Acid cigars cheap

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ever since my girlfriends and myself started our girls night out every other week my husband had been complaining. So he started a boys poker night in our basement every other week. I call it the smoking dungeon poker party. They're so loud. It sounds like their main topic this week is the cigars. My husband was telling them where to get acid cigars cheap as if he found them. I was the one last year that bought a box online for my boss just to butter him up for my raise.

My son's dump truck

It's fun watching our son grow. When he comes home from school he is so tired. I get him a snack change his clothes and out the door he goes. One of his  favorite things to do is play with his dump truck. Sunshine or rain it doesn't matter. When winter comes he gets mad that the snow sticks to the tires so he kicks the snow off. When the sun goes down he comes in takes his bath eats his supper then off to bed he goes. This dump truck is so special to him without it he'd be lost.

Wireless cell booster

You would think in today's modern world that there would be enough cellphone coverage wherever you went. But apparently they haven't got it right yet. Of all places my husband worked out of town just outside of Albany New York the capital of New York State. The only way for him to communicate was with a wireless cell booster. Before this his signal would cut out all the time. So annoying every night when I talk to him.

Spring water taste

We don't drink our municipal water because its horrible tasting. But buying water can get quite costly and a pain to transport all the time. I guess I'm turning into a water connoisseur. So far we've changed brands of spring water three times in the last month. Have you ever noticed that some spring waters leave your mouth dry when you're done drinking it? Makes you wonder what's in the spring water. We finally ended up with Nestle's pure life water. It may not be the spring water that we would like to choose but at least it's filtered through a reverse osmosis system eliminating bacteria.

Motor home repair miracles

After driving all the way to North Carolina to pick up a sailboat the previous owner forgot to tell us that the trailer was in bad shape. The only problem was you couldn't find anybody to work on it at same day except for a motor home repair shop. Luckily the guys that worked there were jacks of all trades. Being born in the Carolina's their knowledge of boats, trailers, and motor homes comes only second knowledge to eating their lunch. We pulled in there, they matched up our bearings and installed a whole new lighting system on the trailer and we were out of there withing two hours. These guys never to be forgotten by us.

Ipod or iphone tower

I've always wanted a better docking system with great speakers for my ipod. I've looked around in a lot of different places but nothing seem to satisfy me until now. I found an iphone or ipod tower. It's over three foot tall solid black . Its so nice because it actually hides in the corner of my bedroom with the built in sub-woofer and a four high powered speakers. It sounds like the music is from a more expensive surround sound system. From craig systems.

Herbal enhancements

Monday, October 10, 2011

It had been many many years since I had talked to one of my girlfriends. As far as I know she had moved to Texas and that was the last I heard of her. Then one day I had a call from her. She was back in the area and wanted to throw an early all girls party. When I arrived at her house I noticed all the K6 herbal incense. After few minutes  of hugs it seemed like the incense were relaxing me. Very pleasant smell.

My other girlfriend that was there was telling me how long she had been using all the
Party enhancers in her own home. Bringing on a relaxing feeling in today's world is a big feat. The one thing that I was drawn to the most were the Spiritual powders. The whole night turned into an experience of our lifetime.  Getting together with my girlfriends twenty years later was a lot of fun. I decided to purchase a few different things from Herbal City LLC to keep the effect going in my own house.

Re-occurring colds

During the year most times our family would only come down with a few colds. The problem was it would start in one person and by the time it was done with the last person you would have to be careful because it could start all over again. Now that my son is going to school he is exposed to a lot of different germs so just in the last six months we have had the three colds that seem to last forever.

Halloween invitations

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Halloween is always special time of the year for us.  Our friend down the road is always building a haunted house that starts in his two car garage then runs down his driveway using temporary walls built up plywood  and two by four's. The word has got around so much in the ten years he has been doing it that people are actually backed up down the street waiting  in line. This year it was kind of strange but nice to open up our mail and find Halloween invitations for all of us on the 28th of October. He did this so all of us could enjoy it without the crowd that are his friends.

Things we do in winter

Each year in the winter time it seems like we are getting more and more snow. I love New York in the winter time for the fun things we can do. Snowmobiling is so much fun along with sliding downhill with the kids. We make a big bonfire, heat up our hot chocolate and toast our marshmallows. It makes for a great day that leads into the night. We always stay so long that we bring an extra change of clothes just in case we too wet from the snow.

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