Pit bull dog attack

Friday, January 23, 2009

It could have been a very nice day for us (Me and Jarred) playing outdoors. The weather is not bad at all at 39 degrees this morning with lots of sunshine. We put on our snow suit and headed outdoors. I decided to bring my camera as we go out because I wanted to get more souvenir pictures and videos of Jarred. He had a cute little voice as he talked and sooner he will be saying all the words in the world. I wanted to capture the special moment with him.

He was yakking away as he was on the swing. We were both enjoying the fun when suddenly a dog behind us jumped over Jarred. I screamed at the dog picking up Jarred at the same time who fell down as he gets outbalanced and landed on his side. The Dog still trying to get Jarred. I screamed once again trying to keep the dog away from Jarred holding my son tight in my arms.

This dog is not even six month old but enough to rip in half the size of a little boy. The dog seems being playful but I was so scared. A pit bull dog is not good at all around kids. I've heard news about how pit bull dogs are vicious. Its owner came out of the house (our tenant) and get the dog back into their house. I was upset and told him what his dog just did. He was apologetic.

Jarred had a little scratch on the side of his mouth apparently when the dog jumped over him and scratched him on the face. Thank God it was not so bad. We decided to get back inside the house after what happened.

Digital frame

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finding a very special gift for that special people is tough especially when you were thinking of a gift that will last a long time. A priceless gift that I thought is a digital frame where you put it everyday pictures. It's a treasured artwork and when my parent-in-law received a digital frame loaded with pictures on it, they are so proud in showing it off to friends who came for a visit. We're so glad they liked the present.

Cancer-fighting nuts

Did you know that walnuts are cancer-fighting nuts? It provides fiber and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, the same healthful, anti-inflammatory fats that are found in fish. Reducing inflammation in the body helps prevent cell damage that can lead to cancer.
On the other hand make sure you are not allergic to it because some people are allergic to walnuts. My husband made a mistake one time when he ate this kind of nuts because we found out that he's also allergic to it.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

In today's world of so many different diets it's hard to figure out what's going on or should I say what's best for an exact situation. We see so many applications for weight loss come and go. My friend has been using Fenphedra and she said it's like a miracle for her. I could actually see the difference in her in the first week. I am also so happy for her seeing her happy and excited about this product instead of being down and out about her weight is a refreshing change.

Wedding give aways

Marching on the church isle on our wedding day is one of the most important memories that ever happened in my life. Unfortunately when I left my country I couldn't bring all the wedding souvenirs with me over here due to a very limited baggage to carry that were allowed on the plane.

We manage to bring a few of them which amazed me by how they survived in spite of the very long trip. Our giveaway is very brittle. Me and my sister consumed days and days for the long preparation and making a two hundred pieces of the giveaways which are all very intricate to do. We bought the materials and designed it ourselves. It's a lot of work but its worth it.
I love butterflies so we decided to make it as our motif on the special day. It reminds me of the song butterfly kisses by Bob Carlisle. In fact it is very popular as a wedding song.

Motorcycle accident lawyers Los Angeles

Everybody always thinks that when a motorcycle has an accident that it's their fault. Yes there are a lot of crazy motorcycle drivers out there on motorcycles. At least the headlight is always on when the key is on so people can see you coming but it's amazing how many people don't see you coming. They pull right out in front of you and you're in for the ride of your life trying to stop or avoid them. So if you have any questions about who's at fault you should contact the motorcycle accident lawyers Los Angeles to have an evaluation of your circumstances.

California auto insurance

Monday, January 5, 2009

After my husband having an accident years ago he thought he had learned to live with the price of his auto insurance. It was so crazy being a young driver and having one accident sent him above eighteen hundred dollars a year. He took on an extra job just to pay for his car insurance as a youngster and then he didn't understand that when he bought his mustang it was in a different insurance class of cars. It cost him even more. It was so nice when I ran into

The beauty inside

Trees trees and trees. Big trees, small trees, fat trees, and tall trees. Most people don't take the time to actually see the beauty in trees besides their beautiful fall foliage. As my husband, the wood worker he showed me the beauty of the different grains. The colors inside in the grains of the mighty cherry tree are incredible. Red, pinks, and mixture of burgundy and some creamyish yellow are just a few of the tones of the coffee table that he work so hard on to make it perfect. He used an all natural oil to highlight the grains then sprayed it with multiple coats of polymer thing to give it a clear durable surface to last for years.

Breil watches

Sunday, January 4, 2009

With the Christmas season upon us, you always have some people in your life that are just about impossible to find a gift for especially a neat gift especially my mother and my father. The one thing I did notice in the past year was that they were still wearing their watches from many many years ago. Even though this watches are very durable they were showing quite some age. So I started my search at Breil watches and came up with two extra ordinary unique watches that their friends are already talking about with envy.

Safest way to keep your fund

As the economy continues to struggle it makes me wonder if our funds are still safe in the place where we put them. So many banks are going under all over the place. Would it be a safe investment if our funds would remain in our home? It would be nice to find an existing bank that are insured to put our savings in a protected funds account that will work hard for us. Everything at the moment is so unpredictable!

Insurance quotes

One of the most crippling expenses facing many people today is the insurance they were paying. Shopping around to compare the price is great and it is smart to take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way. The nice thing about insurance quotes they are free and only take few minutes out of your day to get the price comparison and save some bucks.

Tracking down long lost friends

Friends can cheer us up, provide a sense of community and continuity, share memories, offer tips for living better in a thousand ways, rejoice triumphs and commiserate in your sorrows. But all the way through the journey of life we live and later on for some other reason especially in our marriage we grow apart from friends and fail to keep constant communication with them. I had a very good experience to bring back the chums from the old neighborhood. If you ask mutual friends for contact information; call their college, high school or alumni organizations or visit its web site. You'll be amazed by how it greatly help to find your lost friends. Another way is to look on the Internet through google or another search engine. Online phone books can help too. Visit whitepages.com, classmates.com or reunion.com. I am so happy to find my high school classmate and friend when I finally decided to search them online from friendster which is also one of the free site where you can build your own profile.

Happy New Year to ALL

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

From our family to yours!

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