Trumpet case at wwbw

Thursday, December 26, 2013

After the bands are done playing at the school of course everything had to be broke down packed up and loaded on the buses to go home. I guess one of the kids from other school thought they needed an empty trumpet case because somebody stole one of the girl's cases while we were there. The band leader promised to buy her a trumpet case at wwbw tomorrow because she was so upset.

Not enough snow

So far just like last year you get a little bit of snow and then it goes away not nearly enough to ride the snowmobile. If you ride it you're going to ruin it so we are not. It seems such a shame that one of the fun times in winter and you can't enjoy it.

Real estate app

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Buying and selling on ebay can be exciting but also can be risky. If you don't know what you are doing at the beginning it was a learning curve and on that curve I just barely broke even in my first two months. Like they say buy low and sell high. I've learned to buy low sell at the medium price and sell more quantity. This works also with my real estate app. It makes life so much easier.

Battery candle

I always love candles. buying the different scented candles and placing them in different spots in my house gave a pleasant scent trough the air. Just the other day I seen some candles at the store that are battery light up and flicker. They also have a spot to put your favorite liquid scent in.

Shure 58 at musicians friend

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The music was playing pretty good as the kids were practicing downstairs. Its so nice that music and musical instruments had brought brother and sister closer together as friends. After bringing them down a light snack I came upstairs. As I got upstairs there was a huge crash from downstairs. My son had tripped over the mic cord and flipped the amp forward. The amp seems to be okay but I think we need a new  shure 58 at musicians friend. The end of the casing is completely cracked it could cut somebody.

Salt-water beta fish

We stopped in at a pet store that we've never been to the other day. Now we know almost everybody has seen a fresh water beta fish but at this store they have a 5 inch  brown speckled salt water beta fish. And of course my husband having salt water aquariums would love to purchase this fish but the owner said not for sale.

Black Friday sale deals

Recently after seeing my friends new tablet I decided to go online and compare all the different tablets. There are just too many  to do a complete comparison. I wanted to make sure that I bought one with enough memory and or expandable memory. The other point was portability I wanted to keep it under three hundred dollars. After finding the one that I wanted I couldn't believe that on a Black Friday sale they were offering it for fifty dollars less so I bought it.

Health insurance cost

Monday, November 25, 2013

Four months ago I went to the doctors. I pay a lot of money for my insurance for a month and it is very depressing that you still get a big bill in the mail. What it looked like was my health insurance payed about half the bill and I was responsible for the other . Considering that I pay over four hundreds dollars a year and I used it once the health insurance company really made out good on me. I didn't even meet my deductible.

Maintaining heat

We called today on purchasing four cords of firewood to heat our house through the winter. It doesn't take much to heat our house. When my husband built it, it was with energy savings in mind. The walls of the house are ten inches thick so not much cold comes through. After adding the wood stove it can get a little hot sometimes but it stays warm for hours after the fire has gone out.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The back of my husband's work truck  has finally turned into a complete disaster. It needs a complete cleaning out which hasn't been done  in eight months. He would be on a job and go to look for a part  and it would take forever to find. After we pull everything out of the truck and when I used these to put it all back together again also to include a few different shelves we hope to keep it organized for at least another eight months.

Part 1 : City water

My husband started at the road side with the city water shut off is. The lady from OCWA said the shut off valve could be as far down as six foot. After digging for three and a half hours straight my husband found  the valve that is so important to hooking up the city water to our house.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers San Diego

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sometimes guys don't realize what they're doing or maybe they do the statements maybe innocently spoke but could be taken in different content. Telling a girl how her jeans looked from behind one time is nothing but doing it everyday twice a day gets to be quite annoying specially when you're trying to get your work done at work. So when you have a question about something like that calling a Sexual Harassment Lawyers San Diego they will give you the right answer for the appropriate situation.

Fall foliage

Finally Fall is here the leaves all turning and the pumpkins are all out on the door steps with the anticipation growing with the children for trick or treating on Halloween. We usually drive up North to see the fall foliage but our backyard that backs to the woods after twenty years the trees have grown up and with the sunshine coming through it's the most picturesque that we've ever seen.

