All clad copper core cookware

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's been five long years scrubbing my old pots and pans. Can't seem to get them completely clean. I have three different cleaners to help me with no avail. After putting many hints to my husband about the all clad copper core cookware, he finally broke down and let me have my way. Incredible set. He went to cook the other day. I kind of pushed him out of the way and said I'll take care of the cooking. You know guys he might dirty them up too much.

Marinading machine

I always love to marinade the meat that I'm going to cook overnight if possible. Finally I ran into an actual meat marinade machine. You put your seasoning and ingredients in along with your meat. You turn it on and it slowly rolls the meat around and around letting your ingredients to saturate all sides over and over again.

Mesothelioma life expectancy

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's scary to see those commercials that talk about different situations where workers came in contact with asbestos. After contracting mesothelioma, what is the mesothelioma life expectancy? I feel so sorry for the people that didn't know of the hidden problem of working around asbestos. I wish there was a simple way of curing the problem.

Air purifier

It seems like you can clean as much as you want these days. But things still get dusty. I picked up a orecx xl pro air purifier the other day. I can't beilieve how much dust it takesout of the air. I shut it down after three days to move it to a different location. I was happy to see how much it collected.

Weight loss success stories

I love watching the weight loss success stories on t.v. but you never know who to believe these days. Some of the people on there that lose huge amounts of weight, I'm very skeptical of the market these days. Trying to find the product that works good for my system can be a nightmare. So far I'm doing good with the one product I found.

Convection oven

It gets kind of tiring cooking the same old same old food or the time to cook it. My husband bought me a convection oven from savoureux pro-line. Its so nice its has 12 quart capacity bowl. I just put the chicken and all the vegetables around it set the timer and walk away. Its amazing that it cook so fast. my husband is happy also because it uses approximately sixty percent less energy.

FDA approved diet pills

Thursday, May 13, 2010

We so much take for granted that the food that we buy at the local stores is all safe for us. You never know what is lurking for the unexpected consumer. Reading the labels this days is sometimes not enough. Looking for fda approved diet pills was like a needle in a hay stack. After finding some of these make sure you read and research all ingredients.

Launching our boat

Can't wait for the normal weather to stay here. Usually this upcoming weekend we're putting our boat in the water. This year we are going to wait to the first of June to make sure we can enjoy it from day one. Also by waiting one month we save one hundred dollars on dock fees.

Apidexin reviews

It's always worth searching these days. Money is a little tight and economy is not much better. A friend of mine wanted to start a new diet so searching I ran into apidexin reviews. I really thought it sounded promising. So as a favor to my friend I ordered a bottle for her. We will see what happens in the weeks to come. She really needs this to work. It will give her such a boost if she can fit in last year's pants.

My ice cream

I know it sounds impossible. About few weeks ago I'd never tried black raspberry ice cream. As far as ice cream taste should go I think it's now my all time favorite. My husband made me a huge concoction of black raspberry ice cream, cherries, whipped cream with crushed walnut on top. So delicious. He picked up all the ingredients at Byrnedairy the other day.

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