Appetite suppressant

Saturday, May 28, 2011

With my new job I don't get a lot of exercise sitting there. All day is so boring but it helps pay the bills. I never knew there was such a craving to snack as your sitting still all day. I have to look for the proper appetite suppressant  for me. I know if  I don't the little bit of weight that I'm putting on I won't be able to fit into my swim suit for the beach this year.


When ever I'm a little down or depressed I take a look around at all the pictures of all the good times I've had with my family. The pictures of our little guy growing makes me smile. The first pictures together meeting my husband, the hugs together, the places we have been,  I Love them so much. Never stop taking pictures the things you should hold dear the most.

Secratatropin hgh

My husband is starting to feel some of the pains associated with his age. Last year was his knees. The pain was just about unbearable but with the right supplements he's doing fine now. About four months ago he started taking secratatropin hgh now its tough for me to keep up with him. He doesn't need that weekend nap and he is always ready on the go by six thirty in the morning.

Travelling school

Next week my husband has to go out of town for his schooling. It will be the first time in seven years that I can't wake up to him making me coffee. He will be going to Rochester Mill Wrights school in hopes that this will help him in his career. He's already a union carpenter but there isn't a lot of work so being a Millwright will increase the chance of a better job. He still has more classes after this but it takes time for the union to get enough guys together to form a class. The minimal is fifteen guys.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Looking for a birthday present for my mother in law.  Went far and wide, I needed to find something unique and memorable. I started at least 3 months before her birthday. The one thing I did buy I found out she already had one that was given to her by her husband. That's tough to beat. I ended up finding beautiful earrings at honora. You just can't miss the look of rubies on silver backing.

Forgetfull me

Today was a pretty relaxed day besides the normal weekend stuff trying to get caught up for the week to come. It would be nice to have some time off work longer than a weekend. Good thing Walmart is close enough, made one trip there forgot the dog food. I had to go back for it. Spent another 80 dollars on things we might need. This week my car pool driver is on vacation so I have to drive all week. Oh well.

Cordless barcode scanner

Saturday, May 21, 2011

At the beginning of our business it seemed to be so easy taking care of inventory. There was only a little less in a hundred different items that we were selling. It used to only be a one week re-order time but now some of our suppliers are taking two weeks. So if the sales of one of our products  starts picking up fast its nice to have a cordless barcode scanner. The backroom inventory is so much easier to confirm to make sure all of our orders arrive on time.

Power converter

Our power failure for three days would have turned into a nightmare . We didn't have a generator but my husband had previously bought an AC to DC converter for a truck. He connected this easily to the battery of the truck and ran a leadcord into he house to power our refrigerator and some lighting so we could endure  the blackout that we were in.

Executive dashboard

Starting a new business seems like fun for some at first not foreseeing hidden cost of the little things can add up to a big chunk of your budget. Utilizing a program like the executive dashboard can easily keep things in an everyday perspective. Slowly examining every aspect of your business over heads is always a good part of your business plan. For example one thing that was overlooked in our business was the three thousand dollars worth of packing tape that you would use in a year. Sounds like a little thing until you added up for a full year.

Weather forecaster gadget

With my husband's business a lot of the work is outdoors. I found this perfect little gadget for him, it gives an accurate weather forecast that really helps him out a lot. It has an indoor receiver  and an outdoors forecast type transmitter. It is called the forecaster and I found it at  My husband likes it.

8g ipod nano

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I used to say technology changes on a daily basis now I know for a fact that it changes every second. For me its time to buy  a new 8g ipod nano. My old one is so busted up you can hardly see the screen. Yesterday I was doing some browsing online and came up with some terrific prices on them. My next step after this is shopping around for new phone service.

Watching soap opera

It was such a surprise when I walked into the kitchen the other  day. My husband had installed a small seven inch lcd colored tv under the cabinet so I can watch my soap opera while still cooking. I think my husband was getting tired of me burning the food while I was running back and forth to the living room to see what's going on my favorite soap opera. Or maybe he is just getting sick of me changing the channel on him. Who knows.

Toys R Us catalog

It is so much fun receiving ToysRUs catalog in the mail. My four year old treats this catalog just like I treated the Sears Christmas catalog when I was little. As he turns each page he says "Oh mommy I want this, Oh mommy I want that". Then after looking for a while he just said "mommy I want everything" with a big smile. I've never seen the latest issue  because when he is done he hides it somewhere in his coloring books. So his big sis can't find it.

hgh supplements

Thursday, May 5, 2011

As you get older aches and pains  seem to catch up with you more often and hang around for a longer time. My husband  swears by hgh supplements. He used to take so many different supplements sometimes he would get sick or extremely bloated one or the other or both. But the hgh  that he is taking has replaced almost all of his other supplements. It makes me happy there's more room in the bathroom after cleaning out all of his old stuff.

Radisson Community Lawn Sale

This weekend is one of the biggest lawn and garage community sales ever in NYS. Its in Onondaga County Baldwinsville NY. They say the whole community of Radisson will be out with all their stuff for sale. It incorporates at least forty streets and who knows how many houses. They do this every mothers' day weekend so if you want to be there mark it on your calendar. Please check local papers also for dates.

HGH supplement reviews

It goes to show you that age and pains slowly catch up with you as you grow older. My husband when he turned fifty decided it was time to go on a health craze binge. Getting up in the morning a couple hours earlier than normal to go jogging is really not my idea of a fun time. After a couple of months of this I mentioned the wrinkles my husband has around his eyes. They're not real bad. I shouldn't have said anything. But as he did his research online he  came across He is real excited about finding the right product for his situation.

Using hydrogen peroxide

With all the products on the market these days for little cuts and abrasions it seems like it would be hard to choose between all of them. But if there was only one that I have to choose from it would have to be good old fashioned hydrogen peroxide. The uses are endless for cleaning cuts, putting on burns to a sore throat its just about limitless as it helps in a household. Its also good to put a couple of ounces down your drain to kill bacteria once in a while.

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