Discount prescription glasses

Monday, April 26, 2010

So many deals on the newspapers these days when it comes to eye test and eyeglass combo. But by the time you go there and they add this and they add that it really doesn't work out to any kind of deal. The best way to do it is to do a search for discount prescription glasses. I found the savings to be incredible. Last time I saved about fifty dollars. It was worth it.

Where is the water?

So far in New York State its suppose to be a rainy month. We have had about nothing. There has been no soaking showers whatsoever. To top it all off we had a freakish frost the other morning that killed about fifty percent of our new budding flowers. Hopefully in the months to come we get more rain. Natural rain is a lot better for our garden rather than getting the garden hose out.

Lipofuze reviews

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Over the last five years between my friend and myself we spent well over a thousand dollars on trying new products some of these products work a little some don't work at all. The other day I was searching on the Internet for anything new to do with dieting. I found lipofuze reviews which is going to make it a lot easier when coming to a conclusion for the next product I buy.

Webster's spelling corrector

For those of you out there that once in a while you need to instantly know how to spell a word, instead of clicking over to another site like a dictionary site to look up your words Webster has a small pocket size spelling corrector that's incredible. You type in how you think it's spelled and it will come up with the best five to ten words that are the closest match.

Fat burner pills

You think if you find something that works good that would stay working good. Losing a few pounds turned into a lot of extra work until I found fat burner pills that actually worked. I used to get a lot of exercise at my old job but the new job is at the desk all day. Tired at sitting at the desk and then trying to go to the gym is tough. I usually only make it twice a week.

Chichilla fun

It's so much fun watching our chinchillas. We have three boys one white, one grey, one black. We put a metal cake pan in their cage with a little bit of powdered sand. They all rush to beat the other guy there. They take their bath by rolling around in the sand to take the oil out of their fur. Another way to have fun with them is to give one of them a fancy nut. They ran and they chew it at the same time trying to keep it away from their brothers. Its cute when one steals it from the other.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You spend money, money, money, too much money on trying to find the right diet plan or pill. It seems like every time I take a diet pill it works for a while and then it stops. Maybe my body just gets used to it and then it stops working properly. The best for me recently I found is at It's been five weeks now and they seem still working fine.

Strawberry plants

Last year we planted a couple of strawberry plant in this little area. Its amazing how fast they grow. It was only one little plant now there's over thirty little plants spread out over a five foot area. It sends out vines then it roots itself again and keeps going and going.


We've heard so many funny stories of what how guys are done when it comes to giving their fiancee to be their engagement ring. The funniest one I heard was a guy put it in the middle of a bar of soap and left it there for the soap to wear down for his fiancee to find. That's hysterical. Whether it be one diamond or many diamonds on the ring the girls always need more.

Wham-o frisbee

One of the fun things of summer my husband played with was a wham-o Frisbees.Todays knock off Frisbees are made of plastic that when it hits the ground it cracks in an instant. We had to go to three stores and then a sporting goods place to finally find an original wham-o Frisbee which by the way is made out of a percentage of rubber to take high impact without cracking.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

So many times in life it's so reassuring to fall back on the knowledge of the collection of my textbooks. I couldn't believe it though when my nephew was just in high school I happen to visit his house to see a selection of six textbooks on his desk in his room. I said to him aren't you a little young for all of these? He replied to me as his mom says have you seen the complexity of today's math studies?

Tru TV videos

Have you ever watch Tru TV? It's amazing how many people are so crazy at what they do. Who knows how many people have been seriously hurt in their stupid videos. Some of the stunts these young kids do are so ridiculous. You just want to blame it on their parents for not giving them guidance in life.

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