ordinary. The books that they give you to teach you how to use the phone are now one inch thick. I guess I'm just gonna settle for something simple to get me by for now while I think about the extremely complicated ones.

Baldwin hardware

Sprucing up a house to put it on a real state market was kind of fun. First we started with the little things. Changing out the kitchen sink  was little tough. The previous owner used an incredible strong silicone caulk to hold it down. After installing the new one along with the faucet  it came out beautiful. We called a friend of ours to change out six lighting fixtures. Myself I took on changing all the bedroom lock sets. Quite a few of the things came from Baldwin hardware. They have a very nice selection that was easy to pick from.

Bait and switch

My mother in law needed new tires on the front of her van. She calls around to get the best price. She went there to get the tires the sales man said that brand is iout of stock. But of course he had other ones that would fit her van but they were a premium name brand tire. So the sales man on the phone played my mom on a cheap price and then took her for twice the money. you gotta love sears.

Glass tile

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It was so much fun re-doing our bathroom. It took us about three weeks in our spare time to pick out all the different materials for the job. At the last moment we decided to change out out chrome fixtures for brass ones. It looked beautiful but it didn't match the glass tile so we drove back and picked out another color. That worked a lot better with the color scheme of the room. All in all it was still fun.

Apple picking...

Is so much fun for our family  specially for our little guy and of course myself. It was our first experience to pick apples so every kind of apple in the orchard we had to try. We then decided that we should get each kind and fill the bag  that the person at the orchard handed  us. For nine dollars a bag  I am talking of a big bag. It was really worth it. Jarred was so ecstatic to see a lot of apples around us and  had to show mommy each one that he had picked from the tree. The fruits are with in his reach so that was very exciting. Now I can make my home made apple pie and apple fritters.

Indoor tanning lotion

We were so surprised at work when I told the managers after completing the five years of employment with them. They were sending us on an all inclusive five day stay in sunny Cancun Mexico. Of course there will be business meetings there. It was really just a big get together of upper management and all of us from different parts of the United States. Still it was great. I wanted to look prepared for all that sun. I put on my indoor tanning lotion. It looked so great against my yellow bikini. Everyone asked if I'd been there for a couple of weeks because of the tan.

Garden inside the house

Our outdoors plants  finally made it inside our house. If not for cold weather and freezing temperatures in the early morning I wouldn't transfer every plant we had and put in a pot from our garden. But I'm glad I did  because they seems to be doing better and some even have  flowers in them. I like to save our plants as much as we can and enjoy them for the rest of the season.

Sunday drive

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I thought it was going to be another boring Sunday, but my husband said come on guys we're going for a ride. We ended up going to Mexico New York for a hay wagon ride in the apple orchard. It was a lot of fun after the hay ride we ended up going through the corn field maze. That was a lot of fun getting lost. And then after that we went to three different style apple orchards to pick different apples. Each field we tasted one to make sure it was one that we wanted to pick to take home. Our trip on the way home turned out to be yummy also. The church down the road had barbecued chicken that we  picked up for our supper.

Click here

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Growing up in an extremely hot climate close to the equator taking care of my complexion was never ending. three or four times a day you're washing your face. You had to have something strong enough to take care of any acne but you needed it mild enough to use it quite often. It takes quite sometime to find the product that work for me maybe not for the whole world. To check out these products click here to make up your own mind.


From time to time my husband likes me to mention our son and himself on an update of their geo-trak adventures. We started out two years ago with nine foot of track and the train station building. At this point they think they might have collected enough. Thanks to all the yard sales that we found it at they now have over seventy five foot of track. As far as I know they're the only ones that have built six different levels at one time that is actually one track. To all moms and dads out there this is the greatest little toy ever. It also has a lot more things you can do with it unlike Thomas the train geo has gone almost beyond imagination.

Moisturizer for face

I never go nowhere without it. I call it my little magic bag, or my facial tool box which has all the stuff a woman would want inside. If my husband only knew how much money I spent on my moisturizer for face alone he'd shoot me. (haha) I just think of it as a little money compared to his workshop with all his tools he spends thousands of dollars updating each year. So isn't mine just a tiny bit of that money?

Prices of boats

We were thinking about selling our boat  because we don't use it much but even if we don't go out on our boat it is always nice to go there. It has a nice picnic area and playground for the kids. After researching the prices on boats like ours at the moment we're deciding to  keep it. I can't believe in two years that the price of our boat has dropped four thousand dollars from its new price.

Wrinkle creams that work

Sunday, September 19, 2010

First it takes time to find the right creams from my stretch marks from giving birth to my son. The different things that you go through in life as you grow older. Take an aspirin a day for your heart. Take glucosamine for your joints. The list goes on and on. I was staring in the mirror the other day just barely noticing the beginning of wrinkles at the edge of my eyes.I had a slight panic. Later that day I located  my panic is gone for the moment hoping that the new product that I ordered will work for me. Better to start as early as possible You never know what next year will bring in age.

