Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who wouldn't want to save money? Considering how the present economy affects everyone these days I think most of us want to shave off some money. It pays to shop around but you have to watch out for what quality you are looking for. You can find great buys online on sale if you really put effort on your search and then find the ones with the best quality. I'm a fanatic of online deals and most of the time I am happy to the online shopping deals that I got.

Sun Parasol Plant

I love surprises so when my husband called me on the phone from work  saying that he have a surprise for me, I got real excited and encouraged him to tell me what it was but my convincing power is not enough I guess. What's the sense of a surprise if he tells me right? So I have to wait until he comes home. He handed me a plant on a pot. This plant is called Sun Parasol. So pretty...

Sun Parasol plants are known for their vigor, weather tolerance, continuous blooming, disease resistance and ease of growing. These plants perform brilliantly in a garden situation as well as in containers, in windows, on patios and in hanging baskets. I love this plant.

Pond pumps

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We always want to have a nice pond right in our backyard and for us it's a perfect spot to build it for entertainment. We like our backyard and it will be more enjoyable for us to stay on the area watching the fishes swimming on the pond. There were things to consider for pond construction such as location, safety, the cost and design. We realized its a little costly for us so we decided to gather the materials little by little while shopping around for pond pumps that we are going to use.

Spread the love award

My blogger friend Zvonko gave this award to me. I truly appreciate it my friend.

Lets us all spread love not hate. Let us learn to love one another despite our differences. In race, religion, beliefs and upbringing. A world built on love is a much happier world to live in.


1. Copy the badge and put it on your blog.
2. Link back the person who passed you this award.
3. Spread the love to at least 10 or more bloggers.

Now I am passing this award YOU. Please grab it guys and spread your love to each and everyone.

Acne treatment

It's not fun to have persistent acne which does happen to some people in their adolescence as well as adults. In fact I was one of those unlucky people who have suffered from mild to persistent acne. I've tried some products but only giving me false hope and only gets worse. Until me and my husband had decided to seek for a dermatologist help for acne treatment. I am thankful to end my problem.

Parting with my baby stuff

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's tough to part with things you loved so much because of the memories you have with it. Cleaning up my son's closet the other day and deciding which one to keep is hard for me. It is tough to let go especially with those cute little baby stuff. But I had to do what I should do so. The clothes will end up in the drop box at the church for donation. I realized when knowing that somebody can make use of them makes me feel better.

Fat burning

You may have lost your interest to exercise because it seems not working for you to lose weight and looking for a fat burning is what you believe in will solve your problem. If this is the case it might be worth a try to visit the site that I came across which list down the best natural fat burners. Its good to know these things that a site had put in together and list down the best products out there.

A trick

Don't you love it when you heard a song from the radio and then it keeps repeating itself on your head? It did happen to me but no I'm not gone crazy in my head. It just stored in my memory and I had to force myself to get rid of it. A trick will help. Try this one. Focus on a different song that will surely help.

Fat burners

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some people are working on their weight loss and some are still on the process of searching on the best diet pill for what they believe will work on their case. I stumbled on a site that put in together the comprehensive lists of fat burners which they claims to be effective. These might help out for everyone who is searching for fat burners out there. You might want to visit this site to solve your quest.

The curiousity of little mind

There's never been a more fun time before our little boy than to tear apart and re-build our train track over and over again. Geo-track trains and a track have so many different designs its almost endless. The parts are all snapped together sometimes Jarred takes it on his own to unbuild and build a new track. His creative little mind is always spinning out some kind of design that's different and his at that age where every answer to every question is imprinted into that little mind.

Tuxedo shirt

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Still looking for the right tuxedo shirt for the occasion? Consider online shopping to save time and save big money. is your one stop online store offers a great selection of tuxedos and formal wear for men and women. Whoever wants to look their best and feel good in wearing their formal wear of dashing collections you can find them online for whatever formal events needs.


I read somewhere about thunderstorm that when you see lighting, it has already missed you. But when you hear thunder the show is over which means the noise is just the audience rushing for the exits. It is funny but the roar of thunder still makes me rush inside and seek the protection of the house. This was happened this morning when Jarred and I went out so he can play in the yard while I was weed whacking. Its very sunny then about ten minutes later the clouds went darker and we heard the thunder so immediately we run inside. The loud thunder scared the heck out of us! (lol)

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