Immigration attorney Los Angeles

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My friend Cristy moved from New York to California. While she was there she met a nice man online from the Philippines. It was easy for her with her visa to go meet him in the Philippines. After awhile in three flights over and back they decided to get married over in the Philippines. To get him back over here as a spouse she hired an immigration attorney los angeles . It took a little over one year and he was here with her in California. So far things are going great.


I hate this weather it goes cold then hot then cold again. Everybody is coming down with different respiratory ailments. Going to work you risk your health everyday even if people are conscious of their sneezing. The germs are still in the air. I wouldn't worry about it so much but last year I caught some kind of virus that left me coughing for five weeks until I received some strong anti biotics and that took two weeks to work. I just hope that that wouldn't happen again.

Stairway lift

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's sad seeing parents and love ones growing old. There are so many different ways that people can be affected. If you are lucky enough you might just keep your eye sights for many many years and of course it is nice to be able to maintain your memory as you age. I can remember when I was little my mom and dad had to move in with my grandmother to take care of her in her final years. The biggest problem was that her bedroom was on the second floor and it was really tough for dad to carry her up the stairs. If dad was lucky enough my oldest brother was there to help. These days a stairway lift would be the thing to have to access the upstairs of the house. At eighty three years old my mother in law's knees are giving out. This coming spring we're putting in a ramp for a power chair that she plans to buy.

Homeworx digital antenna

We've been so busy these days  we're hardly home. With the cable bill increasing every month we decided to save money by turning off the cable.Instead of the cable we picked up a homeworx omni directional digital flat antenna. It is super thin flat and we set it with its suction cup right above the TV on a shelf. It works good for us. Not a lot of channels but enough.

Computer security

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It seems like surfing the net is getting more impossible everyday. Buying an anti-virus program doesn't guarantee you that a hacker won't get into your system. Maybe just maybe if you buy the extreme deluxe package you might stop most of the people. It only takes one to get through your Computer Security to create havoc with your system. My system has three programs and I hope that we are safe for awhile.

The daily job

Getting up early everyday to go to my regular job is getting really tiring. The alarm goes off at 5:00 o'clock giving me an hour and fifteen minutes to get ready catch my ride to work. A lot of times the ride that takes me to work can't bring me to work so my husband has to come and pick me up after his work. The only problem with that is I end up waiting 45 minutes to an hour at my work.

Bankruptcy free consultation

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My husband was married once before he also had a business with his ex wife. When she left he filed business and personal bankruptcy. It was so stressful for him. He looks back and wishes that he would have got a free consultation first with the lawyer he picked. After paying the lawyer thirteen hundred dollars the lawyer's health went bad that was unfortunate for him and also my husband. Eventually my husband had to get a different lawyer to continue the bankruptcy. So as you get bankruptcy free consultation you might want to asked how your lawyer's health is also.

Summer is gone

Another summer has gone by and for the most part we had quite a few good times but it just doesn't last long enough. Now I know why my in-laws moved to Florida. At least being warmer it slows down the pain of arthritis. When my in-laws came back to New York State they only stayed for three months. My father in laws complained about his knees hurting the whole entire time he was here.

Great rode nt1a at musicians friend

Monday, July 29, 2013

I remember years ago when our neighbor first started their garage band. The times were tight most of the instruments that they had were second hand and not that good in shape. After about eight years our neighbor replaced each piece one at a time. One of the last things that he replaced was a microphone that had been around for at least thirty years. He bought a great rode nt1a at musicians friend. He said if he would have known how much difference it makes he would have done it sooner.

Silver dollars

I'm so happy that every year my silver dollar plants come up. Later this summer they die then I wait for them to dry. After taking the skin which is gray on each dollar off, underneath is a bright silver white seed packet that looks beautiful in any flower vase you can find. So nice to brighten up the house.

Relaxing in the jacuzzi

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Last year my brother in law passed away leaving my husband a slightly old Jacuzzi. After working very hard to deliver it here we found out the heater wasn't working. It had been up and running for two months this summer before my husband got a chance to fix it. When he finally did fix the heater it is so relaxing at the end of a work day to hop in it and feel the stress of the day disappear.

Salt-water aquarium set up

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I didn't realized how much fun its going to be when my husband told me he was going to set up a salt-water aquarium. Fun for my son and myself watching them. A lot of work from my husband to take care of them. Feeding them the right amount balancing the chemicals in the water along with weekly  water changes. This is all part of the hard work  to support a salt-water aquarium.