Human nature

Human nature can be ignorant, arrogant, stupid, and death defying sometimes. If there is an automobile accident and you tell people to stay back, they don't! One man yelled up to his co-workers to get down off the scaffolding they yelled back, why? and stood there looking as the scaffolding collapse below them. The ground gave way under one leg.  If there is an earthquake and you tell everybody in the restaurant to get under the tables they all look up. Bad mistake. Big chandelier fell. If people will just listen and follow what they hear they might be alive today.

Acne treatments

Friday, September 17, 2010

How far will people go to get rid of acne these days? For some acne they're using high tech lasers. For other areas of acne they have used nitrogen to cold burn the surface that is plague. One thing for sure there's different acne treatments for different people. I feel so bad for some people that it seems nothing works. A friend of mine cured most of her acne by just changing the things that she eats. Myself I guess I'm lucky that I very rarely have any breakouts.

Plywood decoration cut outs

Something to add to the yard, cut out of plywood for decorations for Halloween. This lady down the road make so many different ones for so many different holidays and occasions. The list would go on and on so here's a few. Pumpkins, skeletons, ghost, and bats. You can either stake these into the ground or hang them from a tree for viewing. Her yard is full year round including Christmas cut outs.

Hoodia diet pills

Wasting money all the time. I seem to find a good diet pill but then I think my body gets used to it and it doesn't work anymore. Why couldn't it be a simple as it was for my sister in law. She started a diet regiment and in four months lost thirty five pounds. In the last month I've at a stand still at least I'm staying on my normal diet. I'm really starting to feel like a rabbit eating veggie after veggie. I'm going to try something new next week called hoodia diet pills. A friend of my friend  has had great luck with this to the point that she should be a sales person for the company.

House face lift

Talk about a face lift. It's amazing the house down the street was old looking and half falling down. They brought in a whole crew of eight or ten guys tore out the porch put a new porch on installed all new vinyl siding and the new roof. Not to mention what they did inside. The dumpster was full twice over. So nice of a face lift to brighten up the neighborhood.

Acne products

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I had an oily skin all my life. The different acne products I've tried are endless. Thankfully a lot of these products had a money back guarantee less shipping and handling. One of the products that I use on my back actually burned me to the point that I was screaming. I've come to the conclusion that washing my face with the good acne soap and fresh water three times a day along with the moisturizer works best for me.

Drawing easel

I have so much fun with my little one after shopping around. one of the things that we got him was a double sided easel. One side has a chalk board on it  the other side has the white board on it that you can use the erasable magic markers. The only thing about it is when he draws a picture he likes he doesn't want to erase it because he wants to look at it day after day so we erase it at night and tell him we don't know who did it so he will draw again.

Best prenatal vitamins

There was a time in my life for quite sometime that I was always tired run down felt like I was overworked everyday but I wasn't.  When I purchased my health insurance I went to the doctor for check-up I was extremely low on what they called a vitamin deficiency. After getting my system back on track I found out I was pregnant. After I had my blood tested quite a few times the doctor came up with the best prenatal vitamin that he thought would work good with my system. Even though I was pregnant I had so much energy with those pills.


We like to contribute a little something when we can to the veterans administration, diebities  association
 sometimes Alzheimer's disease. We would probably contribute more than what we do. It just seems every other day they are sending us more and more causes in the mail. Once we gave some to these three now we have at least thirty different mailers from different causes every month. Not to mention one of them must have sold our email address so we have spam all the time. We will continue to help but it would be a lot nicer if we didn't have so much junk mail.


They just about give printers away these days just so you can get stuck with buying expensive ink refill cartridges. I use to always wonder why I would see so many different printers at yard sale. Now I know. Because when it runs out of ink people just throw out the basic printer. We kind of like our printer  it's an all in one printer, scanner, and fax machine. The cartridge  108R00725 seems to last quite sometime also the color of our pictures are incredible.

Windows update

PC's can be so complicated we will go forever without a problem and then wham! Everything goes down at once. Windows update seem to be the worst thing if for some reason an update doesn't install windows leaves it up to you to figure out why. My question is why can't windows on its own figure out how to bypass and install its updates? It took me over an hour in safe mode to figure out why. And when I did it wanted me to shut down my security center in order for the update to come through. If I do this I can get a virus id I don't do this my PC may not run right.

Electric blanket

New York State's winter is always so cold we live right in the snow belt region. Last year we had over nine feet of snow. In the winter time to save money during the day time we shut the upstairs bedroom door to keep the heat downstairs. The only problem with that is when I go to bed the room is freezing. Besides opening up the door an hour ahead of time I picked up an electric timer to hook my  electric blanket to. It comes on About an hour before bed time so at least my bed is toasty when I get there.

Crafts for kids

We had so much fun the other day going shopping. We ended up going to A-C Moore's. The place is loaded with all sorts of project kits and novelties. We picked out some small wooden cars so my son could have practice painting them. He was so excited when we got home that we had to start painting right away. Next time we go there I'm going to buy the bird house kit so we can assemble it and paint it together.

