Thursday, January 28, 2010

So many different styles and colors let alone trying to figure out what size screen you need for your laptop in today's world. It's really all about what you're going to use it for as far as I'm concerned. The storage of the computer "memory" is the most important. If you're just going to surf the Internet you don't really need anything special but if you're running multiple programs you need more memory to keep the speed of the computer cruising along.

Geo airplane

Hours of fun for our little guy. We thought we had everything to do with Geo-track train sets. And then fisher price comes out with a remote control airplane that has a train bridge underneath of it that hooks to the Geo track train set. Here we go! All aboard?

Life insurance quote

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's always good to be prepared even though you don't like thinking about the inevitable. We finally sat down the other day figuring out our budget. We needed to figure out how much life insurance we could afford. After compounding all of our bills we needed to get a few life insurance quote. Now to weed through all the pluses and minuses of these policies will take us a few more days.

Driveway alarm

Being our windows and doors don't face our driveway, it's kind of a real shocker when somebody knocks on the door unexpectedly. My husband installed a driveway alert alarm the other day. The only thing was he put it too low in the ground. It was going off in the middle of the night. Come to find out it was a rabbit hopping by.

Finance jobs

Friday, January 15, 2010

With what seems to be the new world order there doesn't seem to be any good jobs left out there. My husband's been searching since September now he's come to the point where he's going to go back to school concentrating his degrees on business. When he complete his courses, he will target the market for finance jobs. There's still quite a need for people like this in the CNY area.

Learning abc phonics

Our son has loads of learning experience fun playing different phonics on Starfall website. At three and a half years old its amazing to see how much he knows about keyboard and the mouse. We were watching t.v. when we heard the printer start printing and our son was the only one there. He had printed a picture of a gingerbread men that he could color with his crayons. We're still trying to figure it out. :-)

Drug rehab

It took my husband such a long time to finally convince one of his friends that he had a drug addiction. It seemed like almost once a month my husband was getting a call from his friend to help him out. After driving forty miles in the middle of the night to the friend's house the last time, my husband knocked on the door. No answer. Then he walked around the house, all the lights were on, back to the door knocking. No answer. Fearing the worst that happen my husband pushed in the door to find his friend on the floor blacked out. He was okay the next morning. In the weeks to come my husband talked him into getting help at a drug rehab. We'll see in the weeks to follow if he stays with it. Addictions can be the worst.

Creosote remover

We found some great products the other day which is called Creosote Remover. We've had a lot of problems this year with our chimney because we didn't get enough time to let all of our wood dry properly. When wood is not dry properly it creates more creosote into the chimney which is a highly flammable black sticky substance. If the creosote ignites in the chimney it may create a fire that sounds like a train going up your chimney. The temperature of the chimney may rise hot enough to melt single wall steel pipe. Just incredible!

Top anti aging products

I hate to think about it but we all grow old sooner or later. Trying this product or that cream seems to be monotonous. I figured I start early at preserving my youth eating right exercising also drinking spring water instead of the village municipal water that has so many chemicals in it is a big start. The other thing was looking into today's top anti aging products is a must. Shopping around for the right product for my particular needs has saved me money.

Concord Supersonic Jet

I never knew that years ago that there was a supersonic passenger jet called the Concord. Almost twice as fast as any other airline it was an incredibly beautiful jet with a nose cone that will tilt up and down to balanced the jet for take off and landing. The safety record on it was impeccable up to its one accident. We wish the concord was still in service we would trust it just as much or more than other airlines and it would shortened our time on our journey to the Philippines.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's tough to have a an everyday balance. Searching for the right supplement it can be financially devastating and upsetting to say the least. After doing one particular weight loss program it was working but it was working too slowly for me. I found out by taking CLA supplements that the two of this together extremely sped up my weight loss dilemma.

Shortwave radio

With all the things going on in the world its always nice to be a little bit prepared. My husband ordered a special radio the other day. It can run on batteries, AC power, but the best thing is it has a hand crank generator in it that runs the radio and flashlight. It also has a short wave radio band in it to be all to listen all around the world to different broadcast. At least we have something just in case.

Weight loss supplements

I finally talk to my husband into sharing my aerobic DVD with me. I think its sweet. I love watching him dance around. :-) The DVD last for forty five minutes. It has three parts about twelve minutes each. This video along with our weight loss supplements is helping us out immensely. My battle is only a little one. But my husband's may take months.

Thumb print log-in

Working on the Internet quite a lot, having to sign in and sign out all the time it can be such a pain. They need a keyboard with a small screen on it that actually you can use your thumb print on this touch screen to log in to the entire Internet. Somebody should take this idea and make millions off in it.

Men's vitamins

Being my husband has been laid off for the winter he was mentioning to me how exhausted he feels doing nothing. Being that money is tight he was deep in thought of every little thing we could cut back on to save money. One of the things were glad to spent money on is men's vitamins. He was surprised that how fast they took effect on him. It's a middle of winter here and he's thinking about going jogging every morning. Brrrrr...freezing!

Electronic cleaning wipes

With our little one forever thinking that he has to touch the screen on the PC to make a point the screen is forever getting dirty. We used to just wipe it down but it never gets really clean so we went out on a search to find electronic cleaning wipes that with our little one we used them on a daily basis.

