Saturday, April 13, 2013

Finally my husband is starting his work at the nuclear power plant. After weeks of testing and then waiting for all this course to come back he has passed with flying colors. Now they have informed him that he's working from six pm to six am twelve hour shifts without a day off for at least three weeks.

Premier table for tablecloth printing

After many years of fun racers and raffles our volunteer fire department had enough money collected to build the addition on the fire department for having gatherings, parties for the community. The first time that they did this they realize that they didn't have enough tables. After asking for donations for the tables we also went to premiertable for tablecloth printing so we could match the design that was so very unique.

Flower garden

Hopefully this spring I get the chance to set up the flower garden I've always wanted out in  front of the house. I already have my roses there that I've had for many years and some tiger lilies. There's about three more kinds of plants that I like to put in there. With my full time job I hope to have enough energy to get it done this year.

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