Arturo fuente cigars

Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting everything together and everyone was a real tough job when I got married. The bridesmaid dresses was the hardest to agreed on for the color. Let alone all the different kinds of food that we had were tough to come together all at once. My husband wanted to give the guys in the wedding party arturo fuente cigars. I thought it was crazy so I left it up to my mother in law to be to take care of the purchase.

Incredible humans

Have you seen that new show on history channel looking for super humans? Some of the things in there are so crazy. A guy that takes electrical wires and uses them wrapped around his body with live current he cooks an egg on a hot plate with electricity running through him. Crazy. The other man can shut off pain to different parts of his body. He has another man snapped a 2 x 4 across his ribs without hurting himself. What a different show.

Motorhome insurance

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We've had so much fun going camping this year. It's nice to check out the places first if you can. This winter sometime we plan on visiting my husband's mom in Florida. One of the places we want to stop is Silver Spring's glass bottom boat ride. A lot of old movies were filmed there including "Creature from the Black Lagoon". The boats that you ride in have glass bottoms. There are all sorts of fish in the water. My husband says they used to give you bread to feed the fish. I hope it is still the same. As the date grows closer we will be shopping around for motorhome insurance hoping to get a deal on a six month policy. I'm getting excited about our trip just talking about it.

Up and down weather

This weather is so crazy 90 degrees this week and then dropping down into the 60's this weekend. My husband was working downtown building scaffolding at the new wing of the veterans administration hospital. It was 65 degrees when he left in the morning at quarter to one in the afternoon they decided to let the guys go early as the temperature reached 94 degrees. Absolutely no shade where he was working. As the sun passed the edge of the building the asphalt under him radiated a high of a hundred and fifty degrees six inches up the pavement. He said you just can't think straight with that much heat.

Modern furniture

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We go over my mother-in-law's at least once a week. It would be really nice if we could get all the kids to pitch in money at Christmas to buy mom some new modern furniture. It's tough because we would be picking it out for her and all the furniture that's in there was picked out  by dad and her because dad passed on. But we'd like to get her out of the house to have new rug installed along with the furniture. I think that it would be a great Christmas.

Outbuilding solar lighting

Want to add light to an outbuilding or your shed but don't want to spend the fortune on running electrical wires from your house? The solution is adding a solar powered light. Some of these lights you can just switch on  when you want others are motion censored. When they detect movement they turn on for a period of time. We like it because it would really surprise someone if they didn't know it was there.

POS systems

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Starting a business can get out of control in a minute. Just because you bought all your shelving, does your product fit the shelving? Sometimes you can't even trust UPS they lose things on occasion. It's tough to have a grand opening when the grand opening banners don't arrive on time. We only got lucky they arrive the same day after being sent to the wrong zip code. A lot of the things we needed came from POS systems. We specially liked the new hand scanners replacing the old ones we had.

The complexity of building a train track

Talk about complexity, Jarred want to build  another new train set for his geo-trak. For those of you that haven't built a train track obviously where you started is where you finish connecting. The thing about geo-traks is that we have so many bridges that we can make  a train track  three levels high. As you put these together if you are not following closely you're actually building two different tracks and that's not really what we want. We never start out with any particular plan just start building and it turns into a masterpiece for Jarred.

Basement dehumidifier

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Each winter it seems that we go through the same thing. We tried to take care of it by cleaning but its a pretty futile fight. Down on our block walls in the basement moisture always builds up. The cold blocks with the frozen grounds behind them start to having moisture on the inside. This can also lead to mold and mildew if you don't take care of it. Adding a basement dehumidifier has helped so much. By adding this we have cut down the moisture by at least ninety percent.

A lotion that softens your skin

I've learned as I get older that trying to look younger cost a lot of money. Between the facial creams, wrinkle creams, and eye creams it can cause you a pretty penny. One product I've relied on for a long time to soften parts of my skin is Jergens sheabutter lotion. It's specially good for your hands, elbows, knees, and ankle.

Steel buildings

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We hope to expand our small business by early next spring. The problem we have is we don't have enough room for expansion. It amazes me how many pre-package steel buildings there are. You can just about get any size or shape these days to suit your needs. The other problem we have is that we're in a residential area so besides buying the building and having it constructed we need to find a suitable lot for it.

Building our addition

My husband is a carpenter usually works with wood but he knows how to work with commercial steel construction also. I don't usually get the chance to see him work so it was very enjoyable to help and watch him build our addition. It was so different working with steel framing. The only thing that I hated was the loud noise of the saw as you cut the pieces of steel studs. At least working with steel studs they aren't crooked like a lot of the wood can be.

Faux wood blinds

During the renovations of our house there was so many things that we changed. One of the things that we learned from this experience is that if you want something today you better had planned on it three weeks ago. Not everything we ran into was like that including the faux wood blinds. Being that we changed out all of our old wood windows with new vinyl windows some of the sizes are different so it only made sense to replace all the blinds with new ones.

