Stairway lift

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's sad seeing parents and love ones growing old. There are so many different ways that people can be affected. If you are lucky enough you might just keep your eye sights for many many years and of course it is nice to be able to maintain your memory as you age. I can remember when I was little my mom and dad had to move in with my grandmother to take care of her in her final years. The biggest problem was that her bedroom was on the second floor and it was really tough for dad to carry her up the stairs. If dad was lucky enough my oldest brother was there to help. These days a stairway lift would be the thing to have to access the upstairs of the house. At eighty three years old my mother in law's knees are giving out. This coming spring we're putting in a ramp for a power chair that she plans to buy.

Homeworx digital antenna

We've been so busy these days  we're hardly home. With the cable bill increasing every month we decided to save money by turning off the cable.Instead of the cable we picked up a homeworx omni directional digital flat antenna. It is super thin flat and we set it with its suction cup right above the TV on a shelf. It works good for us. Not a lot of channels but enough.

Computer security

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It seems like surfing the net is getting more impossible everyday. Buying an anti-virus program doesn't guarantee you that a hacker won't get into your system. Maybe just maybe if you buy the extreme deluxe package you might stop most of the people. It only takes one to get through your Computer Security to create havoc with your system. My system has three programs and I hope that we are safe for awhile.

The daily job

Getting up early everyday to go to my regular job is getting really tiring. The alarm goes off at 5:00 o'clock giving me an hour and fifteen minutes to get ready catch my ride to work. A lot of times the ride that takes me to work can't bring me to work so my husband has to come and pick me up after his work. The only problem with that is I end up waiting 45 minutes to an hour at my work.

Bankruptcy free consultation

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My husband was married once before he also had a business with his ex wife. When she left he filed business and personal bankruptcy. It was so stressful for him. He looks back and wishes that he would have got a free consultation first with the lawyer he picked. After paying the lawyer thirteen hundred dollars the lawyer's health went bad that was unfortunate for him and also my husband. Eventually my husband had to get a different lawyer to continue the bankruptcy. So as you get bankruptcy free consultation you might want to asked how your lawyer's health is also.

Summer is gone

Another summer has gone by and for the most part we had quite a few good times but it just doesn't last long enough. Now I know why my in-laws moved to Florida. At least being warmer it slows down the pain of arthritis. When my in-laws came back to New York State they only stayed for three months. My father in laws complained about his knees hurting the whole entire time he was here.

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