Toyota oem parts

Friday, May 31, 2013

I love our little truck but it's getting quite old. Every time we go to take it somewhere something else seems to go wrong with it. Looking for toyota oem parts seems to be part of my favorite past time. At least by purchasing original parts we don't have to worry about how good they would fit. I learned years ago by buying cheaper after market parts that you get what you pay for and a lot of those parts are just junk.

Big red wagon

My old big red wagon finally wore out after all the years using it in my garden. I looked around online and actually found one a little bit bigger at Harbor Freight. The price is very reasonable. It actually comes with tires that are blowup not solid like my old one.

Planning a trip to Niagara Falls

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Memorial day weekend we are hoping to plan a trip to visit Niagara Falls. But after talking to a few people we would be better off waiting for another weekend because with the amount of travelers on the road that are tired from driving long distances it is so much more hazardous on that weekend than what it is on a regular weekend.

Indexing plungers

My husband was telling me  of some out of town work that they did two weeks ago. As a carpenter it took three days for his crew to build down to a platform and then build up and over 85 foot of height above sensitive equipment. After that they had twelve hours of wait time for the Millwrights to do their work. He heard them discussing about the different types of indexing plungers that they would be needing and didn't have on the job for this job.

Seafood allergic reaction

I love seafood but some seafood doesn't love me. My first experience with the small round crabs was horrible. I had an allergic reaction that put polkadots all over my skin. I was lucky to take antihistamine and it lessened the reaction and I was fine. Luckily!

Best mold killer

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our house is 20 years old this year and its time to do some repairs. When I was down in the basement I had noticed some mildew on one of our storage rooms. I told my husband about it and it turned out the spot is directly under our kitchen sink. After cutting the sheet rock out he found a small drip from the drain. By tightening the knot up it stopped leaking. But now we have to look for the best mold killer. The mold in the ceiling luckily is not a big area so it won't take long to do the clean up and repair.

Home improvement

We are finally getting our little apartment ready. Re-doing the wiring then the sheet rock I can't wait to paint the place. I already have a color picked out so far the toughest thing was to replace the old air-conditioner it finally came out. It was stuck so tight in the wall we had to pry it out with bars now to get the new one in.

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