Shopping for discounted price

When you are looking for a tool discounted prices, it is always great to go shopping at harbour freight tools. They have so many tools there. There's something for everyone even if you wanted to find your own rug installation kit not to mention everything you could possibly want for working on your car. We went there the other day to pick up corner clamps just so we could build our own picture frames. How reasonable 3.99 each.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Can you ever have enough toys for your kids? I didn't think we could until we started planning a new addition. It is going to be the playroom! Let's see...We have plains, trains and automobiles. There's inside toys there's outside toys. There's boy toys and there's girl's toys. We have not yet found out what our son's favorite is. It's a toss up between his train tracks and car tracks but it is nice. We have a different box for each different set to keep them organized for his easy playing. What a spoiled boy.

Blood pressure wrist band

My husband is finally gone back to his jogging. Even though he is not losing much of the weight that he wants to lose very fast it keeps him busy and is slowly trimming him down. One thing that he always wanted for his jogging is the blood pressure battery operated wrist band so he can keep track of his heart rate and blood pressure at any given time. He says that it is always good to know this so you don't over do yourself.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We had a great day today even though it was ninety degrees there was a fifteen mile an hour wind that kept the heat down. After going to my mother in law's for dinner she made home made meat balls and spaghetti. We headed down to the boat for a quick dip. My husband talked me into getting into the water. I'm still learning how to swim better. It amazed me that I did really great swimming from dock to dock as the kids played in the shallow parts.

Diet supplements that work

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Exercising doesn't seem to do my husband much good. When he is done exercising he is twice as hungry and finds himself in the middle of the night munching on something from the kitchen. So this doesn't do any good specially when he eats the food that I need for supper tomorrow night. So looking for the right combination we ran into a site called He has set his hopes high to lose twenty pounds before summer is gone.

Movie marathon

We finally cleaned out our upstairs collection of VHS tapes and DVD it's something that how many great ones we had that our four year old has never seen. So now it's going to be a marathon of movie catch up with our son. The Walt Disney collection that we had goes on and on to no end. We even found a couple Barney tapes and Blues Clues. I just don't know if I can sit through these ones again.

Blue Advantage

The price of medical insurance is crazy these days. Of all things I went out to weed whack one day. Two days later I started itching all over my ankles and my legs. I ended up at the doctors waited an hour and a half to get in just for the doctor to say I had poison ivy. The thing that got me the most was there was a double billing. One for the doctor and one for the room. So ridiculous. Later that week we started our search and found that the Blue Advantage was the way to go when it came to changing our insurance.

Building the playground

Daddy and Jarred disappeared this morning. They said see you in a little while. They hooked up the trailer and went down the road. A couple of hours went by they pulled in with a load of lumber to build Jarred's play ground. I was surprised. They got busy building the first part. The first tower is to hold the curve slide that we had bought months ago. The work will continue tomorrow to build the rest.

Best wrinkle cream

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Looking for the best wrinkle cream can take so much time you might even get a few more wrinkles by the time you find it. It all started about two years ago when I seen my first wrinkles at the edge of my eyes. I went and bought the standard over the counter fixer upper wrinkle cream used it for about six months seen no real improvement. So now the hunt is on for something that really works.

Hedge trimmer

I have a bunch of hedges on the side of our house. They can be such a pain. I tried to level cut them and I'm always running off. The other day my husband bought me this trimmer thing, it looked right out of the sci-fi movie. It trims and edges but it also sucks up the pieces like a vacuum cleaner. It is called the garden groomer its from Harbour freight 97 total dollars including shipping.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

I can't believe the difference in my nephew at twenty one years old he is six feet tall. He was very out of shape six months ago when we last seen him. He said he got sick of people picking on him for his bad shape. He said he turned everything around with noxycut. I guess somehow it turns fat into muscle somehow. I'm going to look into it more and start feeding my husband it.

Koi fish our new pets

Well after our tropical fish died we decided to changed over our aquarium to have koi fish. They seem to be very strong survivors even with diverse minerals in the water. Something a tropical fish won't survive. It doesn't seem to bother the koi fish. They're so beautiful. We bought four all different colors. We're hoping they get big enough to move out to a pond we are planning someday. Hopefully...

Eye wrinkle cream

Friday, July 2, 2010

Getting older brings on a lot of different things. A pain here a pain there. But when it comes to staying young I like to do my best the proper foods the proper vitamins. I found myself even buying an aerobic dance DVD the other day. One of the things I won't do without is my eye wrinkle cream. You know I started about five years ago and I use the product at least every other day. I haven't found a new wrinkle in the last three years.

Building blocks

We had so much fun using the building blocks with my son lately. We've built castle after castle after castle. So many different things we can build with them we even built a pirate ship out of blocks. Not bad for mommy helping. He already knows what he wants to be when he grows up. Let me back up for a moment, he doesn't want to grow up he wants to stay mommy's little boy forever. Anyhow, he wants to be a conductor on a train when he gets big.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My husband got a call in the middle of the night from a friend of his that takes care of maintenance on an apartment complex. A friend told my husband of a boiler that was leaking at the place. My husband does boiler installs. He put on his boots and out the door he went. As he went down into the basement where the boiler was leaking. He stepped into about four inches of water which was electrified by an outlet that had been pulled loose from a wall. He was lucky that his boots are completely rubberized. These boots saved his life that day.

