Receipt printer

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saving money in our little business is always big business to us.  But losing quality is something that we're not ready to do so we have to split the difference on high cost versus low quality. Shopping around comparing prices on a new receipt printer was the topic of the week. Finally after four days and about forty sites later we found the one that we been looking for. And not a moment too soon for the old printer it died.

2008 Polaris outlaw motor install

A while ago my husband bought a 2008 Polaris outlaw ATV from the auctions on eBay. He purchased it with no motor in hopes that someday he could find a reasonably priced motor and install it himself on the ATV. He finally found a 2004 Polaris predator at a reasonable priced on eBay. So he purchased that. We went to pick it up at three and a half hour drive into Pennsylvania. Now in the weeks to comes he'll be removing and installing a new engine.

Clawfoot tubs

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My husband tells me of way back when  they were doing renovations on the house that was built in the middle of the eighteen hundreds in Syracuse New York. Over the many years, the owner of this house seems to have  taken care of everything except for the upstairs bathroom. The renovations included removing the old tub while the owner was out looking at all the different clawfoot tubs. After finding the tub of his dreams it was up to my husband to install it. It was the most amazing bathroom my husband ever created.

Battery expense

We're always spending so much money on batteries  for the kids toys each Christmas and through out the year its not funny. So I decided to buy a battery charger but at the price of the rechargeable batteries  are I can only buy a few at a time of the best ones. I started out with buying the rechargeable triple A batteries that we use the most of, between the toys, the cameras and the remotes that will save us quite a lot over a years time.

Cutting tools

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My friend found out that there was a lot more expense in setting up  a small shop than he thought. Just redoing the electrical in the building to handle his specialty machines cost over seven thousand dollars. Luckily he had an order for fifteen hundred custom design parts. The profit from this went into paying for a complete line of cutting tools for the next job that would start in two weeks.


So far my husband is still working outdoors. He can't believe that they're over ninety feet out on scaffold. It's the highest he's ever been. The work that's being done after them is replacing the glass in the carousel tower. All the glass after twenty years is fogged up so they're putting new in. After this they're building up on the south wall to the top. This side is even taller.


Good thing it doesn't happen everyday. Electronic pricing is always going down. Waiting a little bit of time usually saves you a lot but its very tough to find the exact item if you're just doing the comparison shopping online by yourself. I decided after being so frustrated with our old one, it was time to look at the newly designed Cam├ęscopes. It's more for my husband than myself but still isn't it easier saying that its his present even though I have fun with it anyway.

Meeting new friends

It's so much fun going to our Christmas party seeing old friends  and meeting new ones. I couldn't believe that I met two girls of my nationality that lived within five miles of me for years and we've never run into each other. It just goes to show you what the odds can be of meeting a friend by accident.

Medical uniform

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our car pooling to work  helps out so much when it comes to the budget in our household. One of our coworkers hasn't been feeling well for such a long time that last week our carpooling to work turned into carpooling to the hospital to see our co-worker. I can't believe how expensive the parking garage was for our 3 hour visit. When everybody made it back to the van for the ride home most of the girls weren't talking about our co-worker, they were talking about the medical uniform that the girls were wearing at the hospital. So bright and so many different designs they're made purposely to brighten their day along with the patients and I think it does.

Electric leaf eater

Its so much easier cleaning up the backyard now that we bought an electric leaf eater. This year I would have taken probably twenty five bags out of the backyard. Being we have the leaf eater we ran them through the machine and blew the shredded leaves into the surrounding woods of of backyard. So much easier now.

Best eyelash growth product

When I was little  living in the South Pacific area I always had the longest eyelashes. I remember my mom always commenting on them. After I moved to New York  it seems like they just don't grow as long. It must be because New York gets so much less sunshine than where I used to live. I've got into the point where I'm looking for the best eyelash growth product. My eyelashes right now are only about half the lenght they're suppose to be and that is kind of upsetting.

Drinking coffee at night

I used to think that eating a small candy bar or having a cup of coffee after supper is what was keeping me up at night. Until one night I was craving a cup of coffee and it was around nine o' clock at night. I drink my coffee finding out that it actually relaxed me and I had a pretty good night sleep. Needless to say at my doctors appointment they found out that I have low blood sugar and adding the sugar a little bit at this time in life actually is a good thing and helps me sleep better.

Easter baskets

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I can't believe since the last two generations  how commercialized Easter has become. It has been always one of our favorite holidays for the children. Every year the grandparents seem to spoil the kids more and more along with hearing what their best friend got from the Easter Bunny. Where did Easter turn into getting presents? But when were little we received a small chocolate bunny and some jelly beans in our
easter baskets. Now my son says they have light up led laughing baskets. I told him I find that hard to believe but you never know.

Our boat

This year to save some money we decided to not put the boat in the water at the marina. We found out it was a big mistake.The times we spent going out on the boat was alot of fun. But most of the time we would just go to the marina on hot days to relax. You can go swimming there fishing there, make plans with friends family to have a barbecue there. So the money we saved wasn't really worth it compared to how much fun we had there next year. Its going to be in the water next year  no doubt.

Back pain seminar

Have you noticed lately  how many kids are out there raising kids? Most of them don't have a clue. Someone should put their foot down in the state department  that the parent should have to go through in racing your child course because apparently the grandparents never instructed their child on how to do it. Just so frustrating. On the other hand a lot of employers don't instruct their employees on safety. Instructing your employees on safety is a very simple thing to do and there would be a lot less accidents. Maybe if they ever experienced extreme back pain the employer could put them through a  Back pain seminar. Anything to create an atmosphere of safety first is always worth  the time to learn it.

Collect all

Have you ever noticed that any flat surface close to where you come in your home is a collect all? I wish every thing was tilted in these area. So sick of picking up these things trying to figure out where to put stuff running out of room. I'm making a new rule that nothing can be put there no mater what. Its the only way to keep things organized.

Acid cigars cheap

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ever since my girlfriends and myself started our girls night out every other week my husband had been complaining. So he started a boys poker night in our basement every other week. I call it the smoking dungeon poker party. They're so loud. It sounds like their main topic this week is the cigars. My husband was telling them where to get acid cigars cheap as if he found them. I was the one last year that bought a box online for my boss just to butter him up for my raise.

