Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Being where I was born is always extremely hot a lot of times dusty and most times dry.You have to really keep up on the hydration of the body. I've had a  long term battle with acne. For me I'm the winner now because one reason is that I've relocated to different country with the different climate.  The other reason is the treatments that I've had since I've been here  along with the diet change have helped immensely.

T.V. volume

My husband doesn't sleep very well at night so of course he goes to the living room and turn on the T.V. which is fine with me as long as he keeps the volume down. But you know the commercials they all come up louder and wake me up.  I think I'm going to buy him one of those ear amplifiers just for watching T.V. at night or a wireless headset so I don't need to hear the sound at all.

Supplement reviews

I'm always feeling low on energy. Originally I thought it was a lack of sleep. So I went out and bought one of those expensive matresses and I had to have  one of those new expensive pillows to go along with the bed. I'm always eating right  and taking a multi vitamin but that didn't seem to be enough. After a complete search at I decided with also the advice of my physician to start taking more vitamin b12. Feeling a lot better.

Back up lap top

What a great deal for a back up laptop. I found a Dell 14inch laptop maybe not the greatest I've ever had but if I have problems with my main one I need back up. This new one is factory reconditioned 512mb and 30 gb hard drive not to mention the internal Wi-Fi. All this for 349 dollars. I figure  I can't go wrong for that price.

Netbook reviews

Its been such a long time, after damaging the screen on my cellphone I figure that I will wait for my contract to be up with the carrier that I have to get a new phone. The day arrived. I went to the store. After looking at all the phones I couldn't make up my mind. It seems like new phones come out every minute. Things change so fast. My husband needed a new netbook after his was stolen right out of his bag at the mall. At least going online and looking at netbook reviews it saves us a lot of time unlike myself looking for a new phone.

Rental apartments

It is so crazy when you have rental apartments. People just don't respect the place. First off they move out without paying, second they leave a mess. It takes time and money for repairs so you lose another month of rent money. They think your getting rich off them. Don't they know you have a mortgage, school tax, land tax, utility's and up keep of the property? We need to have equal rights for landlords. You take them to court for the money they owe you. If you garnish their wages they just quit their job to avoid paying. There's got to be a better way. That is why we are selling the house. 

Suboxone treatment detox centers

My husband says the hardest thing in life to over come was his addiction to cigarettes. His brother had a long fight with alcohol and the alcohol won at the early age of 58. He passed away with his beer next to him. I read about a heavy set women that they said overdosed on chocolate gave her a massive heart attack. But at least these days unlike forty years ago there are also suboxone treatment detox centers that may help with the more complex drugs. As they say the first step, is admitting that you have a problem.

Long time pet

For the last few months my husband's kitty cat is slowly dieing of old age. Its a little tough on my husband just trying to keep his cat comfortable waiting for the inevitable. The Kitty's name is Harry Robert Puff a Himalayan cat with big blue eyes. He has lived a great life almost 16 years old. A fun kitty liked playing, chasing paper balls and fake mice. I called my husband today at noon break, he said that Puff had past on. My husband and our 4 year old said their good byes with tears in there eyes. They found a nice spot in the side yard to bury Puff complete with a little wooden cross so they can visit when they want to.

Farmers insurance review

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saving money is the name of the game these days. You have to go down every avenue from the price of your cable to the differences of your auto insurance. I started searching online. There is so much positive or negative. It's hard to know where your at. So after bouncing back and forth from different sites I found farmers insurance review. I added their pricing to my graft I made on my PC. You have to make sure that the price you get is for a comparable policy, that's the fun part where you have to enter all your information. So thankful for copy and paste along with Google checkout.

Removing your personal information

There's a site called spokeo that's a new online USA phone book with personal information such as pictures you've posted on FB, your approx credit score, home value, income, age, family members, even cc #'s. Remove yourself by searching your name, find your page, copy the URL and go to the bottom of the home page and click on the Privacy link to remove yourself. Copy and re-post so your FB friends are aware. I can't believe all my information was exposed on that site. That's ridiculous;;;;none of their business.

