Carpet flooring

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Years ago we bought an old Victorian house to live in temporarily until we renovated it and sold it. We had our location for our new house picked out we just needed a better down payment. So on our spare time we took on the renovations of the Victorian. Listening to my dad's wisdom we started with the roof which originally was slate. We converted it to a nice gray metal roof. The custom cedar shake shingle siding as it met the roof look so terrific.

Luckily for us most of the interior of the house needed only minor repair. The kitchen was beautiful antique looking cabinets but they were worn out. We ended up replacing them with basically the same style but of course new. The counter tops we replaced with black counters with gold fleck in them. I can remember the long list of things left to do they were only little things but they took three days. At this time we were so tired with all of it. We ended up taking estimates on the carpet flooring with the help of the site we found at After two days of cleaning we called the real state agent. All of our hard work paid off as we sold this beautiful Victorian for a 70k profit.

Tough hours

My husband is going through a tough time with adjusting to his new work. He went from days and now he is going to nights. Trying to change your body's internal clock is very hard. He will only be three weeks at doing this and then he has to change back to days.

Cigar humidor

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One of my friends at works wife just gave birth to a baby girl. He is a younger guy and and seems like the old cigar tradition was never explained to him. So I got a few friends together at work and we all pitched in for a cigar humidor filled with vanilla flavoured pink ribbon wrap cigars. At first he was stunned  as we all pressured him to go outdoors to light up to celebrate the occasion.

Gold fish

Years ago we won two gold fist at the field days shooting ping pong balls into the little fish balls. Seemed too easy back then. We put these two little fish in a 32 gallon aquarium and now they're monsters. Each one of them measuring over 10 inches long and they must be five or six years old. Now its time for either a big aquarium or give them to somebody that has gold fish ponds.

Wholesale shoes

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Four months ago my husband needed new work shoes. He finally found some at a shop that specializes in them. They were very comfortable and just what he wanted carbon fiber so he could go through the metal detector at work. After working with them for about a month something went wrong with the sole inside. It cracked. He was very disappointed. We found a place online wholesale shoes from that he's looking at a new pair.

First day in first grade

The anticipation  made him sleepless all night waiting and wanting to go to that first day of first grade. He was so jumpy as I kissed and hug him bye bye for the day and when he came home he said he had an awesome day. Seems like yesterday he was a little baby. I love you son.

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