My son's dump truck

It's fun watching our son grow. When he comes home from school he is so tired. I get him a snack change his clothes and out the door he goes. One of his  favorite things to do is play with his dump truck. Sunshine or rain it doesn't matter. When winter comes he gets mad that the snow sticks to the tires so he kicks the snow off. When the sun goes down he comes in takes his bath eats his supper then off to bed he goes. This dump truck is so special to him without it he'd be lost.

Wireless cell booster

You would think in today's modern world that there would be enough cellphone coverage wherever you went. But apparently they haven't got it right yet. Of all places my husband worked out of town just outside of Albany New York the capital of New York State. The only way for him to communicate was with a wireless cell booster. Before this his signal would cut out all the time. So annoying every night when I talk to him.

Spring water taste

We don't drink our municipal water because its horrible tasting. But buying water can get quite costly and a pain to transport all the time. I guess I'm turning into a water connoisseur. So far we've changed brands of spring water three times in the last month. Have you ever noticed that some spring waters leave your mouth dry when you're done drinking it? Makes you wonder what's in the spring water. We finally ended up with Nestle's pure life water. It may not be the spring water that we would like to choose but at least it's filtered through a reverse osmosis system eliminating bacteria.

Motor home repair miracles

After driving all the way to North Carolina to pick up a sailboat the previous owner forgot to tell us that the trailer was in bad shape. The only problem was you couldn't find anybody to work on it at same day except for a motor home repair shop. Luckily the guys that worked there were jacks of all trades. Being born in the Carolina's their knowledge of boats, trailers, and motor homes comes only second knowledge to eating their lunch. We pulled in there, they matched up our bearings and installed a whole new lighting system on the trailer and we were out of there withing two hours. These guys never to be forgotten by us.

Ipod or iphone tower

I've always wanted a better docking system with great speakers for my ipod. I've looked around in a lot of different places but nothing seem to satisfy me until now. I found an iphone or ipod tower. It's over three foot tall solid black . Its so nice because it actually hides in the corner of my bedroom with the built in sub-woofer and a four high powered speakers. It sounds like the music is from a more expensive surround sound system. From craig systems.

Herbal enhancements

Monday, October 10, 2011

It had been many many years since I had talked to one of my girlfriends. As far as I know she had moved to Texas and that was the last I heard of her. Then one day I had a call from her. She was back in the area and wanted to throw an early all girls party. When I arrived at her house I noticed all the K6 herbal incense. After few minutes  of hugs it seemed like the incense were relaxing me. Very pleasant smell.

My other girlfriend that was there was telling me how long she had been using all the
Party enhancers in her own home. Bringing on a relaxing feeling in today's world is a big feat. The one thing that I was drawn to the most were the Spiritual powders. The whole night turned into an experience of our lifetime.  Getting together with my girlfriends twenty years later was a lot of fun. I decided to purchase a few different things from Herbal City LLC to keep the effect going in my own house.

Re-occurring colds

During the year most times our family would only come down with a few colds. The problem was it would start in one person and by the time it was done with the last person you would have to be careful because it could start all over again. Now that my son is going to school he is exposed to a lot of different germs so just in the last six months we have had the three colds that seem to last forever.

Halloween invitations

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween is always special time of the year for us.  Our friend down the road is always building a haunted house that starts in his two car garage then runs down his driveway using temporary walls built up plywood  and two by four's. The word has got around so much in the ten years he has been doing it that people are actually backed up down the street waiting  in line. This year it was kind of strange but nice to open up our mail and find Halloween invitations for all of us on the 28th of October. He did this so all of us could enjoy it without the crowd that are his friends.

Things we do in winter

Each year in the winter time it seems like we are getting more and more snow. I love New York in the winter time for the fun things we can do. Snowmobiling is so much fun along with sliding downhill with the kids. We make a big bonfire, heat up our hot chocolate and toast our marshmallows. It makes for a great day that leads into the night. We always stay so long that we bring an extra change of clothes just in case we too wet from the snow.

Fergie shoes

Friday, September 30, 2011

Growing up my mom always thought it was so ridiculous for young girls including me to have more than two different pairs of good shoes. I think I caught the shoe bug as early as kindergarten. One girl in the class would boast about all of her shoes and each day she would have a different pair. I was so jealous of her I couldn't stand her. As I grew up it never went away. At this point in my life I have at least thirty. The most number in my collection came from fergie shoes. I love their selection and how it is updated all the time with the newest styles.


It's so funny no it's amazing when my husband bought my son and himself camouflage suits to go into the woods for hunting season. The suits are so great he dared me to come find them in the small woods outback. I couldn't believe it when he yelled booooooo twenty foot away scared the heck out of me. It reminds me when we first bought our cream colored rug for the family room and our dog is cream color at night. With low lighting you can't see her I tripped over her many of times before I learned to look better where I walk.

Youtube downloader

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Today's high tech world travels so fast when it comes to TV's, printers, cellphones, and video games. I hadn't looked at any new games in-depthly in about five years. The graphics and the speed of play are out of control. I was glad to see that there is now the new youtube downloader. Some of the systems on my PC wouldn't allow me to download the things I wanted most on youtube. I wasn't expecting a downloader to work as well. It makes me very happy.

Our own air filtration system

Few weeks back I was doing so called fall cleaning. I can't believe how dusty things can get  in a short period of time. Most of the dust comes from the outdoors sandy environment. And that's really hard to stop because you like to have the fresh air of outdoors. So  instead of having a lot of windows open my husband bought a filter put it on the back side of our fan so now we take air in  only from that window which the filter catches a lot of the dust. How ingenious.

Life insurance quote

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So many things in life you can say the cliche' better late than never but there are a lot of things that you better make sure you don't rely on that statement as in taking the dog out before he has to go potty. Major medical if you can afford it in life insurance are something you should have for those extremely unforeseen life or death matters. It took me six months of searching before I actually purchased my life insurance. One very helpful site is It saved me a lot of extra work and help in my decision.

Crazy weather

I can't believe the weather in Central New York. It looks like instead of going from summer to fall we are going to go from summer to winter in September.  The other it was 82 degrees in the daytime and I see this Thursday night it would drop down into the high 30's. Fifty degrees difference over seventy two hours is ridiculous. The air conditioner was on now we're going to turn on the furnace in September. So crazy.

Water softeners

We moved into our house quite a few years back , one of the things that we loved about it was our artisan well. After about ten years the iron in the level kept on increasing. So one of the first thing we did was to buy  an iron filter systems. After doing this we tested the water  and for some reason it tested harder s o now we're on the search for the best water softeners. We want to find the best for our particular circumstances. Being that there's eight people in the household we need to go with the larger one.