When animals attack

Sitting home watching TV we happened to stop on the channel. The show was on when animals attack. That's an incredibly and intense program. It's crazy how they show what the elephants have done when they throw a tantrum. They also showed how elephant's trainers abused them to do different things. Including in this is hitting them on the head with stick also shocking the backs of their legs to obey the trainer. It's so sad.

5 - best acne products

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

They say it's all in your body chemical make-up or in the different foods that you eat. I've always had a large battle with acne. It seems to slow down as I get older. Searching for the right one has been quite time consuming. The 5 - best acne products I found that have worked for me in the past and in the present are wonderful products. It just took forever to find them.

Water park fun

Finally summer is here. We just can't make up our mind what water park to go to. Whether we're going to camp for the weekend or just do a day trip. We can't make up our mind. If we go on a day trip we will have to get up so early to drive there. The trip back home will be exhausting. But keeping in mind saving some money if we go to the water park with camping it will cost us four times more for just the weekend.

Allergy mattress covers

I didn't know I was going on a trip. My husband usually tells me when he seriously bidding on something substantial on eBay. He told me on Friday morning that we were leaving from Maryland on Saturday morning to pick up a surprise. He wouldn't tell me what it was. He even changed his eBay password so I couldn't peek. We finally made it to our destination in Maryland. To my surprise he had bought a boat. Beautiful and just the perfect size at 20 foot. On the way home we decided to spend the night at a hotel. Luckily I had thought ahead of time and brought our allergy mattress covers. It's always nice to have these when you're travelling. you never know what you're going to run into with the beds in hotel rooms.

Rainy days

Rain rain go away. It's either too hot or too cold. Can't we just have a perfect day like with 75 degrees with a nice five mile an hour wind and sunny? Forecast this week is rain Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. At this rate my garden might be washed out. So depressing.

Designer ties

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My husband and I took a real leap of faith knowing each other for fourteen month online and meeting once for three weeks seven months before we got married. When he came over for our wedding one of the things he brought with him was a collection of designer ties. He wanted to make sure the men that he had standing up with him in the wedding party were coordinated together at least when it came to the ties.

Our strawberry plant

A few years ago we planted a couple of strawberry plants on the side of our house which had multiplied into many. Being we have sandy soil the strawberries loved this kind of ground. Now e are having so much fun digging them up one at a time and relocating them. Probably in ten years we will have strawberries all the way around the outside edge of our grass.

Contemporary sofas

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Building our new sun porch up our deck area in the back of our house was quite a job. The new sun porch sits one storey above the ground so we had to put in concrete pierce reinforced with steel to give it the strength. The new window treatments we picked out were awesome. We looked at many contemporary sofas before we settled on one that accents the color of the rug.

Setting up a birthday party

Setting up a birthday party these days gets so hectic just trying to get all the people in one space at one time is hard enough. Let alone cooking all the food and making sure that you have the right selection of diet soda on hand for some special needs of people. And then you have the birthday girl depressed at the last moment because her friends had to go home early. So off goes the happy face of everything going on to the depressed face. You know she'll get over it but in the meantime its pretty traumatic.

Vitamins for men

Monday, June 7, 2010

So many vitamins these days. So many benefits if you can figure it out. It's so overwhelming. I spent a couple of hours looking at all the different labels and benefits. I think just getting older means having less energy. A worst challenge is looking for vitamins for men. For my husband there's a few ingredients that he can't have in a vitamin.

LOST is gone!

I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my husband last Tuesday evening. He was flicking through the channels over and over again not being content with anything that was on. As he went by a channel I asked him why not watch that, that looks good and he just turn and said no, not that one. After about twenty minutes of this I figured out what was happening. His favorite show LOST was over and done with after all these years. I'ts going to take a while for my husband to get un-LOST.

Wrinkle creams

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's so nice to have such a collection. The creams that I got my mother in law the other day don't all seem to be working out. The ones in particular that were looking into more are the wrinkle creams. She's never had anything like this and we tried to tell her that it takes time. I think she's just a little impatient at her age.

Little kids water slide

Our little guy was so happy the other day. It was so hot out with no relief in sight. So my husband went out and bought one of those little blue swimming pools. Stuck it at the bottom of our son's slide, brought the garden hose over, strap it to the slide, turned it on low and now our son has his own personal water slide.

Getting rid of blackheads

My mom used to say wash your face at least three times a day. Now I tell my kids the same thing. Do you think they listen? Yeah right. My son learned the other day that getting rid of blackheads is not a fun process sometimes. Not to mention they can leave a scar if they're bad enough. So now he is listening to mom about the three times a day.

