Great rode nt1a at musicians friend

Monday, July 29, 2013

I remember years ago when our neighbor first started their garage band. The times were tight most of the instruments that they had were second hand and not that good in shape. After about eight years our neighbor replaced each piece one at a time. One of the last things that he replaced was a microphone that had been around for at least thirty years. He bought a great rode nt1a at musicians friend. He said if he would have known how much difference it makes he would have done it sooner.

Silver dollars

I'm so happy that every year my silver dollar plants come up. Later this summer they die then I wait for them to dry. After taking the skin which is gray on each dollar off, underneath is a bright silver white seed packet that looks beautiful in any flower vase you can find. So nice to brighten up the house.

Relaxing in the jacuzzi

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Last year my brother in law passed away leaving my husband a slightly old Jacuzzi. After working very hard to deliver it here we found out the heater wasn't working. It had been up and running for two months this summer before my husband got a chance to fix it. When he finally did fix the heater it is so relaxing at the end of a work day to hop in it and feel the stress of the day disappear.

Salt-water aquarium set up

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I didn't realized how much fun its going to be when my husband told me he was going to set up a salt-water aquarium. Fun for my son and myself watching them. A lot of work from my husband to take care of them. Feeding them the right amount balancing the chemicals in the water along with weekly  water changes. This is all part of the hard work  to support a salt-water aquarium.

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