So many remote controls

Saturday, February 26, 2011

We bought a new TV in November just got used to that remote then something went wrong with the TV. I had to take that tv back, picked up a different one, had to get used to that remote then we decided to add more channels which they give us a cable box and that had a different remote. Had to get used to that remote also the DVD, the Wii and our VCR also have remotes. Had to get used to. Soooooo many remotes not one universal one works totally.

Diet pills

It used to be so easy to lose my winter weight. When spring was here I'd be outdoors doing things around the house and going for our long walks. But now with my new job I'm basically inside at a desk all day.  The urges I get for snacking are catching up with me. It's getting tougher and tougher all the time to lose that nuissance winter weight. I'm going to look into the different types of diet pills starting this weekend hopefully I can find something that works for me.

Picture frames

We love our pictures all around our house. So many different memories to look at each day to brighten your day. My husband keeps on saying he's gonna make up new picture frame for the over two hundred pictures that we have but we're running out of wall space. Time to figure something different.


Working at my computer all day long it bring on the snacking attitude. I just have to make sure that I have healthy snacks. I haven't put on a lot of weight and most of that came from being pregnant and having  our  beautiful baby boy. But all in all the last five pounds do not want to come off. I've tried quite a few different diet aids but nothing seems to work. That's when I found out about Fenphedra. A friend of mine told me to look into it.


As I sit in the bathroom I've always wondered  how they get all the different colors in the linoleum without blurring each color. It was driving me nuts so I looked it up online and I couldn't believe that the linoleum that I have is actually six different layers and that they all come together in big rolls and are melted into each other at precise temperatures to give that inlay type look. Its wonderful that you can look anything up online these days.

Lipozene reviews

Winter sure tends to put on the extra pounds. Being so cold outdoors you can't even go for a walk. I picked up one of those exercise workout video's but that gets boring after a while. I spent quite sometime thinking about how I was going to fit into my bikini this summer. The next thing a started my search online for the best diet pills eventually running into lipozene reviews at least this is a place to start to see what will work best for me.

Missing my family

It's been such a long time since I've been home. At least I get to be updated from my sister all the time on facebook with pictures and conversation of how  everybody is. Originally living on the other side of the world from New York State, the airfare for three of us along with taxes and along our hotel stay equals around ten thousand dollars. So saving this for a trip takes quite awhile but I can't wait to go home. 


Saturday, February 12, 2011

You would always think that it pays to shop around when it comes to almost anything but when you don't have all the proper information  buying an unknown product can result in disaster. I had broken my cellphone and of course you go online there are so many beautiful phones. But what I didn't know did hurt me when I bought a more reasonable priced phone but it was manufactured in China. Some of the features didn't work over hear. So I put the phone on eBay to recoup some of my loss then went to
Atrix. It sure helps to have the experience and guarantee of a big company that backs their product.

Resveratrol ... red wine

I was reading a medical health journal the other day I can't say that I was amazed by their findings but at least for the first time its been really documented in depth with the new study. That the miracle molecule in red wine called resveratrol fixed extense at least an extra decade of healthy living to your life. It only makes sense that the French people drink more wine. They eat loads of rich foods and also smoke more than the rest of the world but yet they live thirty percent longer and have thirty six percent fewer heart problems than Americans. I guess I am going to have to go on red wine craze.

Sales jobs

Monday, February 7, 2011

My husband was telling me stories of his younger years. When times were tough in late seventies in Central New York,  he learned how to be a salesman the hard way.  he went to this company and wrote them a check that they said they will just hold on to it in exchange for the different products that they gave him to sell where ever he could. It was one of the many sales jobs he would have over a ten year period. He finally settled into a job measuring and selling vinyl replacement windows.

House husband

Thank goodness for my husband cooking supper most evenings. I've almost got him trained. The only problem is he doesn't quite knon how to cook my vegestables yet. Well a tleast he's doing most of the housework. I like vaccuming everyday,  he only likes to do it every other day. Taking care of our four year old is fun for him and our son. Half thier day is spent building geo track. What a mess. At least they're having fun.

Mini chandeliers

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My husband renovating houses sure runs into a lot of different situations. At least when he goes through these old places he does a lot of updating. One of his most recent adventures was renovating a bathroom. usually this goes along quite rapidly. In this particular bathroom it had been leaking so long that he had to replace the entire floor. One of the most beautiful things that he left in the house after removing them and cleaning them were the mini chandeliers. He was telling me that they were bronze with gold flake paint on them. I wanted him to bring them home but he said they had to stay.

Cleaning the TV

Well I guess we found out the other day that you can't mix water with HDTV. My four year old decided it would be fun to clean his finger prints off the TV screen. He has his own little spray bottle to help mommy around the house. I was folding clothes upstairs when the TV went full volume. By the time I ran downstairs the screen was black. I unplugged it, waited a while but it is dead. Good thing we have replacement coverage. The look on my little guy's face...he says sorry mom...Don't tell daddy.

NGC gold eagle

As a kid growing up my husband's parents had  one of New York States largest paper route. Sorting all the coins that were collected over a weeks time was my husband's favorite job. After ten years of collecting my husband had totalled up over five thousand dollars face value in silver coins. this was not to mention the value of non silver collectible coins. As in Buffalo nickles and some rare wheat head pennies. But after all this the coin that he has always wanted is an ngc gold eagle. He said that he  would just like to hold it with amazement for a while.

Stuck in the house

My husband had been a little depressed lately. Work has been slow. He is stuck at home at least we're saving money on the babysitter. The snowmobile isn't running very well. He tried to fix it many times but  it still not running better  not like it used to. He says he is going to wait until summer to tear it all apart to rebuild the motor for next year. Sounds like a good idea to me.

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