Boat motor tune up

My husband has some bad luck the other day. Before we left to put the boat on the water he decided to do a tune up on it. The boat was running perfect at the house. We took it down to the marina to launch it. He started it up it was running bad. He removed the cover of the motor to find that the latch that holds the cover on actually cut one of the spark plug wires in half.Now we have to wait ten days to get one from the manufacturer. Can't find them local.

Appetite suppressants

I just can't stand it when my stomach is growling. I just need a little something to tied me over 'till lunch or maybe a hearty breakfast. Looking into all of the different appetite suppressants online these days is incredible. I found one that fit my situation just perfectly. I started it last week and now I'm more comfortable working in the morning.


My husband kept somewhat in shape over the years. Our side yard is high our backyard is low ground. He has a shovel and wheel burrow and since 1993 yes nineteen ninety three he's been shovelling here and there. He figures he's shovelled the equivalent of twenty five dump truck loads to date. No joke.

Electronic cigarette

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's been so hard for my husband to give up smoking. He's tried everything from patches to gum to the pill. He says he doesn't have enough will power. This new electronic cigarette he thinks is just what he's been looking for. At least if he can't give it up this will stop the poisons from his lungs and also give him the nicotine that his body craves. Maybe after this he can do a small withdrawal program.

New brand toothpaste : arm and hammer

What a great difference in one week. I've kept the same toothpaste brand for many many years with hardly no results. I recently changed over to arm and hammer brand toothpaste with baking soda and peroxide. You can see the difference in one week time that I was trying to achieve for so many years with my brand that didn't work.

Weight loss

Time to get my husband into the program. I'm feeding him too good or too much I think. He's jumped three pant sizes in five years. I could blame it on his age but I'd rather blame it on the good meals that I feed him. Besides the new diet for his weight loss he's been getting up extra early every morning to jog around the block and no more late night snacks.

Saving energy... going green

Everybody talks about going green these days. Buying this buying that to save energy. Just keep in mind that everything you get rid of takes energy to recycle it. I think that the start of going green should be the schooling of people on how to save energy first. Turning off lights, fans, PC's, and cellphone chargers across these world would save billions to begin with.

Eye wrinkle creams

Some do a little some do a lot. When it comes to elasticity of the skin the search is on. What better way to find the best by investing a little time to rule out the ones that don't work well. The different eye wrinkle creams I've used over the years would fill a good size box. I've come to the conclusion that one that may not work good on me may work good on a different person.

Juicy apple scented candles

I've had so many great responses for friends coming in our front door. There's so many different ways these days to make your house smell refreshing. We've gone back to scented candles. Our latest is called juicy apple. You don't even have to light it just set it by the front door. When somebody opens the front door the aroma carries up into the house with the air flow.

Best eye cream

As you get older you notice little things that start going down hill. Whether it be your bones, muscles or your looks. Who knows what's going to happen next. It took me one whole day to determine online what product was the best whitener for my teeth. After that search I started one for best eye cream, that didn't take so long. A friend recommended one particular brand and I found one that was even better.

Misses fix it tool box

Where would I be without my misses fix it tool kit? My husband made me up this box that includes my hammer, pliers, and screw drivers. Along with a lot of little trinkets. I think there's every little different wall hangers and nails and screws you can imagine. And oh don't forget my favorite my roll of duct tape. How many different things I can do with that little box is just to my imagination.

Philly jobs

After my husband lost his job his new job is looking for a job. There's so many places online that you can sign up for free and they send you the job post to your email. Today's qualifications are so grueling he says. being that there's so many people out of work, employers can have the pick of the best and its tough. With philly jobs it makes it so much easier for searching for that exact job.

Games for kids

It's tough these days trying to find good games for little children. One of the games that's been around for years is don't break the ice. So much fun for our son and us to play together. One game that's been around also we don't like is whack a mole. Do you really want to teach your kids to whack little creatures that come out of the ground?

Outdoor furniture

After working very hard building the new deck we decided to also enclose it with screen to keep the pesky bugs out. One of things I was in charge of was staining everything. What a messy. After many years, the sun has taking its toll on our outdoor furniture so along with the new enclosure we needed new furniture. Amazing how many different types are out there these days.

Garage sale hunting

Again, garage sale hunting the other day we found lots of great deals including eight pairs of pants for my husband. Unbelievably one dollar a pair. Another nice little thing we found was a toy ATM machine complete with card that works as a bank for our little one. So much fun adding up his coins for his savings. So much for the piggy bank...all empty.

All clad copper core cookware

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's been five long years scrubbing my old pots and pans. Can't seem to get them completely clean. I have three different cleaners to help me with no avail. After putting many hints to my husband about the all clad copper core cookware, he finally broke down and let me have my way. Incredible set. He went to cook the other day. I kind of pushed him out of the way and said I'll take care of the cooking. You know guys he might dirty them up too much.

Marinading machine

I always love to marinade the meat that I'm going to cook overnight if possible. Finally I ran into an actual meat marinade machine. You put your seasoning and ingredients in along with your meat. You turn it on and it slowly rolls the meat around and around letting your ingredients to saturate all sides over and over again.

