Solitaire engagement rings

Friday, January 27, 2012

You know what they say if the price is too good to be real then its probably not real. My husband started shopping way ahead of time for  solitaire engagement rings. A couple of places that he looked at had real great prices but at the time my husband wasn't schooled on a different cuts and clarity of a diamond. He came so close to a purchase the lucky thing about it was that he forgot his wallet at home so he would have to return on a weekend to purchase it. In the meantime he heard of another sale at a fine jewelers place. He stopped in there and all the salesman talked about was the different cuts and clarity versus the price of a good diamond. He ended up buying one that was a little bit more expensive but it was so much more unique in all ways compared to the other place.

Renting apartment

Its so hard to be a landlord these days usually people  move out without  giving you a 30 days notice. And then you're stuck with all the cleaning and repairs of ignorant people. And then at the last moment you put the apartment up for rent on an add on craigslist and people just don't understand that we take applications and check job employment to confirm everything. We made three appointments the other day and the one that was supposed to arrive last arrived in an hour early with cash in her hand to move in. Again this person just couldn't understand why we wouldn't let her move in instantly. We just don't want anybody in our house that we haven't checked on.

Free online dating

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My husband was telling me stories if years ago when after he went through his divorce he used to go out every Friday and Saturday night to the bars to try to meet someone. He said that doesn't work out so well because most of the girls were drunks and the other girls were just out having fun with their friends. Nothing wrong with that. But when he found free online dating it was so much easier to search and find someone of his age group and possibly the same interest as himself. He said he ran into a lot of nice women but no one really sparks his interest until he met me. I'm so glad.


Trying to decorate the new room , we know what we wanted for the effect of the room I should say. We went with bamboo style flooring. The walls we did in an artisan shingle style tongue and groove  paneling. The effect that we were trying to come up with was a rustic look of a bamboo style cottage that we once stayed in in the Philippines.

Free youtube downloader

Friday, January 20, 2012

I have so many different programs in my computer for downloading  different things. It depends on what I'm downloading to which program that I use some are better than others and there is one that is great. For doing my work in progress themes that I keep on going back to some days I will finish them. Lately, I been looking for a free youtube downloader that I can add to my collection. I'm just going to have to find  more time in the day to blend my youtube videos in with the large collection of pictures I have.

External ice maker

The ice machine in my refrigerator broke about four months ago so my husband removed it and I loved the extra room in the freezer but when it comes to having everybody over for the holidays you need lots of ice. So I decided to buy a separate ice maker, you can just plug in. It makes ice really quick and if I have any extra I can store it in the freezer for the days to come.

CD duplication

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

After years and years  of my husband being in residential remodelling, about a year ago he stopped to look back in time at how many guys he had taught and how many of those guys had gone on to start their own business, after a few years after my husband had taught them  to be the best of the best  when it came to remodelling or renovations. So in the next year instead of teaching new guys everyday he is making a set of Cd's that will cover all aspects of each individual task on the job. After these he will have to have a lot of cd duplication. Because of the expansion of our business he plans on at least having twenty five new employees by spring and to teach each employee individually would take years for him.

Humidity in your house

All winter long it gets so dry in the house even with the humidifier running it still not enough trying to catch up with the dryness of the wood stove. So this year my husband has found a deep pan that will slide between the wood stove and the wall that we can fill up with water and the wood stove will draw the moisture from this pan putting instant humidity in the house. So its less dry.

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