Star Wars Lego

I started buying little things for Christmas online, some cloths etc. My son loves Lego blocks so I started looking for star wars Lego sets. I cant believe the prices of the little sets. I guess I shouldn't be shocked I can remember my mom saying that they cost a lot when  I was little. Id like to get him sets of the mega-blocks but they don't have the star war kits so I guess I'm stuck with the price of the Lego's for now.

Christmas gift guide 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ever since I was a little kid the best thing about fall was waiting for the christmas gift guide 2011. I looked through that book so many times and folded over so many pages. I wore the book out before my mom ever had a chance to look at it. Every time I found something different I would go back and unfold a page that I previously folded because I knew what my limit was when it came to asking Santa Clause for presents.

Flat tire

I couldn't believe that the other day about five miles from our house I started hearing this noise like a leaking tire. I had the window down so I could hear it easily. We pulled over there was a nail in the tire. My husband got back in the truck and drove fast to our house. We just made it as the tire went flat in the driveway. Now my husband can change the tire.

Lego games kit

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One of our son's birthday presents a few days back we finally got sometime to open it  up. I can't believe how many pieces in the little Lego kits there are. Three little kits took two of us about three hours to put together. There had to be at least two thousand pieces to each one. Thank goodness that the books show you step per step on how to build them.

Chicken coops

My husband was so tired when he arrived in the Philippines from USA. He just wanted to get some sleep to be rested for the rest of his trip. It was very hard to sleep when the roosters start crowing at street lights  as soon as they come on. He said he felt like having a barbecue every night. The chickens seemed to be all on the loose wandering where ever they feel. They all need chicken coops and the fenced in pen would be nice then at least you might be all to get away from some of the noise.

Kindergarten orientation

Our son went to his kindergarten orientation this morning. At first he kept on saying he didn't want to go to school but once he got there he was so excited about the gymnasium then his classroom. After listening to six different people talking about everything to do with the school they took the children, walked them out single file on to a bus and drove to the fire department to see the fire engines then back on the bus and back to the school just so the children will get a feeling of what a school bus ride would be. After coming back to the school they all went to the cafeteria to meet their parents and have the picture taken for school ID's. What a day...our son didn't want to leave.

Exam table

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lucky me I haven't had to go to the doctors too many times in my lifetime. The neighbor across the street they call her the hypochondriac. One day I went outdoors to get the mail she was getting hers at the same time. She came over and started talking about all of her ailments and all of her pills. She went on and on forever. One story I thought was funny that she told was about an exam table. She said that she went into the doctors. Sat down on the exam table. The exam table apparently had an electrical short in it. She screamed and got up quick needless to say there was about five people in the room in a couple of seconds to see what was wrong with her.

Too early for work

Finally taking some time off from work that I really needed. With both of us working and only one car to drive we had to get up at four thirty to be out of the house by five fifteen in order to get to the baby sitter then to my work so my husband could make it to his job by seven in the morning. Now that I'm not working my husband can get up at 5:45 am and still have time to make it to work by seven.

Steel garages

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Over the years we've collected quite a bit of outdoor toys. Storage for our large shed is getting out of control.  We can't really get into the shed to find stuff anymore. Some of our outdoor furniture that we used to put up in the fall is now being left outdoors all winter under a tarp. My neighbor was telling me after he ran out of space about the steel garages that he was looking at for his property. It seems to be the way to go. The building time is so much faster than the normal wood built garage.

The big cake

Talk about being surprised. We waited to the following weekend after my son's birthday to have a party at grandma's house. We had ordered the cake previously at the bakery. We only ordered a quarter sheet. When we got there to pick it up it was a thirty pound full sheet. We told the lady this is not what we ordered but they didn't have time to remake it. They gave us a huge discount on a full sheet and we ended up giving away the rest of the cake to a few neighbors. There was more than half still left over. But the party went fine anyway and our son was all ecstatic with all his gifts.

Honda generators

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Something you always put off because of the power outrage doesn't happen very often is buying a generator. The only thing is you have to figure out what size you need. If you plan on just running a few light bulbs and a small TV you really only need a small generator. The best price with warranty that we found are the honda generators. The name itself should give you the confidence alone to buy.

DVD/VHS recorder

We have so many old VHS tapes. Its getting out of control. I boxed up over fifty of them and I'm going to take them down to the salvation army and give them away. I'm hoping soon to buy a DVD to VHS recorder that way I can turn all my VHS tapes into DVDs.

Under water metal detectors

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We had so much fun at Walt Disney world on our vacation. The next day we ended up going surf fishing on Daytona beach. What a great day. After that we decided it would be great to drive down to Key West Florida. We went on a dive  with the dive school instructor. Between him and his partner it was fun to watch them using the under water metal detectors. I can't believe that they actually found some pieces of eight.

China's new teachers

In my younger days I could have only dreamed of a job opportunity like this. I found out lately that China is seeking American teachers. They are very high in demand  to introduce  American style education methods to the Chinese high schools. Basically they're looking for teachers in the math and science and English departments. I won't be going at this point in my life but it would have been nice maybe ten years ago.

Document imaging

So many files and documents to be taking care of for only an occasional reference. It got to be out of control after a while. The best thing that I could have ever done was document imaging. I knew in the past that sometime in the future everything was going to catch up with me as the business expanded. Just trying to keep the right specialized employee is a full time job. So may employees promise you that they know  a lot more than what they actually know. It can be upsetting at times.

Property change over

Visiting my mother in law in Florida I was surprised to see that the old golf course that had been let go for many years, the town had bought it. Half of the golf course is being turned into a beautiful cemetery. Ironically the other half of the golf course is an almost two hundred thousand dollar playground, basketball court, tennis court. Now that's quite the change.

Shoulder braces

You just never know what can happen at home. They say most accidents happen at home. My husband has worked as a carpenter for many many years. He had  some close calls  when it comes to getting hurt on the job but never has sustained anything that would take him to the hospital. Two weeks ago our dog needed to go out in the middle of the night. As my husband went down the stairs he slipped. As he slipped he grabbed on to the rail with his hand. He didn't let go so all his body weight was put on one arm. It pulled the muscles in the arm and the shoulder. The very next morning we were out looking for the different shoulder braces that would be the most effective for his sprain.

