Yoga certification

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Years ago I can remember my mother in law in her spare time which wasn't much  wanting to take up yoga for some relaxation. After about six months of her classes she told me that some day she would like to be able to obtain a yoga certification. After spending long hours practicing and ready all the information that she could my father in law became sick so she didn't have the time anymore on her hands. Its a shame to see one of her dreams not come true. 


Most everybody knows the cliche' stop and smell the roses. Well the other day I was looking for the old remote to our old TV and I pulled out a box from under the bed that I haven't looked at in a few years. in the box was a lot of old photo albums of the family. It was so much fun to sit down with my son and show him all the old pictures of us before he was born. He started laughing at the pictures of daddy with long hair and big glasses. And I told my son you better be careful you might end up with long hair and big glasses if you aren't good. He gave me a real weird look with no words.

Hydraulic hose

It seemed to take such a long time for my husband to finish the house. Most was done but it was the little things that take the time. After it was all done we concentrated on establishing a beautiful lawn and our landscaping. One of the things that we needed done was bringing in lots of extra fill for the backyard. I spent three days counting how many dump trucks of load were delivered. The one day I seen the truck pull in and raise up his box just as it was going to dump the whole box slammed down. It was a  big boom. I went out to ask the driver  if he was okay. He told me that the main hydraulic hose had failed on the pump which raises and lowers the box.

Jarred's creativity

My son makes and builds so many different projects. Its fun to watch what he comes up with. With his imagination and a big set of Lego Blocks he built a dump truck with a trailer that he could tow behind. I asked him what this were and he told me. Next to the dump truck was something else that he built and he looks up at me and says mommy that's the snow plow to go on the dump truck in case we get lots of snow. A big smile came to my face and I gave him a hug just thinking about what he may become as he gets older.

Xbox slim

I hate to give away my age  but I can remember being first in the neighborhood to have the original pong game that we can play in our TV. Just two years before this we still had a black and white TV.  I remember the week end after dad buying this  that we had  no less than thirty different friends and relatives coming over to see what the big hype was about.  After all these years  and about eight gaming systems later I've moved my way up to the xbox slim, so sleek in its design that it just about hides on the shelf with all my games.

Is spring here?

Monday, March 26, 2012

It's too bad you didn't need snow to ride your snowmobile because after last night's temperatures dropping in the 30's it sure felt like that. They say that there's a special kit that you can put on your snowmobile so you have wheels up front and they replaced the sliding mechanisms in your track with wheels also. There are already wheels in the track they just add more when you take out the sliding mechanisms.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Once in  a while its always fun to go with my husband to some of his jobs. We once started the renovations on a bathroom and the lady came in and ask us about her kitchen. There are so many different ways depending on how much money you want to spend as to what style of kitchen you want. Planning a kitchen for a customer can take hours and usually there's a lot of changes along the way. One of the specialty things that she wanted to install was the lighting under the cupboards. They would be led style set with different switches that would control three different color variations that would shine on the counter top.

Some tips to put listing on Ebay auction

So much stuff around the house  so much stuff that we could put on eBay. The only problem is when it comes to clothes its best to have all the details on a piece of paper ahead of time. Not just the size of it but get out a tape measure and measure everything from sleeves, length to length from shoulder to hem line the list goes on and on and on. But this is a really good way to make sure the buyer can't back out after they bought it with the complaint that its the wrong size. So we measure everything so there's no argument after they received it.

Nuclear schooling

My husband started his training over to the Nuclear Power Plant its the Nine Mile 1 Nuclear shut down 2012. The schooling they put him through is very vigorous. Last time they put him out in the steam tower where there isn't really any radiation this time they're training him for different areas of the plant which requires extreme training. With different levels of radiation in different rooms  he said to me they even have specific paths that they take as they walk through a room to work on a specific area. And if some things just not right in their pre job brief they instantly put their job in a safe mode and leave the area to get further instructions before moving on. Very intense he says and he moves real slow concentrating on the environment around him and each step so nothing can go wrong at least on his part.

Sky chair

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My husband always remembers his trip over to the Philippines to meet me for the first time.  It was extremely hot that day but then again the Philippines is always hot. I figured  I would take him to the hotel first so he could relax for the next day to meet my family. So after talking for a while and lots of smiles and nervousness I left him for the evening at the hotel. He says he remembers the best part of the hotel was the sky chair on the balcony. With the air-conditioning in his room not being on until he turned it on when he got there the breeze outdoors on the balcony felt so great sitting there thinking about what was to come the next day.

Birthday party

It was our granddaughter's 5th birthday party today. So many people and relatives. We were hoping it would be a nice day so they can have a party outdoors but of course it wasn't so everybody ended up inside. It was already too hot in there from the wood stove let alone adding that many people but all in all it was a fun time with a very happy birthday girl Lillian Rose our one and only granddaughter.

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