Mesothelioma life expectancy

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's scary to see those commercials that talk about different situations where workers came in contact with asbestos. After contracting mesothelioma, what is the mesothelioma life expectancy? I feel so sorry for the people that didn't know of the hidden problem of working around asbestos. I wish there was a simple way of curing the problem.

Air purifier

It seems like you can clean as much as you want these days. But things still get dusty. I picked up a orecx xl pro air purifier the other day. I can't beilieve how much dust it takesout of the air. I shut it down after three days to move it to a different location. I was happy to see how much it collected.

Weight loss success stories

I love watching the weight loss success stories on t.v. but you never know who to believe these days. Some of the people on there that lose huge amounts of weight, I'm very skeptical of the market these days. Trying to find the product that works good for my system can be a nightmare. So far I'm doing good with the one product I found.

Convection oven

It gets kind of tiring cooking the same old same old food or the time to cook it. My husband bought me a convection oven from savoureux pro-line. Its so nice its has 12 quart capacity bowl. I just put the chicken and all the vegetables around it set the timer and walk away. Its amazing that it cook so fast. my husband is happy also because it uses approximately sixty percent less energy.

FDA approved diet pills

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We so much take for granted that the food that we buy at the local stores is all safe for us. You never know what is lurking for the unexpected consumer. Reading the labels this days is sometimes not enough. Looking for fda approved diet pills was like a needle in a hay stack. After finding some of these make sure you read and research all ingredients.

Launching our boat

Can't wait for the normal weather to stay here. Usually this upcoming weekend we're putting our boat in the water. This year we are going to wait to the first of June to make sure we can enjoy it from day one. Also by waiting one month we save one hundred dollars on dock fees.

Apidexin reviews

It's always worth searching these days. Money is a little tight and economy is not much better. A friend of mine wanted to start a new diet so searching I ran into apidexin reviews. I really thought it sounded promising. So as a favor to my friend I ordered a bottle for her. We will see what happens in the weeks to come. She really needs this to work. It will give her such a boost if she can fit in last year's pants.

My ice cream

I know it sounds impossible. About few weeks ago I'd never tried black raspberry ice cream. As far as ice cream taste should go I think it's now my all time favorite. My husband made me a huge concoction of black raspberry ice cream, cherries, whipped cream with crushed walnut on top. So delicious. He picked up all the ingredients at Byrnedairy the other day.

Discount prescription glasses

Monday, April 26, 2010

So many deals on the newspapers these days when it comes to eye test and eyeglass combo. But by the time you go there and they add this and they add that it really doesn't work out to any kind of deal. The best way to do it is to do a search for discount prescription glasses. I found the savings to be incredible. Last time I saved about fifty dollars. It was worth it.

Where is the water?

So far in New York State its suppose to be a rainy month. We have had about nothing. There has been no soaking showers whatsoever. To top it all off we had a freakish frost the other morning that killed about fifty percent of our new budding flowers. Hopefully in the months to come we get more rain. Natural rain is a lot better for our garden rather than getting the garden hose out.

Lipofuze reviews

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Over the last five years between my friend and myself we spent well over a thousand dollars on trying new products some of these products work a little some don't work at all. The other day I was searching on the Internet for anything new to do with dieting. I found lipofuze reviews which is going to make it a lot easier when coming to a conclusion for the next product I buy.

Webster's spelling corrector

For those of you out there that once in a while you need to instantly know how to spell a word, instead of clicking over to another site like a dictionary site to look up your words Webster has a small pocket size spelling corrector that's incredible. You type in how you think it's spelled and it will come up with the best five to ten words that are the closest match.

Fat burner pills

You think if you find something that works good that would stay working good. Losing a few pounds turned into a lot of extra work until I found fat burner pills that actually worked. I used to get a lot of exercise at my old job but the new job is at the desk all day. Tired at sitting at the desk and then trying to go to the gym is tough. I usually only make it twice a week.

Chichilla fun

It's so much fun watching our chinchillas. We have three boys one white, one grey, one black. We put a metal cake pan in their cage with a little bit of powdered sand. They all rush to beat the other guy there. They take their bath by rolling around in the sand to take the oil out of their fur. Another way to have fun with them is to give one of them a fancy nut. They ran and they chew it at the same time trying to keep it away from their brothers. Its cute when one steals it from the other.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You spend money, money, money, too much money on trying to find the right diet plan or pill. It seems like every time I take a diet pill it works for a while and then it stops. Maybe my body just gets used to it and then it stops working properly. The best for me recently I found is at It's been five weeks now and they seem still working fine.

Strawberry plants

Last year we planted a couple of strawberry plant in this little area. Its amazing how fast they grow. It was only one little plant now there's over thirty little plants spread out over a five foot area. It sends out vines then it roots itself again and keeps going and going.


We've heard so many funny stories of what how guys are done when it comes to giving their fiancee to be their engagement ring. The funniest one I heard was a guy put it in the middle of a bar of soap and left it there for the soap to wear down for his fiancee to find. That's hysterical. Whether it be one diamond or many diamonds on the ring the girls always need more.