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Where's the remote? The husband asked. The wife replies back "why don't you move that three hundred pounds of body weight and find it yourself". As a husband rolls out of his chair, what a disgusting look on his face. The wife has a smirk look on her face because she knows where the remote is. She has it under the pillow. She waits about five minutes as he tears apart the living room looking for it. And then click here to learn more. You'll find out.

A child's imagination

Our son has such a great imagination from building bridges out of our burning kinlin wood. He set up his hot wheel track the other day and said look mom a ramp. He had made a ramp out of a folded magazine then he put his train bridge in front of it so the cars could land on it. He is so fun to watch he is repeating my words right now as I typed this. So funny! :-)

Best hgh supplements

Growing old, I try not to think about it. Most of us watch our mom and dad go through the trials and tribulations of the aging process not to mention everything else in life. I look at the real world myself right down to picking the right moisturizing soap for myself. There's pills, creams and of course the worst cosmetic surgery. I'm thankful I don't need that. I think I found the best hgh supplements. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones I've had no problem with taking them.

Chimney fires

We had a bad experience in the middle of the night. We started running low on our good burning wood which is cherry so we started blending pine wood to burn. The problem with the pine wood is it has too much sap in it. Pine wood sap while burning turns into a bad creosote. Creosote is a tar like substance that is very flammable. The creosote ignited in our chimney. It took off like a torch. Luckily we put up a fan on our chimney to cool the outside of the steel. The far in the chimney went out within three minutes. So scary!


Friday, January 8, 2010

It seems like every thing starts to fall apart when you get older. Not to mention the car but that's another story. Over the last five years my weight was slowly getting more on me. What's the sense to trying diet pills when its really exercise that you need. I started jogging for a while that only helped a little so I looked into ellipticals. I can't believe how many different kinds they have and it really is helping so much.

OSHA safety

You would not believe the rules and regulations of a proper work environment these days. My husband took his course a forty hours OSHA certification. The book he studied out of is about three inches thick must have fifteen thousand rules in it. It's a wonder when they set up a job site that they get anything done three hours to make sure no rules are broken, four hours of work, one hour of lunch and he's on his way home again.

Hazardous area scaffolder

My husband just completed his hazardous scaffolding building class. Six days of intense learning and building steel frames. His training will take him to a job this spring at a nuclear power plant where he will be removing steel floor grids that are above radio-active water at the plant. Building down from the top of the floor grid hanging steel baskets to support other workers that will be working down in the basket to repair valves. He's not looking forward to this but working three weeks there is three months worth of regular income. Hope for the best.

Metal tiles

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My husband was a little upset with me the other day. See I've always been exhausted from cleaning the ceramic tiles on the wall back splash in my kitchen. So I waited for him to go to work and I went out in our tool shed. Being my husband is a full blown remodeller I found every tool I need. Taking the tiles off the wall went fast. I planned on replacing the ceramic tiles with metal tiles. One ones I picked out looked like pewter they are complete stainless steel. Now all I have to do is get my husband to cut them all for me. Come on now I'll install them.

Scaffold liscenses

My husband is a carpenter his jobs crosses over into many trades. One of the things that he's been doing for years now needs a license in the United States. Scaffold building. It's more for safety than anything else because so many people die a year from falls or falling debris off a scaffolding. He has to take a forty hour course and pass an exam at the end. After all safety is always first.

Secrets to sending money the easy way

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's such a pain to send money, the cost is ridiculous whether it be western union, wal-mart, paypal. They all charge you too much. I ran into this blogger the other day that had a little secret. He said by sending him two dollars he would send me the secret to sending money all over the world. For as little as two dollars a month for all the transfers I was amazed and there wasn't much to lose. This obvious secret stares us in the face but I just never seen it.

Hair vitamins

When I was younger my hair used to grow oh so much more than it does today. I guess as you get older it starts to slow down oh my face comes to a frown. So I went out and look for things and ended up with hair vitamins. So the moral of the story is don't get old or you'll have to be sold on hair vitamins.

Making money online

Starting an Internet web site can be frustrating. Trying to find a niche here or a niche there. Better to make a multiple small dollars than no dollars at all. One little thing we did find was this ad you can place on your site Instant daily cash.

Auto insurance

Friday, January 1, 2010

Being too excited gets you nowhere. We won some things off in eBay but the trip was a nine hour journey. Leaving the house unprepared was the first mistake second mistake was forgetting to check the tires on the trailer that we were pulling. BOOM! Luckily we were one mile from the exit and right off the exit was the tire company. One hundred and eighty dollars later we were on our way. Still in a hurry we were clocked 57 mph in a 40 mph zone. And of course the first thing the officer asked for was registration and proof of auto insurance. We forgot to put the most recent card in the glove box luckily they could figure out on their computer that we do have up to date insurance.

The real world

Lets take a vote. How many of you out there think that facebook is getting out of control? There's so many different worlds there now in order to keep things running right you have to check it every day, let alone one of your friends joined another world and invites you. Do you really feel obligated? But if you don't accept their gift they know it and some of them get ticked off. There is a real world to belong to unless you're a hermit in a cave but he also has the walls to talk to. let's face it I don't have two hours a day to update world's other than my own. You be the judge.

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