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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Growing up in an extremely hot climate close to the equator taking care of my complexion was never ending. three or four times a day you're washing your face. You had to have something strong enough to take care of any acne but you needed it mild enough to use it quite often. It takes quite sometime to find the product that work for me maybe not for the whole world. To check out these products click here to make up your own mind.


From time to time my husband likes me to mention our son and himself on an update of their geo-trak adventures. We started out two years ago with nine foot of track and the train station building. At this point they think they might have collected enough. Thanks to all the yard sales that we found it at they now have over seventy five foot of track. As far as I know they're the only ones that have built six different levels at one time that is actually one track. To all moms and dads out there this is the greatest little toy ever. It also has a lot more things you can do with it unlike Thomas the train geo has gone almost beyond imagination.

Moisturizer for face

I never go nowhere without it. I call it my little magic bag, or my facial tool box which has all the stuff a woman would want inside. If my husband only knew how much money I spent on my moisturizer for face alone he'd shoot me. (haha) I just think of it as a little money compared to his workshop with all his tools he spends thousands of dollars updating each year. So isn't mine just a tiny bit of that money?

Prices of boats

We were thinking about selling our boat  because we don't use it much but even if we don't go out on our boat it is always nice to go there. It has a nice picnic area and playground for the kids. After researching the prices on boats like ours at the moment we're deciding to  keep it. I can't believe in two years that the price of our boat has dropped four thousand dollars from its new price.

Wrinkle creams that work

Sunday, September 19, 2010

First it takes time to find the right creams from my stretch marks from giving birth to my son. The different things that you go through in life as you grow older. Take an aspirin a day for your heart. Take glucosamine for your joints. The list goes on and on. I was staring in the mirror the other day just barely noticing the beginning of wrinkles at the edge of my eyes.I had a slight panic. Later that day I located  my panic is gone for the moment hoping that the new product that I ordered will work for me. Better to start as early as possible You never know what next year will bring in age.

Human nature

Human nature can be ignorant, arrogant, stupid, and death defying sometimes. If there is an automobile accident and you tell people to stay back, they don't! One man yelled up to his co-workers to get down off the scaffolding they yelled back, why? and stood there looking as the scaffolding collapse below them. The ground gave way under one leg.  If there is an earthquake and you tell everybody in the restaurant to get under the tables they all look up. Bad mistake. Big chandelier fell. If people will just listen and follow what they hear they might be alive today.

Acne treatments

Friday, September 17, 2010

How far will people go to get rid of acne these days? For some acne they're using high tech lasers. For other areas of acne they have used nitrogen to cold burn the surface that is plague. One thing for sure there's different acne treatments for different people. I feel so bad for some people that it seems nothing works. A friend of mine cured most of her acne by just changing the things that she eats. Myself I guess I'm lucky that I very rarely have any breakouts.

Plywood decoration cut outs

Something to add to the yard, cut out of plywood for decorations for Halloween. This lady down the road make so many different ones for so many different holidays and occasions. The list would go on and on so here's a few. Pumpkins, skeletons, ghost, and bats. You can either stake these into the ground or hang them from a tree for viewing. Her yard is full year round including Christmas cut outs.

Hoodia diet pills

Wasting money all the time. I seem to find a good diet pill but then I think my body gets used to it and it doesn't work anymore. Why couldn't it be a simple as it was for my sister in law. She started a diet regiment and in four months lost thirty five pounds. In the last month I've at a stand still at least I'm staying on my normal diet. I'm really starting to feel like a rabbit eating veggie after veggie. I'm going to try something new next week called hoodia diet pills. A friend of my friend  has had great luck with this to the point that she should be a sales person for the company.

House face lift

Talk about a face lift. It's amazing the house down the street was old looking and half falling down. They brought in a whole crew of eight or ten guys tore out the porch put a new porch on installed all new vinyl siding and the new roof. Not to mention what they did inside. The dumpster was full twice over. So nice of a face lift to brighten up the neighborhood.

Acne products

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I had an oily skin all my life. The different acne products I've tried are endless. Thankfully a lot of these products had a money back guarantee less shipping and handling. One of the products that I use on my back actually burned me to the point that I was screaming. I've come to the conclusion that washing my face with the good acne soap and fresh water three times a day along with the moisturizer works best for me.

