TV stand

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We can't use our 47 inches TV at the moment. Apparently the bulb inside was blown when the power went on and off one day when we had a storm. We are so frustrated about what happened because that TV is not even a year old. So now it's laying down on the shed. The tv stand is still in very good shape so we took our old TV from the box and set it on top of the tv stand. It works perfectly well matching the color of our old TV.

How to win back your friendship

How to tell the difference from good friends and less-than-good friends? From these checklists you'll learn the friendship you have with them.
Friendship should reduce your stress, not add to it. A friendship that's hard word or feels bad is not true friendship.
Real friends support you and help without being asked. They never judge you, belittle you or act superior to you.
Friends listen. You know when you noticed when talking to your friend her/his eyes always glazed over while you were talking as she/he waited for her/his next chance to speak.
But did you know that you can fix a broken friendship? Yes you can! Identify what's wrong. Maybe your needs have changed. Then articulate your concerns (not easy!). If that doesn't work, give up and move on. :-)

Engagement rings

My boyfriend at the time took me so much by surprise one day when we went out to dinner to this beautiful restaurant. We had a bottle of campaign and to my surprise I almost drank my engagement ring. It was so beautiful with the marquis cut diamond. I love it very much not to mention I couldn't shut off my tears of joy in the middle of the restaurant. The only thing was it was white gold. In the days to follow I said it by accident about the color. So being the great guy my fiancee is, we went out to look for engagement rings together. The set we found was so brilliant at the same store that they just took mine in exchange for the new ones. Now I'm happy.

Sand risk : what to do

We all know that summer is way far ahead. After reading an article about sand risk I thought that I am obliged to share what I have just learned. It says that beach sand has five to ten times more bacteria than adjacent water. bacteria from bird droppings and human waste such as E. Coli may survive longer in sand than in water because bacteria adhere to particles.

I myself don't want to spoil the fun on the beach. We like going to the beach especially playing on the sand and make sand castles. So to have a self-defense against the bacteria make sure to wash hands after leaving the beach. Warn children not to put their hands in their mouths when digging in the sand.

Swiss Army luggage

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Don't you just love it when a surprise came along? I am talking of a very reasonably priced trip to Cancun Mexico which includes travel tickets, the hotel, and food for the whole family. My husband received this from a mail letter which came from believe it or not a past employer. My husband left with very good standings with this company. We really wanted some good durable luggage so we took a word of a friend and looked up Swiss Army luggage. We weren't in any way disappointed. Very stylish and durable and will last for many years.

Our strategy of buying on ebay : it really works

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Once upon a time? Not really! We were looking for a snowmobile. My husband is an eBay fanatic. He had over thirty eight snowmobile on his eBay page. Constantly watching days of the auction versus pricing and the years of the snowmobile. Really the best way to narrow it down on eBay is to watch for the snowmobile in your price range that don't receive a bid for whatever reason.

Usually its location sometimes too high a price but then again the high price one won't fall in our category. So we wait for the auction to end on a snowmobile that doesn't receive any bids then you email the seller with a cheap price and hope for the best. Being the auction is over this does not interfere with eBay's policy. Eventually my husband after sending about twelve email over three weeks got a response back to accept the cheaper price. Not a bad snowmobile and we got it for three hundred dollars less than what the seller was offering it for in the auction.

The other way to do it is when on the first day of the listing is to email the seller and offer them a cheap price if they close the auction now. You know there's a lot of people out there that want their money now instead of later, so they'll take your offer just so they can have the money sooner. And this really works. Follow this and you'll save some bucks.


Amazing how much snow we get here living in the Central New York Snow Belt area. After thirty years of not having a snowmobile we decided to buy one. So what happens I thought I could show off like I did as a kid. I fell off hurt my leg so I was laid up for quite sometime. I needed to do my Christmas shopping so I was looking for a sale. There was so much stuff. I found myself buying again and again but all my love ones are very happy with their gifts and it was very effortlessly for me being laid up with my leg.

Advance happy holidays!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow so we can go out and have fun. I make a short video clip of what we did last Sunday. Oh so cold outdoors but its so much fun. The kids love it too. Check this out.
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New DSL Connection

Monday, December 15, 2008

After months of waiting, my sister finally switch her Internet to DSL which makes things a lot easier for all of us. She had a Smart Bro prepaid type of card with minutes used before but it was so frustrating when in the middle of our conversation the line got screwed up. Sometimes I can't even call her computer but this morning my sister came online. It was so funny when she put on her web cam and I can see everybody talking at the same time. Me and Jarred got the chance to talk to Papa and Mama. We are all so excited seeing everyone. I just wish Papa's eye sight comes back so he can see Jarred on the web cam.

weighing the pros and cons

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Often times, it made me think if I am going home to see my mama and papa. It's been four years now that I haven't seen my beloved parents and living in a faraway land away from them is not that easy. I want to see my loved ones but there are many things to be considered and this has been left undone. What's making me stop doing it? Its money, time, and security.

To fly over the Philippines with only me and my 2 year old requires a budget not to mention spending thirty one hours on a plane. Real scary not for myself but for my son who will experience a long trip. He never had a long trip before. Only thinking of what situation we'll have already gives me cold feet and sweaty hands. Along with his health. Can he adjust to the weather over there which sometimes goes up to 95 degrees? What if he'll get sick? So many what if's. I will decide soon God HELP ME!

BUGS everywhere!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

How was it every time you go to the doctor to get well you ended up getting well the one thing and then you turn around and you come down with something else as in a massive cold? I hate it. That's probably why I don't feel like going to the doctors' more often. I feel like charging the doctors for the medicine to ease my cold because after all they're the ones they gave it to me. Next time I think I wear gloves on my hands and a respirator on my face and walk in just to prove a point of how many germs are in a clean doctors office. :-)

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