Sleep number bed

I'm always having back aches since I started my new job. Sitting down in a chair all day leaning forward has taking a large toll on the health of my back. Besides going to the chiropractor its time to invest in a new bed. One of the many that I'm going to check into is the sleep number bed. They say it is unlike any other and it's nice that you can have one side firm  and the other side soft if you like. 


Thursday, July 7, 2011

One thing for sure over the years is that I've really spent  a lot of money on cosmetics that I'm really not too happy with. Luckily  a couple of these had money back satisfaction guarantees.  I remember my younger years sneaking in to my mom's room kind of borrowing  some of her cosmetics. My sister in law for Christmas knowing that I have a lot of cosmetics and I'm hard to buy for ended up buying me orogold. I'm so happy she did  but I know I'm going to have to return the favor for next Christmas.

Gas prices

Gas is ridiculous these days. They must think its a joke to bring the price way up then bring it a little down. I guess they think this will make us happy. Everyday we drive a total of eighty four miles using four gallons of gas.That said costing an average three dollars and seventy cents a gallon. So we spend ninety dollars a week between the price of gas and the baby sitter its almost not worth it to work. But I have to keep trying to get a little ahead. Next year I heard they were going to bring it close to six dollars a gallon then bring it back to five dollars just to make us think we're getting a deal.

Sears coupons

I couldn't believe one day I was shopping at price chopper. The lady ahead of me had two carts full of everything. After taking what seems to be like forever the cashier started totalling out the lady's coupons. By the time they were done the lady had saved over eighty five dollars on her purchase.  Last year at Christmas time, I was running all over looking for a couple different tools for my husband. It was so helpful when I used my sears coupons. I saved over nineteen dollars  and that happened to be the exact price of the blouse I was buying there.

Boat marina

We had a great weekend on the boat. Where we park it is a small marina out of the way. Its nice. They have a small play ground for the kids, a gazebo with an octagon table so you can have the family for a picnic. The owner let us have the dock of our choice. You can also go swimming. The kids really enjoy it there. Next weekend we are going to bring our cooker down to have a cook out with friends. It's at the Caughdenoy marina.

Free online dating

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Years ago when my husband was single he tells me stories of some of the women  that he talked to and some that he actually met. Some of the stories are so hilarious. He says every women lies about their size, their age and some of them actually lied about having kids. In three years time before I met him he had spent a lot of money online until he found free online dating and then he said it was like an addiction running home to see who left him a message.

Father and son project

My son was so excited the other day it was his first big project with daddy. They set out early in the morning to go buy some wood at Lowe's. The project they were going to built was a by-plane.  Its an old style airplane with two wings. After they returned home Daddy brought out the chopsaw, the table saw  and the router table. After roughly marking out the design of the airplane they cut it out, scred it together and our son was so ecstatic. He says I'm not taking this outdoors daddy. I don't want it to get dirty.

Metal detectors underwater

My husband hasn't seen his brother  for quite sometime. They had both been so busy not to mention that they're fourteen hundred miles apart. My husband decided to surprise his brother by flying in. He even had his brother's wife pick him up at the airport and drive down to a spot in Key West where my husband's brother was scuba diving.  After talking for a few minutes my husband suited up and by the two of them  using  metal detectors underwater they came up with quite a few pieces of an old ship wreck.

Side walk

We finally got around to finally redoing our side walk of our house. It was a lot of work because we wanted to make it wider. Cutting the edge on both sides of the top soil first then bringing in crushed stone after that we rented a tamper to make sure the stone was packed down. Laying down the brick edging was the fun part putting in the center stones where the hard part. Each side edge had to be cut to give the stone  a exotic center point look.

Rifle scope

We try to always enjoy planting our garden  each year but its always with the thought of all the different animals that are going to start enjoying our garden of hard work before we will. This year we decided to plant some large pumpkin seeds. The chipmunk dug everyone up and ate them. They must have been sweet.  My husband went out  and bought a rifle scope because the garden is just far enough away where his regular sights on his rifle aren't working as well as he would like them to.

Cable problem

Our cable "high speed" has always been slow so I called the cable company again. The service guy tested everything and found that the line was bad under the road. That's the same thing they said ten years ago I told him. He was amazed that nothing was done considering over the years they had been here twenty times. So as he is standing here he reports that the line is bad to his supervisor over the phone. Two weeks go by they came out and replaced the line but still needed a technician to do the final hook up so I give it two more weeks then I call. The lady says they didn't have anyone scheduled like nothing is wrong so she schedules an appointment for a tech to come out. When he gets here he ask, what's wrong with your tv and Internet? They never told him he was finishing the hook up outdoors no wonder our cable bill is so high its for all the miss communications screw ups.

Appetite suppressant

Saturday, May 28, 2011

With my new job I don't get a lot of exercise sitting there. All day is so boring but it helps pay the bills. I never knew there was such a craving to snack as your sitting still all day. I have to look for the proper appetite suppressant  for me. I know if  I don't the little bit of weight that I'm putting on I won't be able to fit into my swim suit for the beach this year.


When ever I'm a little down or depressed I take a look around at all the pictures of all the good times I've had with my family. The pictures of our little guy growing makes me smile. The first pictures together meeting my husband, the hugs together, the places we have been,  I Love them so much. Never stop taking pictures the things you should hold dear the most.

Secratatropin hgh

My husband is starting to feel some of the pains associated with his age. Last year was his knees. The pain was just about unbearable but with the right supplements he's doing fine now. About four months ago he started taking secratatropin hgh now its tough for me to keep up with him. He doesn't need that weekend nap and he is always ready on the go by six thirty in the morning.

Travelling school

Next week my husband has to go out of town for his schooling. It will be the first time in seven years that I can't wake up to him making me coffee. He will be going to Rochester Mill Wrights school in hopes that this will help him in his career. He's already a union carpenter but there isn't a lot of work so being a Millwright will increase the chance of a better job. He still has more classes after this but it takes time for the union to get enough guys together to form a class. The minimal is fifteen guys.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Looking for a birthday present for my mother in law.  Went far and wide, I needed to find something unique and memorable. I started at least 3 months before her birthday. The one thing I did buy I found out she already had one that was given to her by her husband. That's tough to beat. I ended up finding beautiful earrings at honora. You just can't miss the look of rubies on silver backing.

