Turtle beach

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It seems like things change on an hour to hour basis when it comes to electronics who has the bigger and better or the most reasonable price items. It is up to the research that you put into comparing. While looking for a new cellphone I must have spent three months of indecision before I finally bought mine. When it came to my husband's birthday I found my best comparative item at turtle beach and I also have my son's next birthday present lined up for purchase there.

Grandma's homecoming

It's so much fun watching  the reaction of our four year old son's face when  he is counting down the minutes to when grandma is going to pull in the driveway as she ends her long trip from Florida back to New York for summer time. As she pulls in our son is running to give her a hug forgetting totally about Browny her dog. As he is halfway to grandma Browny flies out of the vehicle running for our son. He turns his head and covers his face because he knows Browny is going to give him too many kisses. Thank goodness he loses interest fast so our son can get his long waited hug from Grandma.

Poc carts

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's never a good thing when a friend or love one end up in the hospital. You would think when you go to the hospital that it wouldn't take long for a proper diagnosis. A friend of mine after being in the hospital for two weeks has not been diagnosed properly. Today after two specialists came in looking at her charts on their poc carts one of the doctors had completely overlooked a test she should of had. After four hours of having the proper antibiotics she's on her way to complete recovery.

Treasure hunting

Finally today was a beautiful day. yesterday wasn't too bad. It was nice to get out and do one of my favorite things with the family.  We had so much fun going to garage sales today. Sometimes its like treasure hunting, you never know what you're going to find. Of course our son is always making a haul digging into so many different toys is a riot to him and doesn't take a lot of our budget either. 

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