Drawing easel

I have so much fun with my little one after shopping around. one of the things that we got him was a double sided easel. One side has a chalk board on it  the other side has the white board on it that you can use the erasable magic markers. The only thing about it is when he draws a picture he likes he doesn't want to erase it because he wants to look at it day after day so we erase it at night and tell him we don't know who did it so he will draw again.

Best prenatal vitamins

There was a time in my life for quite sometime that I was always tired run down felt like I was overworked everyday but I wasn't.  When I purchased my health insurance I went to the doctor for check-up I was extremely low on what they called a vitamin deficiency. After getting my system back on track I found out I was pregnant. After I had my blood tested quite a few times the doctor came up with the best prenatal vitamin that he thought would work good with my system. Even though I was pregnant I had so much energy with those pills.


We like to contribute a little something when we can to the veterans administration, diebities  association
 sometimes Alzheimer's disease. We would probably contribute more than what we do. It just seems every other day they are sending us more and more causes in the mail. Once we gave some to these three now we have at least thirty different mailers from different causes every month. Not to mention one of them must have sold our email address so we have spam all the time. We will continue to help but it would be a lot nicer if we didn't have so much junk mail.


They just about give printers away these days just so you can get stuck with buying expensive ink refill cartridges. I use to always wonder why I would see so many different printers at yard sale. Now I know. Because when it runs out of ink people just throw out the basic printer. We kind of like our printer  it's an all in one printer, scanner, and fax machine. The cartridge  108R00725 seems to last quite sometime also the color of our pictures are incredible.

Windows update

PC's can be so complicated we will go forever without a problem and then wham! Everything goes down at once. Windows update seem to be the worst thing if for some reason an update doesn't install windows leaves it up to you to figure out why. My question is why can't windows on its own figure out how to bypass and install its updates? It took me over an hour in safe mode to figure out why. And when I did it wanted me to shut down my security center in order for the update to come through. If I do this I can get a virus id I don't do this my PC may not run right.

Electric blanket

New York State's winter is always so cold we live right in the snow belt region. Last year we had over nine feet of snow. In the winter time to save money during the day time we shut the upstairs bedroom door to keep the heat downstairs. The only problem with that is when I go to bed the room is freezing. Besides opening up the door an hour ahead of time I picked up an electric timer to hook my  electric blanket to. It comes on About an hour before bed time so at least my bed is toasty when I get there.

Crafts for kids

We had so much fun the other day going shopping. We ended up going to A-C Moore's. The place is loaded with all sorts of project kits and novelties. We picked out some small wooden cars so my son could have practice painting them. He was so excited when we got home that we had to start painting right away. Next time we go there I'm going to buy the bird house kit so we can assemble it and paint it together.

Arturo fuente cigars

Friday, September 3, 2010

Getting everything together and everyone was a real tough job when I got married. The bridesmaid dresses was the hardest to agreed on for the color. Let alone all the different kinds of food that we had were tough to come together all at once. My husband wanted to give the guys in the wedding party arturo fuente cigars. I thought it was crazy so I left it up to my mother in law to be to take care of the purchase.

Incredible humans

Have you seen that new show on history channel looking for super humans? Some of the things in there are so crazy. A guy that takes electrical wires and uses them wrapped around his body with live current he cooks an egg on a hot plate with electricity running through him. Crazy. The other man can shut off pain to different parts of his body. He has another man snapped a 2 x 4 across his ribs without hurting himself. What a different show.

Motorhome insurance

Thursday, September 2, 2010

We've had so much fun going camping this year. It's nice to check out the places first if you can. This winter sometime we plan on visiting my husband's mom in Florida. One of the places we want to stop is Silver Spring's glass bottom boat ride. A lot of old movies were filmed there including "Creature from the Black Lagoon". The boats that you ride in have glass bottoms. There are all sorts of fish in the water. My husband says they used to give you bread to feed the fish. I hope it is still the same. As the date grows closer we will be shopping around for motorhome insurance hoping to get a deal on a six month policy. I'm getting excited about our trip just talking about it.

Up and down weather

This weather is so crazy 90 degrees this week and then dropping down into the 60's this weekend. My husband was working downtown building scaffolding at the new wing of the veterans administration hospital. It was 65 degrees when he left in the morning at quarter to one in the afternoon they decided to let the guys go early as the temperature reached 94 degrees. Absolutely no shade where he was working. As the sun passed the edge of the building the asphalt under him radiated a high of a hundred and fifty degrees six inches up the pavement. He said you just can't think straight with that much heat.

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