Buying a clarinet

Sunday, April 5, 2015

My mother in law was telling me when she went to school  the school had quite a few loaner instruments fro the children. It was first come first serve as to what type of the musical instrument that you got and whatever was left over if you didn't like it then you didn't play any.  At first, my step daughter wanted to play a trumpet  but now buying a clarinet is all she has on her mind because her best girlfriend is playing one in school.

Easter Sunday

It's Easter Sunday.  Outside is such a gloomy day  I can remember years in the past when it was at least 60 degrees so the kids could have an Easter egg hunt outdoors.  So this year we're having our Easter egg hunt inside. After the kids are done finding all the eggs the house was a wreck. The kids thought the Easter bunny would go to extremes hiding the eggs in tough places but hiding them in plain sight was the clue. The kids just walk right by some of the eggs.

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