Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The back of my husband's work truck  has finally turned into a complete disaster. It needs a complete cleaning out which hasn't been done  in eight months. He would be on a job and go to look for a part  and it would take forever to find. After we pull everything out of the truck and when I used these to put it all back together again also to include a few different shelves we hope to keep it organized for at least another eight months.

Part 1 : City water

My husband started at the road side with the city water shut off is. The lady from OCWA said the shut off valve could be as far down as six foot. After digging for three and a half hours straight my husband found  the valve that is so important to hooking up the city water to our house.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sometimes guys don't realize what they're doing or maybe they do the statements maybe innocently spoke but could be taken in different content. Telling a girl how her jeans looked from behind one time is nothing but doing it everyday twice a day gets to be quite annoying specially when you're trying to get your work done at work. So when you have a question about something like that calling a Sexual Harassment Lawyers San Diego they will give you the right answer for the appropriate situation.

Fall foliage

Finally Fall is here the leaves all turning and the pumpkins are all out on the door steps with the anticipation growing with the children for trick or treating on Halloween. We usually drive up North to see the fall foliage but our backyard that backs to the woods after twenty years the trees have grown up and with the sunshine coming through it's the most picturesque that we've ever seen.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

My friend Cristy moved from New York to California. While she was there she met a nice man online from the Philippines. It was easy for her with her visa to go meet him in the Philippines. After awhile in three flights over and back they decided to get married over in the Philippines. To get him back over here as a spouse she hired an immigration attorney los angeles . It took a little over one year and he was here with her in California. So far things are going great.


I hate this weather it goes cold then hot then cold again. Everybody is coming down with different respiratory ailments. Going to work you risk your health everyday even if people are conscious of their sneezing. The germs are still in the air. I wouldn't worry about it so much but last year I caught some kind of virus that left me coughing for five weeks until I received some strong anti biotics and that took two weeks to work. I just hope that that wouldn't happen again.

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