Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My husband got a call in the middle of the night from a friend of his that takes care of maintenance on an apartment complex. A friend told my husband of a boiler that was leaking at the place. My husband does boiler installs. He put on his boots and out the door he went. As he went down into the basement where the boiler was leaking. He stepped into about four inches of water which was electrified by an outlet that had been pulled loose from a wall. He was lucky that his boots are completely rubberized. These boots saved his life that day.

When animals attack

Sitting home watching TV we happened to stop on the channel. The show was on when animals attack. That's an incredibly and intense program. It's crazy how they show what the elephants have done when they throw a tantrum. They also showed how elephant's trainers abused them to do different things. Including in this is hitting them on the head with stick also shocking the backs of their legs to obey the trainer. It's so sad.

5 - best acne products

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

They say it's all in your body chemical make-up or in the different foods that you eat. I've always had a large battle with acne. It seems to slow down as I get older. Searching for the right one has been quite time consuming. The 5 - best acne products I found that have worked for me in the past and in the present are wonderful products. It just took forever to find them.

Water park fun

Finally summer is here. We just can't make up our mind what water park to go to. Whether we're going to camp for the weekend or just do a day trip. We can't make up our mind. If we go on a day trip we will have to get up so early to drive there. The trip back home will be exhausting. But keeping in mind saving some money if we go to the water park with camping it will cost us four times more for just the weekend.

Allergy mattress covers

I didn't know I was going on a trip. My husband usually tells me when he seriously bidding on something substantial on eBay. He told me on Friday morning that we were leaving from Maryland on Saturday morning to pick up a surprise. He wouldn't tell me what it was. He even changed his eBay password so I couldn't peek. We finally made it to our destination in Maryland. To my surprise he had bought a boat. Beautiful and just the perfect size at 20 foot. On the way home we decided to spend the night at a hotel. Luckily I had thought ahead of time and brought our allergy mattress covers. It's always nice to have these when you're travelling. you never know what you're going to run into with the beds in hotel rooms.

Rainy days

Rain rain go away. It's either too hot or too cold. Can't we just have a perfect day like with 75 degrees with a nice five mile an hour wind and sunny? Forecast this week is rain Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. At this rate my garden might be washed out. So depressing.

Designer ties

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My husband and I took a real leap of faith knowing each other for fourteen month online and meeting once for three weeks seven months before we got married. When he came over for our wedding one of the things he brought with him was a collection of designer ties. He wanted to make sure the men that he had standing up with him in the wedding party were coordinated together at least when it came to the ties.

Our strawberry plant

A few years ago we planted a couple of strawberry plants on the side of our house which had multiplied into many. Being we have sandy soil the strawberries loved this kind of ground. Now e are having so much fun digging them up one at a time and relocating them. Probably in ten years we will have strawberries all the way around the outside edge of our grass.

Contemporary sofas

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Building our new sun porch up our deck area in the back of our house was quite a job. The new sun porch sits one storey above the ground so we had to put in concrete pierce reinforced with steel to give it the strength. The new window treatments we picked out were awesome. We looked at many contemporary sofas before we settled on one that accents the color of the rug.

Setting up a birthday party

Setting up a birthday party these days gets so hectic just trying to get all the people in one space at one time is hard enough. Let alone cooking all the food and making sure that you have the right selection of diet soda on hand for some special needs of people. And then you have the birthday girl depressed at the last moment because her friends had to go home early. So off goes the happy face of everything going on to the depressed face. You know she'll get over it but in the meantime its pretty traumatic.

Vitamins for men

Monday, June 7, 2010

So many vitamins these days. So many benefits if you can figure it out. It's so overwhelming. I spent a couple of hours looking at all the different labels and benefits. I think just getting older means having less energy. A worst challenge is looking for vitamins for men. For my husband there's a few ingredients that he can't have in a vitamin.

LOST is gone!

I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my husband last Tuesday evening. He was flicking through the channels over and over again not being content with anything that was on. As he went by a channel I asked him why not watch that, that looks good and he just turn and said no, not that one. After about twenty minutes of this I figured out what was happening. His favorite show LOST was over and done with after all these years. I'ts going to take a while for my husband to get un-LOST.

Wrinkle creams

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's so nice to have such a collection. The creams that I got my mother in law the other day don't all seem to be working out. The ones in particular that were looking into more are the wrinkle creams. She's never had anything like this and we tried to tell her that it takes time. I think she's just a little impatient at her age.

Little kids water slide

Our little guy was so happy the other day. It was so hot out with no relief in sight. So my husband went out and bought one of those little blue swimming pools. Stuck it at the bottom of our son's slide, brought the garden hose over, strap it to the slide, turned it on low and now our son has his own personal water slide.