Brass Stands

Monday, June 24, 2013

I remember way back when my step daughter started playing the trumpet. At her young age and as little as she was it seemed like the trumpet was almost as big as she was. Faithfully she would come home from school everyday and practice her notes. In her bedroom she had two different Brass Stands for holding her trumpet. One her dad had bought  and the other her grandmother had bought. She didn't want to part with either of them even though she received them both on one birthday that year.

Almost lost in the woods

We planned the trip for last weekend of going up North to some place a little town that we never been to. As I log in the address to map quest even map quest had a hard time showing me exactly where to go. I was so happy when we got within twenty five miles of our destination that there was even a satellite signal of my gps. There were so many roads that weren't marked. If it wasn't for my gps we would have never made it there.

Latex foam topper

Saturday, June 22, 2013

After discovering I couldn't stand my pillows anymore I bought two real nice ones that I am very happy with. At least for now while they're new. I seem to be sleeping better but not as good as I would think. At this moment I don't have enough money for complete mattress set so I decided to try a new latex foam topper for the bed. It should be here sometime next week so for now I will try to dream about the extra comfort.

Comfortable pillows

I finally bought some new pillows for my bed. It had been about eight months since I bought the last ones but they're just not comfortable anymore. This time I bought two that are equipped with cooling crystals that absorbs body heat through conduction and then they release it when the pad stored at a room temperature. I thought it was nice also that the top features a thick layer of memory foam. They seem to be very comfortable at this moment.

Toyota oem parts

Friday, May 31, 2013

I love our little truck but it's getting quite old. Every time we go to take it somewhere something else seems to go wrong with it. Looking for toyota oem parts seems to be part of my favorite past time. At least by purchasing original parts we don't have to worry about how good they would fit. I learned years ago by buying cheaper after market parts that you get what you pay for and a lot of those parts are just junk.

Big red wagon

My old big red wagon finally wore out after all the years using it in my garden. I looked around online and actually found one a little bit bigger at Harbor Freight. The price is very reasonable. It actually comes with tires that are blowup not solid like my old one.

Planning a trip to Niagara Falls

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Memorial day weekend we are hoping to plan a trip to visit Niagara Falls. But after talking to a few people we would be better off waiting for another weekend because with the amount of travelers on the road that are tired from driving long distances it is so much more hazardous on that weekend than what it is on a regular weekend.

Indexing plungers

My husband was telling me  of some out of town work that they did two weeks ago. As a carpenter it took three days for his crew to build down to a platform and then build up and over 85 foot of height above sensitive equipment. After that they had twelve hours of wait time for the Millwrights to do their work. He heard them discussing about the different types of indexing plungers that they would be needing and didn't have on the job for this job.

Seafood allergic reaction

I love seafood but some seafood doesn't love me. My first experience with the small round crabs was horrible. I had an allergic reaction that put polkadots all over my skin. I was lucky to take antihistamine and it lessened the reaction and I was fine. Luckily!

Best mold killer

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our house is 20 years old this year and its time to do some repairs. When I was down in the basement I had noticed some mildew on one of our storage rooms. I told my husband about it and it turned out the spot is directly under our kitchen sink. After cutting the sheet rock out he found a small drip from the drain. By tightening the knot up it stopped leaking. But now we have to look for the best mold killer. The mold in the ceiling luckily is not a big area so it won't take long to do the clean up and repair.

Home improvement

We are finally getting our little apartment ready. Re-doing the wiring then the sheet rock I can't wait to paint the place. I already have a color picked out so far the toughest thing was to replace the old air-conditioner it finally came out. It was stuck so tight in the wall we had to pry it out with bars now to get the new one in.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Finally my husband is starting his work at the nuclear power plant. After weeks of testing and then waiting for all this course to come back he has passed with flying colors. Now they have informed him that he's working from six pm to six am twelve hour shifts without a day off for at least three weeks.

Premier table for tablecloth printing

After many years of fun racers and raffles our volunteer fire department had enough money collected to build the addition on the fire department for having gatherings, parties for the community. The first time that they did this they realize that they didn't have enough tables. After asking for donations for the tables we also went to premiertable for tablecloth printing so we could match the design that was so very unique.

