Received a package from the Philippines

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Okay, so I thought I lost the package from the Philippines again for the second time. I'm sorry but since the last time that we were expecting a package from my sister who lived in the Philippines and it didn't arrive from the mail I get very anxious on mails that comes from another country. We wait and wait but nothing arrive. It happened last December and I have this doubt that the package was lost somewhere again. I bought a bleaching soap online that comes from Pampanga and I was getting anxious as the days passed by. I was relieved when our mail person dropped the package on our doorstep today. I bought it April 6 and today is April 29. That's how long it took for the package to get here. On the other hand I'm glad that it's here finally.

Diet pill

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It seems that not a day goes by that we do not hear about how some people struggle to lose weight. Problem is getting hungry all the time is the reason why it makes us eat and eat. And choices of bad food while sitting in front of the television or computer screen may have resulted to being overweight. Turning into a diet pill for weight loss best works for some that I know, you just have to look for the right one.

Sleeping at work

Since Monday until Wednesday we had been working up to 7 hours a day at work. Jarred had been nice for days being with us. We just brought in lots of toys for him to play with. When he gets bored he helped Mommy clean and helped daddy paint. Daddy was doing the paint job on the wall when he turned for a minute to get something, when he came back Jarred said to his dad. "Daddy I helped you paint". To my husband's dismay he found out that Jarred had painted the wall with the small paint brush. Oh well just have to re-paint the whole thing again. My son finally run out of energy and decided to lie down for a while. Here he is sleeping at work.

Mesothelioma lawyers

My husband says it seems like a whole another lifetime ago when he was fresh out of school that he actually worked for the school system. They had him scraping up glued on floor tiles from the cafeteria of all places. The tiles contained quite a large amount of asbestos fibers. They didn't even give him a paper mask to wear to stop the dust. He remembers wearing an old t-shirt over his mouth and nose to slow down the dust. Mesothelioma lawyers could have helped him understand for tracing back all the people that were involved in my husband’s involvement in this case. At least he'll be getting some help for all the health and hardship that he had been through.

Reading food labels

We were doing our grocery shopping the other day. When you look on the front of the package you'll notice the labels that aren't written in common day to day words. It's like a detective work. It's funny when even sugar goes under lots of names. Ose at the end of a word stands for sugar. There's sucrose (common table sugar), dextrose, and fructose (fruit sugar). It just frustrates me sometimes when they use big scientific words on the labels that I never understand what in the world it is. Unless you went online and consult Merriam-Webster dictionary of course.

Greeting cards online

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Never feeling guilty again. We're always forgetting somebody for the holidays or a birthday. Usually remember on that special day but always too late to mail out something specially my moms birthday. We call her the good witch of the east. Her birthday is on Halloween and at that time of the year we're always running around for different Halloween costumes and products. It's one of our favorite holidays. So even though my mom's birthday should be high on my priority list, sometimes I forget until the exact day is here then I panic. So I was so happy to find greeting cards online. My mom doesn't have a computer but my aunt across the street has one and she will print the card out for me and give it to my mom. After all my mom and dad are thirteen hundred miles away from us. Online greeting cards makes it so convenient for us.

excitement of a new project

Friday, April 17, 2009

Besides from buying two more seats for our sunbird and some vinyl to recover some parts on it, the excitement of re-designing the interior has spark my husband's design mode again. He'll be spending some time making it look nice. At least something to keep him busy so he doesn't buy anything more on ebay. :-)

Phenphedrine review

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Most of us wanted to feel good by looking healthy. On the other hand if we're overweight sometimes we take the chance to take suppressants that we think would help us out on our objective to lose weight. There were many products out there and I think that getting some ideas and learning from the people who have already taken that product would be a head start. It is good to know that they are also doing their search on phenphedrine review from the people who have already taken that kind of diet pill.

Flu still hanging around

It was confirmed by our son's doctor that Jarred had a flu after we rushed him to the medical center the other day. He had a fever going on and off sometimes going up to 106.4 degrees temperature. High fever, runny nose with watery eyes and stuffy nose at night. At that point we are so worried sick of him so we decided to call for an appointment. Apparently, the flu continues to hang around and unluckily our son got it. We stayed at home as much as we can and the only place we been to before he got sick is at the grocery store. Word of advise when you go public places always bring your sanitiser to wipe the germs from your hands after you got hold of objects around you.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've always been somewhat light weight. I tried to keep busy I used to jog around the block at least five times a week and I love rock climbing which we tried to do twice a month. But after getting married and making bigger meals I would tend to eat more not to mention you have to have that snack once in a while. My husband and I planned to have a baby about three years ago so between the extra food and putting on the extra weight for the baby, I ended up just a little out of shape and slightly over weight. I can't wait to try Stemulite to put me back to shape is one thing but to have the extra sleeping power is what I am looking forward to. Trying to catch up in my sleep from my little one waking me up all the time seems to be a long battle and everyone knows that the better sleep you have means for a better life.

Gorgeous outfits for less

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I was thrilled with all these colorful and fun summer clothes that we just won on eBay. Daddy was dozing down to sleep but I woke him up to finish the bid for me. I was so nervous about the whole ordeal and bidding on bigger items is new to me. Daddy is an ebayer and he knew the secrets in auctions. Counting the minutes down seems like forever then finally its over with. We won!

Wholesale housewares

It's so nice these days when you can just sit at home and go on the internet. The search for just about anything when I was nagging my hubby about replacing a few of our housewares. It was great to find a site that had wholesale housewares. In todays world saving some money is part of an everyday gain. Having your item shipped and showing up in your front door a few days later is the best. I'm glad I can browse online instead of going out in the crowds and dealing with sales people that try to sell you more than what you are actually looking for. It's all because they make a big commission on their sales.

Hoping to win

I just got home from work then I sat down to check the computer on the status of my bid from eBay on Jarred's summer clothes. 20 pcs. all brand new including Nike shoes and sandals. I get so excited to see the bid price going up just a little bit when I left this morning. Among the 37 bidders I am one of the nervous bidder hoping to win on my little boy's cute outfits. Fourteen minutes left...I just wish my husband is awake. I need his moral support and a shoulder just in case hehehe. Good luck to me. :-)

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