Getting rid of blackheads

My mom used to say wash your face at least three times a day. Now I tell my kids the same thing. Do you think they listen? Yeah right. My son learned the other day that getting rid of blackheads is not a fun process sometimes. Not to mention they can leave a scar if they're bad enough. So now he is listening to mom about the three times a day.

Boat motor tune up

My husband has some bad luck the other day. Before we left to put the boat on the water he decided to do a tune up on it. The boat was running perfect at the house. We took it down to the marina to launch it. He started it up it was running bad. He removed the cover of the motor to find that the latch that holds the cover on actually cut one of the spark plug wires in half.Now we have to wait ten days to get one from the manufacturer. Can't find them local.

Appetite suppressants

I just can't stand it when my stomach is growling. I just need a little something to tied me over 'till lunch or maybe a hearty breakfast. Looking into all of the different appetite suppressants online these days is incredible. I found one that fit my situation just perfectly. I started it last week and now I'm more comfortable working in the morning.


My husband kept somewhat in shape over the years. Our side yard is high our backyard is low ground. He has a shovel and wheel burrow and since 1993 yes nineteen ninety three he's been shovelling here and there. He figures he's shovelled the equivalent of twenty five dump truck loads to date. No joke.

Electronic cigarette

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's been so hard for my husband to give up smoking. He's tried everything from patches to gum to the pill. He says he doesn't have enough will power. This new electronic cigarette he thinks is just what he's been looking for. At least if he can't give it up this will stop the poisons from his lungs and also give him the nicotine that his body craves. Maybe after this he can do a small withdrawal program.

New brand toothpaste : arm and hammer

What a great difference in one week. I've kept the same toothpaste brand for many many years with hardly no results. I recently changed over to arm and hammer brand toothpaste with baking soda and peroxide. You can see the difference in one week time that I was trying to achieve for so many years with my brand that didn't work.

Weight loss

Time to get my husband into the program. I'm feeding him too good or too much I think. He's jumped three pant sizes in five years. I could blame it on his age but I'd rather blame it on the good meals that I feed him. Besides the new diet for his weight loss he's been getting up extra early every morning to jog around the block and no more late night snacks.

Saving energy... going green

Everybody talks about going green these days. Buying this buying that to save energy. Just keep in mind that everything you get rid of takes energy to recycle it. I think that the start of going green should be the schooling of people on how to save energy first. Turning off lights, fans, PC's, and cellphone chargers across these world would save billions to begin with.

Eye wrinkle creams

Some do a little some do a lot. When it comes to elasticity of the skin the search is on. What better way to find the best by investing a little time to rule out the ones that don't work well. The different eye wrinkle creams I've used over the years would fill a good size box. I've come to the conclusion that one that may not work good on me may work good on a different person.

Juicy apple scented candles

I've had so many great responses for friends coming in our front door. There's so many different ways these days to make your house smell refreshing. We've gone back to scented candles. Our latest is called juicy apple. You don't even have to light it just set it by the front door. When somebody opens the front door the aroma carries up into the house with the air flow.

Best eye cream

As you get older you notice little things that start going down hill. Whether it be your bones, muscles or your looks. Who knows what's going to happen next. It took me one whole day to determine online what product was the best whitener for my teeth. After that search I started one for best eye cream, that didn't take so long. A friend recommended one particular brand and I found one that was even better.

Misses fix it tool box

Where would I be without my misses fix it tool kit? My husband made me up this box that includes my hammer, pliers, and screw drivers. Along with a lot of little trinkets. I think there's every little different wall hangers and nails and screws you can imagine. And oh don't forget my favorite my roll of duct tape. How many different things I can do with that little box is just to my imagination.

Philly jobs

After my husband lost his job his new job is looking for a job. There's so many places online that you can sign up for free and they send you the job post to your email. Today's qualifications are so grueling he says. being that there's so many people out of work, employers can have the pick of the best and its tough. With philly jobs it makes it so much easier for searching for that exact job.

Games for kids

It's tough these days trying to find good games for little children. One of the games that's been around for years is don't break the ice. So much fun for our son and us to play together. One game that's been around also we don't like is whack a mole. Do you really want to teach your kids to whack little creatures that come out of the ground?

Outdoor furniture

After working very hard building the new deck we decided to also enclose it with screen to keep the pesky bugs out. One of things I was in charge of was staining everything. What a messy. After many years, the sun has taking its toll on our outdoor furniture so along with the new enclosure we needed new furniture. Amazing how many different types are out there these days.

Garage sale hunting

Again, garage sale hunting the other day we found lots of great deals including eight pairs of pants for my husband. Unbelievably one dollar a pair. Another nice little thing we found was a toy ATM machine complete with card that works as a bank for our little one. So much fun adding up his coins for his savings. So much for the piggy bank...all empty.

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