Att coupons

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Being we have two cellphones through AT&T I'm forever taking my husband's slot along with my own when it comes to upgrading. Let's face it women need new phones more often than guys do. I didn't know AT&T offered home wireless systems along with cable. I was so happy to see this and happier to see the att coupons. Its just a matter of time before we get rid of our other company.

Worms and dirt

Everyone has to have one growing up so I thought my son at five years old would love the Micky Mouse watch that I got him for Christmas. A few weeks had passed he finally went back to school and one day he said mommy I want to wear my watch to school. He was so proud of that watch until the classroom bully said that watch is for babies.He came home with so much disappointment on his face. It was so sad but I told him that bully's only like worms and dirt and then his watch meant a lot to us. He said all of his friends liked it so the very next day he wore it back to school and just told the bully to mind his own business with his worms and dirt. The bully had nothing to say and walk away frustrated.

Sunless spray tan

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Of course every girl wants to have her wedding come out perfect and there are always last minute changes that can make or break a perfect ceremony. My girlfriend at the last moment  even changed the flower arrangements thinking that they were too light when it will come to the photography. At five a.m. the morning of the ceremony all the girls lined up for their sunless spray tan just to make the bride happy.

Stun gun protection

Not like that we need one in our everyday life you would hope not anyhow. Because we're travelling overseas we wanted to be able to have a stun gun just in case of an attacker. One stun gun that we looked at looks just like a cellphone the other stun gun we looked at looks exactly like a walking cane. They're getting pretty good at disguising these things. The only thing I worry about is an attacker taking it away and using it on me.

Tower fan

For this summer I am throwing out our old fashioned box fan. I like the fan but the noise drives me crazy and we don't like running the air conditioner because of the cost of the power. So I found what they call a tower fan. It is almost three foot tall and only ten inches wide and it oscillates on a small base to push the air all over the room.

Steel buildings

We had been contemplating  on wether to build the steel garage or go with a regular stick built garage. There's so many things to take into consideration with the steel buildings. Most of the work we could do on our own with the size of this building. The stick built building would require more labor from a contractor which would add up the price and go above our budget so pretty much we're leaning towards buying the steel building not to mention that it goes up faster.

Fast coffee

We are always in so much of a hurry everyday, thank goodness for instant coffee because I forget almost every night to put the filter packs in and set the auto on button on the percolator. The other day I had thirty five minutes to eat breakfast and drink down two cups of coffee. If it wasn't for the instant coffee I would have none.

Plastic model car kits

Growing up with more brothers than sisters obviously I was always looking up to them for answers but there was always that little bit of jealousy when it came to their plastic model car kits. I would always sit next to my brother as he was meticulously painting all the parts. One day he had an old one that he was going to repaint and he asked me if I would paint the seats that were already in the car. I remember this day as one of the biggest of pride in my life. The excitement of helping my older brother was terrific.

Better grass

Over the years we spent thousands of dollars trying to have a better grass with the almost none nutrient base of sand underneath our thin surface of top soil. It seems like a wet year we have a lot of wash out but on a dry year  we're forever spraying the lawn to try to keep it healthy. This year  we're experimenting with Canada green grass. It has been scientifically formulated to just about grow in any situation.

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