Chocolate sleep

Thursday, August 23, 2012

As you probably know chocolate eating enough of it an keep you up all night that is milk chocolate. Milk chocolate contains tyrosine which when eaten is converted into dopamine which keeps you very awake. On the other hand  you ca sleep soundly by eating dark chocolate all day. Dark chocolate contains serotonin which can put your mind and body to relax mode and also has a lot of other health benefits.

Mighty machines

Monday, August 20, 2012

My son has so much fun going on netflix for kids. One of his favorite shows is mighty machines. It is all about heavy equipment backhoes, cranes, dump trucks, and loaders. He is definitely interested at least in the destroyed part so far.

Army t shirts

Its tough buying clothes for my husband when he doesn't want me to buy any. He will go to work with some of the oldest clothes. If they just about fall off in him then he will get some new ones. He says it comes from years ago when he was promised through the union of 39 day job. He went out bought lots of new clothes and then the job was over in twelve days. The only thing he likes that I buy for him are army t shirts. He says they fit the best.

Job laid off

My husband finally got laid off from the union school job. It seems like it happens all the time at the very end the contractor brings in his own crews to finish up everything that's the easiest in the end. The union does the hard work and the contractor's guys just finished.

Pawn shop shows

Sunday, August 5, 2012

That Chicago Pawn shop show is such a joke it's suppose to be about a pawn shop and all it is about their family problems and how they don't get along. Along with their short temper when it comes to people bringing things in to pawn. They only pay about twenty cents on a dollar to what they can really sell it for. All in all we won't be watching. On the other hand the other pawn shop in Las Vegas is as real as it gets when it comes to dealing with customers.

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