Cloudy our Shi-zhu poodle dog

Saturday, March 23, 2013

We have a shih-zhu poodle dog that has been a part of our family for about eight years. She is so cute. When we go to work she has to be at the bottom of the stairs by the front door. She sits back on her legs standing up with her paws flap backwards as to give her the high five. But everyone of us on the way out the door has to give her a hug and she returns this with a very small little kiss on our cheeks how much she loves  us as we were leaving for the day.

Pure limousines

Saturday, March 2, 2013

This year in December will be our tenth wedding anniversary. I'm thinking about surprising my husband and looking in to the prices of pure limousines. Hopefully I will be inviting all of our wedding party along for the celebration. I have to start early because four of the people would have to plan ahead to take time off their work for possibly a vacation. Lets hope everybody can make it.

Multi-room camping tent

Its been almost four years since we have bought a new tent for camping. This year is a year and I want to buy one of those multi room tents. It makes it so much more convenient when you can separate the kids from you when it comes you sleeping. If you're in the same room with them and wake up  you usually end up waking them up as well.  So it would be convenient to have separate rooms.

Buy rocky patel cigars

It had been almost three years since an addition had been started  on the college that my husband had worked at.  Completing the work there will be a big celebration and of course the college is the smoke free area but a lot of the construction workers are smokers. My husband started early by going to buy rocky patel cigars. Over twenty guys walked  six bucks to smoke them and celebrate the completion of the work two weeks ahead of time.

Water pump

With the snow coming and the snow going the meltdown has caused all sorts of problems around the area including our basement. Its a good thing thaw we have a submersible pump in our basement. I came home I heard something running that I'm not used to to discovered that at least the pump was ready and working for the occasion.

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