Reward cards

Its been quite a few years since we visited the Adirondack mountain area. Seems like back then things were so much simpler. I had my car and gas to worry about but that was about it. Living at home came with its benefits. But now its a whole different ball game. It was nice to have my husband and four year old to go on our new adventure. To see the look on my four year old's face while we were crossing the rope bridge was priceless.  The greatest part about our journey was with our reward cards , its cost us a little less than half than the normal fee.

Rugs or laminate flooring

I'm so tired of our rug. I went out with my husband to look for a new one but the quality was horrible. We will look at a few more places. When my husband comes home I want to talk to him about laminate flooring. The pictures online look so beautiful with an oriental rug in the middle. If I do both I know  it will accent my furniture well.  

Sport trophies

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Years ago after my husband thinking he was a kid again he decided to go door to door in our neighborhood. Being we live in a twenty five house circle track, he wanted to form an early morning jogging group. Lots of the neighbors joined. At one point there were fifteen of them every morning. What the neighbors didn't know was besides a party at the end of the year for everybody some of the money went towards three sport trophies for the three top  joggers that jogged the most lapse around the neighborhood.

Different foods for different folks

I started out with a plan  to take us all out to dinner.  The problem with everybody in the household, we all like different food. I like Chinese, our daughter likes Subs, and our boy likes chicken nuggets. Let's not forget my husband, he likes tacos. So going to the mall and all meeting  at the small table after getting the food that we like was the only way to satisfy everybody. It all works out.

Buy Easter gifts online

Saturday, March 5, 2011

We're so glad last year that we decided to put the effort  into teaching my mother in law at 80 years old how to run a computer. It really wasn't too hard because we wrote everything out step per step on how to go to explorer and go to her mail. Pretty simple for that part. Now after a year to our surprise she's a computer wiz when it comes to surfing the net. She said that she is going to buy easter gifts online this year. with the price of gas why not have things delivered to her doorstep.

Luckily healthy

All fall and winter long I just stopped to think about it the other day non of our family members have a a cold or the flu. If you're superstitious knock on wood now. I dedicate this luck to the amount of Ester-C of a thousand of milligrams that I take five days a week and along with multi-vitamin that I take. eating the right fruits and vegetables probably don't hurt us either.

Disability insurance

A friend of my husband that first work for the carpenter's union got bored with that so he went to Millwrights union after going through quite a few programs to qualify him to be one of the Millwrights. He said after all the years of being on job sites where there was accidents waiting to happen, he said that he never could have seen the ice that he slipped on that was snow covered on his step. After landing on his tail bone, there was nothing at this time to fix it.  The only thing he had to turn to was his disability insurance. It wasn't a lot but at least the insurance was there to help  some.

Our baby boy

It's so much fun watching our son grow. I was amazed him setting up his blocks to make a bridge. When he was done he tells mommy that this block is small this block is meduim this block is biggest. Smiling I ask him what block is the heaviest. He says mommie it's the biggest one of course. He is growing too fast. Slow down some I tell him.

Steiner binoculars

You think you've learned everything about your significant other half before you marry him. After our kids were born my husband built them a pirate ship play area complete with spyglass lookout tower. Even my husband liked looking through it. My husband confesses he's always had an addition to steiner binoculars. He has a pair for the boat, a pair for hunting, even another pair for the house. He says you never know where you're going to need a set. I guess its harmless as long as he is not looking at bikinis.


I can't wait for spring to get here. This year my husband has promised to put in a new pavers sidewalk out front of our main entrance front door. I already have them picked out. They're one foot square redish color for the center and the edging is a smoke gray four by six inch. The worse part of the process is preparing the ground under with loose stone filler and sand. I'm so excited I want to go shovel the snow out of the way so the sun softens the ground quicker. Let's get to work Hubby.

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