Forgetfull me

Today was a pretty relaxed day besides the normal weekend stuff trying to get caught up for the week to come. It would be nice to have some time off work longer than a weekend. Good thing Walmart is close enough, made one trip there forgot the dog food. I had to go back for it. Spent another 80 dollars on things we might need. This week my car pool driver is on vacation so I have to drive all week. Oh well.

Cordless barcode scanner

Saturday, May 21, 2011

At the beginning of our business it seemed to be so easy taking care of inventory. There was only a little less in a hundred different items that we were selling. It used to only be a one week re-order time but now some of our suppliers are taking two weeks. So if the sales of one of our products  starts picking up fast its nice to have a cordless barcode scanner. The backroom inventory is so much easier to confirm to make sure all of our orders arrive on time.

Power converter

Our power failure for three days would have turned into a nightmare . We didn't have a generator but my husband had previously bought an AC to DC converter for a truck. He connected this easily to the battery of the truck and ran a leadcord into he house to power our refrigerator and some lighting so we could endure  the blackout that we were in.

Executive dashboard

Starting a new business seems like fun for some at first not foreseeing hidden cost of the little things can add up to a big chunk of your budget. Utilizing a program like the executive dashboard can easily keep things in an everyday perspective. Slowly examining every aspect of your business over heads is always a good part of your business plan. For example one thing that was overlooked in our business was the three thousand dollars worth of packing tape that you would use in a year. Sounds like a little thing until you added up for a full year.

Weather forecaster gadget

With my husband's business a lot of the work is outdoors. I found this perfect little gadget for him, it gives an accurate weather forecast that really helps him out a lot. It has an indoor receiver  and an outdoors forecast type transmitter. It is called the forecaster and I found it at  My husband likes it.

8g ipod nano

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I used to say technology changes on a daily basis now I know for a fact that it changes every second. For me its time to buy  a new 8g ipod nano. My old one is so busted up you can hardly see the screen. Yesterday I was doing some browsing online and came up with some terrific prices on them. My next step after this is shopping around for new phone service.

Watching soap opera

It was such a surprise when I walked into the kitchen the other  day. My husband had installed a small seven inch lcd colored tv under the cabinet so I can watch my soap opera while still cooking. I think my husband was getting tired of me burning the food while I was running back and forth to the living room to see what's going on my favorite soap opera. Or maybe he is just getting sick of me changing the channel on him. Who knows.

Toys R Us catalog

It is so much fun receiving ToysRUs catalog in the mail. My four year old treats this catalog just like I treated the Sears Christmas catalog when I was little. As he turns each page he says "Oh mommy I want this, Oh mommy I want that". Then after looking for a while he just said "mommy I want everything" with a big smile. I've never seen the latest issue  because when he is done he hides it somewhere in his coloring books. So his big sis can't find it.

hgh supplements

Thursday, May 5, 2011

As you get older aches and pains  seem to catch up with you more often and hang around for a longer time. My husband  swears by hgh supplements. He used to take so many different supplements sometimes he would get sick or extremely bloated one or the other or both. But the hgh  that he is taking has replaced almost all of his other supplements. It makes me happy there's more room in the bathroom after cleaning out all of his old stuff.

Radisson Community Lawn Sale

This weekend is one of the biggest lawn and garage community sales ever in NYS. Its in Onondaga County Baldwinsville NY. They say the whole community of Radisson will be out with all their stuff for sale. It incorporates at least forty streets and who knows how many houses. They do this every mothers' day weekend so if you want to be there mark it on your calendar. Please check local papers also for dates.

HGH supplement reviews

It goes to show you that age and pains slowly catch up with you as you grow older. My husband when he turned fifty decided it was time to go on a health craze binge. Getting up in the morning a couple hours earlier than normal to go jogging is really not my idea of a fun time. After a couple of months of this I mentioned the wrinkles my husband has around his eyes. They're not real bad. I shouldn't have said anything. But as he did his research online he  came across He is real excited about finding the right product for his situation.

Using hydrogen peroxide

With all the products on the market these days for little cuts and abrasions it seems like it would be hard to choose between all of them. But if there was only one that I have to choose from it would have to be good old fashioned hydrogen peroxide. The uses are endless for cleaning cuts, putting on burns to a sore throat its just about limitless as it helps in a household. Its also good to put a couple of ounces down your drain to kill bacteria once in a while.

Turtle beach

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It seems like things change on an hour to hour basis when it comes to electronics who has the bigger and better or the most reasonable price items. It is up to the research that you put into comparing. While looking for a new cellphone I must have spent three months of indecision before I finally bought mine. When it came to my husband's birthday I found my best comparative item at turtle beach and I also have my son's next birthday present lined up for purchase there.

Grandma's homecoming

It's so much fun watching  the reaction of our four year old son's face when  he is counting down the minutes to when grandma is going to pull in the driveway as she ends her long trip from Florida back to New York for summer time. As she pulls in our son is running to give her a hug forgetting totally about Browny her dog. As he is halfway to grandma Browny flies out of the vehicle running for our son. He turns his head and covers his face because he knows Browny is going to give him too many kisses. Thank goodness he loses interest fast so our son can get his long waited hug from Grandma.

Poc carts

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's never a good thing when a friend or love one end up in the hospital. You would think when you go to the hospital that it wouldn't take long for a proper diagnosis. A friend of mine after being in the hospital for two weeks has not been diagnosed properly. Today after two specialists came in looking at her charts on their poc carts one of the doctors had completely overlooked a test she should of had. After four hours of having the proper antibiotics she's on her way to complete recovery.

Treasure hunting

Finally today was a beautiful day. yesterday wasn't too bad. It was nice to get out and do one of my favorite things with the family.  We had so much fun going to garage sales today. Sometimes its like treasure hunting, you never know what you're going to find. Of course our son is always making a haul digging into so many different toys is a riot to him and doesn't take a lot of our budget either. 


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Being where I was born is always extremely hot a lot of times dusty and most times dry.You have to really keep up on the hydration of the body. I've had a  long term battle with acne. For me I'm the winner now because one reason is that I've relocated to different country with the different climate.  The other reason is the treatments that I've had since I've been here  along with the diet change have helped immensely.

T.V. volume

My husband doesn't sleep very well at night so of course he goes to the living room and turn on the T.V. which is fine with me as long as he keeps the volume down. But you know the commercials they all come up louder and wake me up.  I think I'm going to buy him one of those ear amplifiers just for watching T.V. at night or a wireless headset so I don't need to hear the sound at all.

