Buy touch screen laptops

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My mom's birthday is coming up and its been a long time holding off from introducing her to the Internet. She says she doesn't want nothing to do with it. To buy touch screen laptops we are going to have to search for awhile online to make sure the laptop would suit my mom's needs. Really, we just need something simple so she can communicate through email and facebook so it would be a very simple touch screen.

Gas scam

Today's gas seems to get lower and lower in octane rating. The cheaper gas were shortened the mileage life of your average car by twenty five percent. People don't stop to realize this because they need to save the money from today's economy. I found out lately that a lot of gas stations are advertising about the same high price but they're using 91 octane instead of 93 octane. I think it should be posted that the lower octane the lower the mileage you get out of the vehicle. I think its part of the bigger plan to make the turnover of cars a lot faster and repairs a lot more frequent to waste our money. So saving money at the pump does not save you anything.

Carpet stores near you

Thursday, July 26, 2012

At first when I stepped into home renovations I thought I knew it all but I soon learned that I knew a lot less. I knew that I could get a lot of work done if I was only on the site. But being there was always that one or two different items that were forgotten to complete the job. Trying to keep to the closing schedule on the property and keeping track of all the sub-contractors was a lot of fun.  I've had experience after experience when it comes to fine tuning a final product. One day at the house the first storey casings were mixed up with the basement level. The basement level was all installed so we left it at that and bought higher quality casings for the main level of the house.

I found over the last few years to find the carpet stores near you to get the best deals from personal installers that you can depend on. One young couple that I sent to the carpet store picked up the samples and by the time they got back to me on their choice there was only ten days to set up the install before they moved in. To make sure things are perfect I always go through at the very last day before the move in just to make sure everything goes well.

Lesson learned over

I hate it. Sometimes you order things online and they promise you a lot and give you a little and when you go back to find the add it is no longer there. So you can confirm what they promised you originally and to get your money back it takes a few days to find the telephone number to the company and then you have to argue the point of why you want to return the item. I guess I learned my lesson again.

Soap dispenser

Thursday, July 12, 2012

We hate it so much when the cold season gets here. It seems like my little one has a cold for months and months because in elementary school there are just too many germs floating around. My son came home the other day from school and said that they had no soap to wash their hands for lunch. I thought that was so ridiculous. The very next day I sent him to school with his own personal soap dispenser that he knows to bring home on Fridays so we can make sure it's full for the week to come.

Starting my workouts

I started going back to my workouts the other day. The first DVD I start with is called Core Secrets with Brooke Burke. She demonstrates ten of Gunnars best basic exercise to work your body from head to toe. He hits every major muscle group in a sequence per strenght training moves. Its a lot of fun and work at the same time.

Glenna Jean Riley

Another baby shower in the family. It's so important not to outdo one baby shower for the next if its in the family. Some people can be so jealous of others when it comes to the set up for the party and who's invited. Besides a few little extras we decided to give basically the same thing to one niece as we did the other. By going with Glenna Jean Riley and leaving a few options for the future I think they're both really happy with our presents.

Hot work

So hot again today, my husband worked out in the sun all day at his work doing concrete siding on elementary school in Syracuse. The boss brought them  the wrong kind of aerial lift so it was a little hard to get to the levels that they wanted to not to mention at the edge of the school there was a hill they had to go down which is very steep. Not so safe.

Skid steers for sale

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

After having three estimates on the work we needed done on our old farm that we had bought we had never realized how much money it would cost to fill the back area behind the barn. We had enough gravel on hand we just needed to move it from one part of the property to the other. Instead of paying for a contractor to do the work we looked into skid steers for sale. We found a used one for only three thousand dollars more than what the contractor was going to charge us.  So we think its a win win situation.

Painting the bottom of the boat

My husband never realized before buying our boat how long it would take to scrape the bottom for repainting. After spending three days of scraping he went to get the primer an d the paint and discovered with his many coats that he needs to put on it is going to cost over four hundred dollars and a lot more time to do it.

Sports trophies

Monday, July 9, 2012

Its so much fun watching my son grow up. The unique ways that he learns things has some of his friends baffled. He seems to be a little me already. My friend came over the other day with her little one. The first thing that the little guy went after was my husband's sports trophies. My son ran over and told the little one don't touch those my daddy will get mad.

Hot weather

We're finally out of the heat wave I hope. This week the temperatures are in the mid 80's that's still too hot. But last week in the mid 90's in Central New York is unheard of.  You can't even go outdoors without a ton of sun screen on.

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