Receipt printer

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saving money in our little business is always big business to us.  But losing quality is something that we're not ready to do so we have to split the difference on high cost versus low quality. Shopping around comparing prices on a new receipt printer was the topic of the week. Finally after four days and about forty sites later we found the one that we been looking for. And not a moment too soon for the old printer it died.

2008 Polaris outlaw motor install

A while ago my husband bought a 2008 Polaris outlaw ATV from the auctions on eBay. He purchased it with no motor in hopes that someday he could find a reasonably priced motor and install it himself on the ATV. He finally found a 2004 Polaris predator at a reasonable priced on eBay. So he purchased that. We went to pick it up at three and a half hour drive into Pennsylvania. Now in the weeks to comes he'll be removing and installing a new engine.

Clawfoot tubs

Saturday, December 17, 2011

My husband tells me of way back when  they were doing renovations on the house that was built in the middle of the eighteen hundreds in Syracuse New York. Over the many years, the owner of this house seems to have  taken care of everything except for the upstairs bathroom. The renovations included removing the old tub while the owner was out looking at all the different clawfoot tubs. After finding the tub of his dreams it was up to my husband to install it. It was the most amazing bathroom my husband ever created.

Battery expense

We're always spending so much money on batteries  for the kids toys each Christmas and through out the year its not funny. So I decided to buy a battery charger but at the price of the rechargeable batteries  are I can only buy a few at a time of the best ones. I started out with buying the rechargeable triple A batteries that we use the most of, between the toys, the cameras and the remotes that will save us quite a lot over a years time.

Cutting tools

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My friend found out that there was a lot more expense in setting up  a small shop than he thought. Just redoing the electrical in the building to handle his specialty machines cost over seven thousand dollars. Luckily he had an order for fifteen hundred custom design parts. The profit from this went into paying for a complete line of cutting tools for the next job that would start in two weeks.


So far my husband is still working outdoors. He can't believe that they're over ninety feet out on scaffold. It's the highest he's ever been. The work that's being done after them is replacing the glass in the carousel tower. All the glass after twenty years is fogged up so they're putting new in. After this they're building up on the south wall to the top. This side is even taller.


Good thing it doesn't happen everyday. Electronic pricing is always going down. Waiting a little bit of time usually saves you a lot but its very tough to find the exact item if you're just doing the comparison shopping online by yourself. I decided after being so frustrated with our old one, it was time to look at the newly designed Cam├ęscopes. It's more for my husband than myself but still isn't it easier saying that its his present even though I have fun with it anyway.

Meeting new friends

It's so much fun going to our Christmas party seeing old friends  and meeting new ones. I couldn't believe that I met two girls of my nationality that lived within five miles of me for years and we've never run into each other. It just goes to show you what the odds can be of meeting a friend by accident.

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