Supplement reviews

I'm always feeling low on energy. Originally I thought it was a lack of sleep. So I went out and bought one of those expensive matresses and I had to have  one of those new expensive pillows to go along with the bed. I'm always eating right  and taking a multi vitamin but that didn't seem to be enough. After a complete search at I decided with also the advice of my physician to start taking more vitamin b12. Feeling a lot better.

Back up lap top

What a great deal for a back up laptop. I found a Dell 14inch laptop maybe not the greatest I've ever had but if I have problems with my main one I need back up. This new one is factory reconditioned 512mb and 30 gb hard drive not to mention the internal Wi-Fi. All this for 349 dollars. I figure  I can't go wrong for that price.

Netbook reviews

Its been such a long time, after damaging the screen on my cellphone I figure that I will wait for my contract to be up with the carrier that I have to get a new phone. The day arrived. I went to the store. After looking at all the phones I couldn't make up my mind. It seems like new phones come out every minute. Things change so fast. My husband needed a new netbook after his was stolen right out of his bag at the mall. At least going online and looking at netbook reviews it saves us a lot of time unlike myself looking for a new phone.

Rental apartments

It is so crazy when you have rental apartments. People just don't respect the place. First off they move out without paying, second they leave a mess. It takes time and money for repairs so you lose another month of rent money. They think your getting rich off them. Don't they know you have a mortgage, school tax, land tax, utility's and up keep of the property? We need to have equal rights for landlords. You take them to court for the money they owe you. If you garnish their wages they just quit their job to avoid paying. There's got to be a better way. That is why we are selling the house. 

Suboxone treatment detox centers

My husband says the hardest thing in life to over come was his addiction to cigarettes. His brother had a long fight with alcohol and the alcohol won at the early age of 58. He passed away with his beer next to him. I read about a heavy set women that they said overdosed on chocolate gave her a massive heart attack. But at least these days unlike forty years ago there are also suboxone treatment detox centers that may help with the more complex drugs. As they say the first step, is admitting that you have a problem.

Long time pet

For the last few months my husband's kitty cat is slowly dieing of old age. Its a little tough on my husband just trying to keep his cat comfortable waiting for the inevitable. The Kitty's name is Harry Robert Puff a Himalayan cat with big blue eyes. He has lived a great life almost 16 years old. A fun kitty liked playing, chasing paper balls and fake mice. I called my husband today at noon break, he said that Puff had past on. My husband and our 4 year old said their good byes with tears in there eyes. They found a nice spot in the side yard to bury Puff complete with a little wooden cross so they can visit when they want to.

Farmers insurance review

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saving money is the name of the game these days. You have to go down every avenue from the price of your cable to the differences of your auto insurance. I started searching online. There is so much positive or negative. It's hard to know where your at. So after bouncing back and forth from different sites I found farmers insurance review. I added their pricing to my graft I made on my PC. You have to make sure that the price you get is for a comparable policy, that's the fun part where you have to enter all your information. So thankful for copy and paste along with Google checkout.

Removing your personal information

There's a site called spokeo that's a new online USA phone book with personal information such as pictures you've posted on FB, your approx credit score, home value, income, age, family members, even cc #'s. Remove yourself by searching your name, find your page, copy the URL and go to the bottom of the home page and click on the Privacy link to remove yourself. Copy and re-post so your FB friends are aware. I can't believe all my information was exposed on that site. That's ridiculous;;;;none of their business.

Reward cards

Its been quite a few years since we visited the Adirondack mountain area. Seems like back then things were so much simpler. I had my car and gas to worry about but that was about it. Living at home came with its benefits. But now its a whole different ball game. It was nice to have my husband and four year old to go on our new adventure. To see the look on my four year old's face while we were crossing the rope bridge was priceless.  The greatest part about our journey was with our reward cards , its cost us a little less than half than the normal fee.

Rugs or laminate flooring

I'm so tired of our rug. I went out with my husband to look for a new one but the quality was horrible. We will look at a few more places. When my husband comes home I want to talk to him about laminate flooring. The pictures online look so beautiful with an oriental rug in the middle. If I do both I know  it will accent my furniture well.  

Sport trophies

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Years ago after my husband thinking he was a kid again he decided to go door to door in our neighborhood. Being we live in a twenty five house circle track, he wanted to form an early morning jogging group. Lots of the neighbors joined. At one point there were fifteen of them every morning. What the neighbors didn't know was besides a party at the end of the year for everybody some of the money went towards three sport trophies for the three top  joggers that jogged the most lapse around the neighborhood.

Different foods for different folks

I started out with a plan  to take us all out to dinner.  The problem with everybody in the household, we all like different food. I like Chinese, our daughter likes Subs, and our boy likes chicken nuggets. Let's not forget my husband, he likes tacos. So going to the mall and all meeting  at the small table after getting the food that we like was the only way to satisfy everybody. It all works out.

Buy Easter gifts online

Saturday, March 5, 2011

We're so glad last year that we decided to put the effort  into teaching my mother in law at 80 years old how to run a computer. It really wasn't too hard because we wrote everything out step per step on how to go to explorer and go to her mail. Pretty simple for that part. Now after a year to our surprise she's a computer wiz when it comes to surfing the net. She said that she is going to buy easter gifts online this year. with the price of gas why not have things delivered to her doorstep.

Luckily healthy

All fall and winter long I just stopped to think about it the other day non of our family members have a a cold or the flu. If you're superstitious knock on wood now. I dedicate this luck to the amount of Ester-C of a thousand of milligrams that I take five days a week and along with multi-vitamin that I take. eating the right fruits and vegetables probably don't hurt us either.

Disability insurance

A friend of my husband that first work for the carpenter's union got bored with that so he went to Millwrights union after going through quite a few programs to qualify him to be one of the Millwrights. He said after all the years of being on job sites where there was accidents waiting to happen, he said that he never could have seen the ice that he slipped on that was snow covered on his step. After landing on his tail bone, there was nothing at this time to fix it.  The only thing he had to turn to was his disability insurance. It wasn't a lot but at least the insurance was there to help  some.

Our baby boy

It's so much fun watching our son grow. I was amazed him setting up his blocks to make a bridge. When he was done he tells mommy that this block is small this block is meduim this block is biggest. Smiling I ask him what block is the heaviest. He says mommie it's the biggest one of course. He is growing too fast. Slow down some I tell him.