Flower garden

Hopefully this spring I get the chance to set up the flower garden I've always wanted out in  front of the house. I already have my roses there that I've had for many years and some tiger lilies. There's about three more kinds of plants that I like to put in there. With my full time job I hope to have enough energy to get it done this year.

Cloudy our Shi-zhu poodle dog

Saturday, March 23, 2013

We have a shih-zhu poodle dog that has been a part of our family for about eight years. She is so cute. When we go to work she has to be at the bottom of the stairs by the front door. She sits back on her legs standing up with her paws flap backwards as to give her the high five. But everyone of us on the way out the door has to give her a hug and she returns this with a very small little kiss on our cheeks how much she loves  us as we were leaving for the day.

Pure limousines

Saturday, March 2, 2013

This year in December will be our tenth wedding anniversary. I'm thinking about surprising my husband and looking in to the prices of pure limousines. Hopefully I will be inviting all of our wedding party along for the celebration. I have to start early because four of the people would have to plan ahead to take time off their work for possibly a vacation. Lets hope everybody can make it.

Multi-room camping tent

Its been almost four years since we have bought a new tent for camping. This year is a year and I want to buy one of those multi room tents. It makes it so much more convenient when you can separate the kids from you when it comes you sleeping. If you're in the same room with them and wake up  you usually end up waking them up as well.  So it would be convenient to have separate rooms.

Buy rocky patel cigars

It had been almost three years since an addition had been started  on the college that my husband had worked at.  Completing the work there will be a big celebration and of course the college is the smoke free area but a lot of the construction workers are smokers. My husband started early by going to buy rocky patel cigars. Over twenty guys walked  six bucks to smoke them and celebrate the completion of the work two weeks ahead of time.

Water pump

With the snow coming and the snow going the meltdown has caused all sorts of problems around the area including our basement. Its a good thing thaw we have a submersible pump in our basement. I came home I heard something running that I'm not used to to discovered that at least the pump was ready and working for the occasion.

Flat screen tv stands

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A few years ago my husband was in a head on collision where he hurt his neck. This year it doesn't matter what kind of pillow he props his head up to watch TV.  His neck always hurts. We gave up on getting him at the right angle for the TV. We looked at a bunch of different flat screen tv stands and found one that would raise the TV enough and angle it for his comfort.

Neighbors helping neighbors

This winter things have been little easier. We have been helping our neighbor with things in exchange for them helping us. He has a plow truck to plow our driveway and we have a dump pass for our garbage so he plows our driveway when we get a storm and we take his garbage along with ours once a week to the dump. It works out good for all of us.

Cold old doggy

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Even our dog is feeling the cold of this winter. She is getting older now and doesn't like spending much time outdoors when she was young. She will go out and within five minutes she will do all of her business. When we let her back in she ran upstairs and sits right in front of the wood stove to get herself warm from the New York cold.

RIP our Chinchilla

One of our Chinchillas that we played with everyday seemed to be losing weight and it was really sad he was cold and obviously dehydrated. I picked him up and put him in a small towel . As I held him close to me to get him warmer I tried feeding him I tried getting him to drink but to no avail. Within the next few hours he passed away. Don't know why he came so sick so fast. Two days ago he was up and playing around. Someone said it could have been old age but I don't think old age comes on overnight. He will be sadly missed.

Drug detox program

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Years ago we rented an apartment to a nice young family at our tenant house. Everything was going good for the first four months when it came for them to pay their rent on time. I happen to be on the phone one day asking for rent when the husband started screaming in the background about paying the rent. All this time he has been very nice now he's like this. His wife told me that he was back into his bad habit. I recommended a good drug detox program but she says that it is going to take more than her to get him into any program. Because I needed the rent money I volunteered to talk to him.  Hopefully I can help the situation.

Harbor Freight well pump

Having to buy a well pump at the spur of the moment  can lead to a lot of work specially if the fittings of the new one don't line up with the fittings of the old one. All the lines in our well pump room are one inch copper so if you don't get the identical well pump you have to cut clean and solder all your fittings all over again to make it fit in the well pump. We ended up at Harbor Freight to buy a new pump and after installing it it needs a pressure adjustment and their manual doesn't show how.

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