Wham-o frisbee

One of the fun things of summer my husband played with was a wham-o Frisbees.Todays knock off Frisbees are made of plastic that when it hits the ground it cracks in an instant. We had to go to three stores and then a sporting goods place to finally find an original wham-o Frisbee which by the way is made out of a percentage of rubber to take high impact without cracking.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

So many times in life it's so reassuring to fall back on the knowledge of the collection of my textbooks. I couldn't believe it though when my nephew was just in high school I happen to visit his house to see a selection of six textbooks on his desk in his room. I said to him aren't you a little young for all of these? He replied to me as his mom says have you seen the complexity of today's math studies?

Tru TV videos

Have you ever watch Tru TV? It's amazing how many people are so crazy at what they do. Who knows how many people have been seriously hurt in their stupid videos. Some of the stunts these young kids do are so ridiculous. You just want to blame it on their parents for not giving them guidance in life.

Baby jogger city mini

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How many baby showers can you possibly having in one year? We thought our large family was done at having thirteen grand children and now comes the great grand children. Well the name will carry on for many many millenniums to come I guess. Trying to find something different instead of the same old we have to run across baby jogger city mini. The uniqueness is special and I'm sure it will last for years to come.

Why is Easter Lily important to easter?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Have you bought any lilies ready for easter? I have mine two days ago. We stopped at the mobil to get gas when my husband returned and said he had a surprise for me. He gave me this beautiful easter lily plant. But why are easter lilies important to easter?

"This lily is the traditional flower of spring and is highly regarded as a joyful symbol of beauty, hope, and life. Each holiday is marked by cherished traditions that bring joy, comfort, and warmth, and provide continuity from one generation to the next. Easter has its share of traditions: egg decorations and hunts; gift baskets and chocolate bunnies, sunrise church services, parades, and, of course, the Easter Lily. For many, the beautiful trumpet-shaped white flowers symbolize purity, virtue, innocence, hope and life — the spiritual essence of Easter." source:

Used golf balls

My husband tells me stories about when he was a kid. They used to ride their bicycles about ten mile down to the golf course. He would get there early in the morning trying to beat the other kids at diving in the ponds to feel around the muddy bottom for used golf balls. He would also bring extra dry clothes for himself . Some days he was hired to be a caddy and made extra money. Everything was fine until one day one of the boys discovered a snapping turtle after it bit his toe. So after that day everybody talk twice about going into the pond.

Lingo translator

Learning a second language has always been something my husband has wanted to do. The only problem is the best learning programs are so expensive its not funny. So my husband is learning he thinks an easier way. He bought a lingo translator. It actually speaks so you know how to pronounce the word correctly.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

The one thing you never promised your mom is to take her shopping for new kitchen parts. We spent three days shopping around ten different stores. And then when it came to the kitchen and the new bathroom faucets we bought six just to bring them home to see what their effect would look like against here new counter top.

Ice diamonds

It's so much fun watching my husband dig. He brought a big chunk of dirt up to me and said look at the diamonds I found. Our daughter fell right into the trap. The actual diamonds or look alike diamonds were ice crystals in the clay. So real looking.

Weight loss supplements

My sister in law has always had problems with losing weight. You can see that she had lost some weight and then another month goes by and it comes back again. She calls it the tieder todder effect. It comes and it goes. Finally she bought some weight loss supplements that at least are taking it off faster. And if it comes back it doesn't all come back. So she's finally taking off a pound.

Red moss

The luck of it. We been trying to grow good grass for years we finally got some started after growing oats first. Then our neighbor planted some grass. It turned out that it had a red moss blended in with it now this red moss is suffocating all of our good grass. What do you suppose to do?


As far as my husband is concerned will power is the main clue to doing anything. Along with removing temptation out of the environment around you whether you're quitting smoking or putting yourself on a diet. So by using new phentermine it helps to take the edge off the temptation to snack on sweet things in between meals for my husband.

Stamp path

I can't wait 'till April. We've never have a concrete path from the house through the driveway so my husband is going to show me how to install concrete to build a path. I plan on putting flowers on both sides of it. We also picked out a big concrete stamp that makes the concrete look like stones. You just press it into the wet concrete to make the lines.

Does nutrisystem really work

It reminds me when they say one size fits all. That's never been right. The question of does nutrisystem really work reminds me of that. For heavier people that have an intake of huge amount of calories the system may work probably starves them. For smaller frame people it might not work because probably their intaking more than they used to.


We saved a lot of money each month. We have so many things that run on batteries especially our son's geo trak trains. We went out and bought about eighty dollars worth of batteries that are rechargeable. It makes it so much more handier just to recharge batteries instead of buying over and over again.

Natural fat burner

It's about time that someone collected enough information on how good the natural fat burner works. I been trying for years just to get rid of a little nuisance weight. Thank goodness I don't have a lot of weight to lose like some people. I guess that much would drive me crazy. So the latest fat burner that i found seems to be doing the trick. I'm happier now.

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