Steiner binoculars

You think you've learned everything about your significant other half before you marry him. After our kids were born my husband built them a pirate ship play area complete with spyglass lookout tower. Even my husband liked looking through it. My husband confesses he's always had an addition to steiner binoculars. He has a pair for the boat, a pair for hunting, even another pair for the house. He says you never know where you're going to need a set. I guess its harmless as long as he is not looking at bikinis.


I can't wait for spring to get here. This year my husband has promised to put in a new pavers sidewalk out front of our main entrance front door. I already have them picked out. They're one foot square redish color for the center and the edging is a smoke gray four by six inch. The worse part of the process is preparing the ground under with loose stone filler and sand. I'm so excited I want to go shovel the snow out of the way so the sun softens the ground quicker. Let's get to work Hubby.

So many remote controls

Saturday, February 26, 2011

We bought a new TV in November just got used to that remote then something went wrong with the TV. I had to take that tv back, picked up a different one, had to get used to that remote then we decided to add more channels which they give us a cable box and that had a different remote. Had to get used to that remote also the DVD, the Wii and our VCR also have remotes. Had to get used to. Soooooo many remotes not one universal one works totally.

Diet pills

It used to be so easy to lose my winter weight. When spring was here I'd be outdoors doing things around the house and going for our long walks. But now with my new job I'm basically inside at a desk all day.  The urges I get for snacking are catching up with me. It's getting tougher and tougher all the time to lose that nuissance winter weight. I'm going to look into the different types of diet pills starting this weekend hopefully I can find something that works for me.

Picture frames

We love our pictures all around our house. So many different memories to look at each day to brighten your day. My husband keeps on saying he's gonna make up new picture frame for the over two hundred pictures that we have but we're running out of wall space. Time to figure something different.


Working at my computer all day long it bring on the snacking attitude. I just have to make sure that I have healthy snacks. I haven't put on a lot of weight and most of that came from being pregnant and having  our  beautiful baby boy. But all in all the last five pounds do not want to come off. I've tried quite a few different diet aids but nothing seems to work. That's when I found out about Fenphedra. A friend of mine told me to look into it.


As I sit in the bathroom I've always wondered  how they get all the different colors in the linoleum without blurring each color. It was driving me nuts so I looked it up online and I couldn't believe that the linoleum that I have is actually six different layers and that they all come together in big rolls and are melted into each other at precise temperatures to give that inlay type look. Its wonderful that you can look anything up online these days.

Lipozene reviews

Winter sure tends to put on the extra pounds. Being so cold outdoors you can't even go for a walk. I picked up one of those exercise workout video's but that gets boring after a while. I spent quite sometime thinking about how I was going to fit into my bikini this summer. The next thing a started my search online for the best diet pills eventually running into lipozene reviews at least this is a place to start to see what will work best for me.

Missing my family

It's been such a long time since I've been home. At least I get to be updated from my sister all the time on facebook with pictures and conversation of how  everybody is. Originally living on the other side of the world from New York State, the airfare for three of us along with taxes and along our hotel stay equals around ten thousand dollars. So saving this for a trip takes quite awhile but I can't wait to go home. 


Saturday, February 12, 2011

You would always think that it pays to shop around when it comes to almost anything but when you don't have all the proper information  buying an unknown product can result in disaster. I had broken my cellphone and of course you go online there are so many beautiful phones. But what I didn't know did hurt me when I bought a more reasonable priced phone but it was manufactured in China. Some of the features didn't work over hear. So I put the phone on eBay to recoup some of my loss then went to
Atrix. It sure helps to have the experience and guarantee of a big company that backs their product.

Resveratrol ... red wine

I was reading a medical health journal the other day I can't say that I was amazed by their findings but at least for the first time its been really documented in depth with the new study. That the miracle molecule in red wine called resveratrol fixed extense at least an extra decade of healthy living to your life. It only makes sense that the French people drink more wine. They eat loads of rich foods and also smoke more than the rest of the world but yet they live thirty percent longer and have thirty six percent fewer heart problems than Americans. I guess I am going to have to go on red wine craze.

Sales jobs

Monday, February 7, 2011

My husband was telling me stories of his younger years. When times were tough in late seventies in Central New York,  he learned how to be a salesman the hard way.  he went to this company and wrote them a check that they said they will just hold on to it in exchange for the different products that they gave him to sell where ever he could. It was one of the many sales jobs he would have over a ten year period. He finally settled into a job measuring and selling vinyl replacement windows.

House husband

Thank goodness for my husband cooking supper most evenings. I've almost got him trained. The only problem is he doesn't quite knon how to cook my vegestables yet. Well a tleast he's doing most of the housework. I like vaccuming everyday,  he only likes to do it every other day. Taking care of our four year old is fun for him and our son. Half thier day is spent building geo track. What a mess. At least they're having fun.

Mini chandeliers

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My husband renovating houses sure runs into a lot of different situations. At least when he goes through these old places he does a lot of updating. One of his most recent adventures was renovating a bathroom. usually this goes along quite rapidly. In this particular bathroom it had been leaking so long that he had to replace the entire floor. One of the most beautiful things that he left in the house after removing them and cleaning them were the mini chandeliers. He was telling me that they were bronze with gold flake paint on them. I wanted him to bring them home but he said they had to stay.

Cleaning the TV

Well I guess we found out the other day that you can't mix water with HDTV. My four year old decided it would be fun to clean his finger prints off the TV screen. He has his own little spray bottle to help mommy around the house. I was folding clothes upstairs when the TV went full volume. By the time I ran downstairs the screen was black. I unplugged it, waited a while but it is dead. Good thing we have replacement coverage. The look on my little guy's face...he says sorry mom...Don't tell daddy.

NGC gold eagle

As a kid growing up my husband's parents had  one of New York States largest paper route. Sorting all the coins that were collected over a weeks time was my husband's favorite job. After ten years of collecting my husband had totalled up over five thousand dollars face value in silver coins. this was not to mention the value of non silver collectible coins. As in Buffalo nickles and some rare wheat head pennies. But after all this the coin that he has always wanted is an ngc gold eagle. He said that he  would just like to hold it with amazement for a while.

Stuck in the house

My husband had been a little depressed lately. Work has been slow. He is stuck at home at least we're saving money on the babysitter. The snowmobile isn't running very well. He tried to fix it many times but  it still not running better  not like it used to. He says he is going to wait until summer to tear it all apart to rebuild the motor for next year. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Phentermine reviews

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

With all the weight loss pills out there its tough to figure out what is exactly right. Unfortunately, it's all about trial and error. With me some work for a short period of time others don't work at all. Makes you wonder if they work on anybody. The only big problem is the one that works for me makes my heart feel like its running a relay race for days on end. And if you feel like staying up all night you can take mine. Lately with  the phentermine reviews at least you can see what you might be getting into before you take this product.

Arts and crafts

I really love going to the arts and crafts store. I've made so many things for our house to be a home. I make curtains for our upstairs bedroom and also have a lot of fun doing flower and fern wall decor. The other day we're in there and I couldn't believe my eyes. They have puzzles for children that aren't colored yet so my little four year old is having a riot at scribbled coloring and then taking the puzzles apart and putting them back together again.

Weight loss drinks

Monday, January 17, 2011

It seems like everyday we are in a hurry.  I catch a ride with a friend down the road to commute to work everyday.  The little bit of weight that I had leftover from having my baby was plaguing me. But to get up so early in the morning and then trying to take my diet pills on an empty stomach  just didn't work  and I don't have enough time to eat a full breakfast.  So I gave up taking the pills. Lately I found something better to help me with my weight loss problem. For the hidden secrets of my weight loss click here.

Boot drier

Dressing up to go outdoors in a winter time can take such a long time and the very next day you're going to  do it all over again. Now usually every thing's all wet. It's pretty easy time frame wise to dry the clothes but the boots forever don't want to dry. I've always said after using a blow drier one day to dry my boots they should make a boot drier. And I couldn't believe it when I found one through Heartland America catalog. Now we just need to buy two more.

Diet pill discounts

Guys I've heard of a new place it's called I can't believe the savings compared to my local supplier. I figure over a month time  of the things I need I'm going to save close to a hundred dollars. Now that's some extra gas in your gas tank. Let alone helping to pay our heat bills. That little bit of extra weight I had put on after having my baby is slowly melting away and it couldn't come at a better time. With summer coming the bikini season is right around the corner.

Disappointing eBay

My husband usually has a real good luck purchasing on eBay. Our snowmobile was ready for some maintenance. My husband discovered a part that was broken so he went online to eBay purchased the part first of it was four days before the seller responded three more days to send the package then the package arrived. My husband was so excited. He opened the package up to discover that the parts he bought were too worn out to even think about using. Now the seller is trying to locate more parts to send to us.

Glass mosaic tiles

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My husband being a contractor finds himself in the middle of a lot of different renovations. Even though he is a union commercial carpenter his heart lies in residential remodelling. One of his favorite things to do is glass mosaic tiles. The three bathrooms that he did along with a front entrance way in a house totalled over one hundred thousand little tiles. No wonder he was there for quite sometime. When he was done with this job of course he took pictures. I couldn't believe the extent of all the details specially around the master bathroom bath tub.

Dog treats

Our Shih Tzu poodle puppy dog is so hard to please when it comes to her food. She's a vegetarian  and she'll let you know because she won't eat any food with meat in it. We're forever looking for a treat for her. I think the other day we found one. The amazing thing is that it contains chicken flavor. They're called Cesar treats K9 cuisine.  The smell of it actually smells like hickory chips that you'd use for barbecue grill.


For the longest time we didn't own a video game for so many different reasons. But last Christmas we bought one for my son. He loves it very much its his addiction. His favorite wii game is Mater National. I didn't realize that some games have to complete their lower levels to progress to the upper level. As far as I know right now the game has four levels. He has slowly work his way up in points. He has to tell mommy everyday of his progress.

A new kitchen

My husband has been promising me a new kitchen for a long time. I'm so excited. I can't wait in the next few days my husband says that he's rebuilding our kitchen in a different style. He won't tell me exactly what he's doing. He's even not going to let me in the kitchen while he is doing it. I can't wait to see what he does. Lucky for me that means for everyday he's working on it we get to order in or go out for supper.

Online nursing degree

I have reached the mid-point in my life. Being not so happy about my career choices they've worked out fine just kind of bored with the situation. After talking to a few of my friends that have received their online nursing degree. I think this might be the way to go. There's always a need for nurses all around the world. Even if I travel back to my homeland this will be a way of opportunity. My friend next door may always look tired but there's always a smile on her face and a story in her heart about her patients.

Difference between spicy hot food and hot food

It is so much fun enjoying the moments of learning with our four year old. Some of the questions that he asked are just too cute. The funniest moment lately was the look on his face when mommy tried to explain the difference between something being hot to eat versus something being spicy hot to eat. Our son just assumed anything that's hot can be put in the freezer to cool it down. Even spicy hot stuff such as barbecue potato chips.


You get what you pay for. We won't tell you the brand but it's easy to find out. We thought we were getting a great deal on a HDTV.  We're all excited when the ad came out for the Black Fridays sale. We stayed up all night standing in line waiting for the sale to begin. After we returned home with our TV turned it on the pixels of one corner of the screen weren't working. Boxing it up and returning it we ended up buying a better brand off the Black Friday sale.

Bose surround sound

We were out shopping the other day not for anything in particular but one place we went to had a Bose sound system. I could not believe they had a comparison of a regular sound system versus theirs. We were going to buy eventually a complete surround sound for our TV  but the Bose system is still much more incredible with its acoustic wave sound. We now know which one we'll be buying.

Cash advance

Saturday, January 1, 2011

In New York State during the winter the heat bills alone can just about bankrupt you. I want to just stay home for the final year before my four year old would go to school. But what we didn't count on was my husband's lay off. So the easiest way to get a job is to go through one of those temporary services. A week before I went to work we needed a cash advance to get us a little bit ahead on our heat bill. Now that I'm working we can stay ahead but it was close for a while.

Accident -- preventative measures

They say accidents happen but preventative measures of course can drastically cut back on this. During the holiday season there's always extra things hanging around. Because of the extra people coming over for the holidays we had a hundred count of Styrofoam plates which was about three foot from our gas stove. As my son went to reach a box of cereal on the back of the counter the Styrofoam plates in the plastic back were on top of them. They rolled off the top of the box of cereal across the counter and right into the open flame of the stove. If it wasn't for the quick response of my husband putting the bag quickly in the sink and turning the water on to put the fire out I'd hate to think what would have been happen.

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