Buy cherry kitchen cabinets

Saturday, December 29, 2012

My husband got a call the other day from a lady about renovating her kitchen. When he arrived at the address it was a brand new home never even lived in yet. The lady said that she didn't like the brand new maple cabinets and trim in her kitchen. She wanted everything in cherry cabinets instead of this. The contractor that built the house was already too busy finishing two other houses. Now my husband is off to buy cherry kitchen cabinets from a wholesaler that he's dealt with for years.


With little ones in school it seems like having a cold or sickness is part of everyday life. We went through the fever, sinus, cough, sore throat thing three weeks ago. We had a break for two weeks and right back into it. It is horrible. Going to the doctors is only one way to get more sickness.

Spongebob lip-synching

Friday, December 14, 2012

It must be because we are sick. We have had so much cold and flew medicine its making us silly. My son got home from school I sat down with him to help him with his homework. We turn the sound down on Spongebob a few minutes later. Both of us were filling in the words of what Spongebob and Patrick might be funny.

Salt water fish aquarium

Saturday, December 8, 2012

We finally changed over our aquarium. We found a good home for our huge coy fish and converted our aquarium over to salt water. The only problem with salt water, the fish is so expensive.We are going to start out with a small fish but even the small fish can set you back 200 dollars at the beginning. The three fish that I want from the beginning are a goby, hermit crab, and a bright red fire shrimp.

Rickenbacker at musicians friend

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Now that the kids are all in school I want to get back into some of my hobbies that I haven't done for years. One of those was all the home made pies I would make and my niece would take them to the regional market and sell them every Saturday to make extra money. In my younger days I took guitar lessons on and off for a year. I've looked at rickenbacker at musicians friend, I'm so anxious I just can't wait for my husband to get home from work to see if he agrees with the one I've picked out.

New mall

This weekend if we get the time we will be taking a trip out to the new mall in Syracuse NY. They have completely added on to make it almost twice the size that it was. It has a go cart track, water rides along with at least forty new stores. I can't wait to see it.

Spring hinges

Monday, November 19, 2012

About a year ago our son had an accident in school. He had accidentally reached through the hinge side of a door. Another boy closed the door and caught our son's finger in it. After investigating the whole thing if the door would have had a piano hinge all the way down the edge he might have ended up with just a pinched finger but instead it just about cut it off. The doctors took hours fixing it. Still to this day fifty percent of the nerves are not there. The school has installed spring hinges on these doors in hopes that the doors closed faster to avoid any little hands that may reach the opposite side.

Infrared heater

So far so good. We been using one of those new quarts infrared heaters in our house to try to save some fuel. We found out that for the area of our room the heater is really good for twenty five degree outdoor temperature and above. And that's with under ten mile an hour winds. It held our room at seventy degrees easily all night. I just hope that it doesn't get any colder.

Bell helmets

Monday, October 29, 2012

When the kids were little I didn't worry too much about their helmets that they wore. Lets face it they were only going five miles an hour on 12 volt vehicles. Now that they're getting older they are graduating to gas powered ATV's. So as Christmas approaches I'm thinking about getting all new bell helmets. Even though these ATV's are governed down to 10 miles an hour helmets are such a necessity.

Storm is coming

Waiting for the storm to hit might be just as nerve wrecking as the storm itself. I guess we can only hope that it isn't as bad as they say it can be. For ourself the storm from Canada is at our door. Strong winds and small tree limbs blowing by at the moment. If this storm collide with the other ones let's hope it collides some place else besides over top of our house.

Time and attendance software

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Unbelievable how much  updating of schooling my husband had to do to work three weeks at a nuclear facility shut down. Two weeks of schooling paid in full he's not complaining even if though the testing gave him migraine and headache. After he received his electronic badge and finger print scan he was good to start work at the facility. Wouldn't you know it the same day he went to go in the double security gates and they were updating their time and attendance software. The new employees including himself started to back up as a card readers wasn't reading correctly. He got through one gate with one card and a fingerprint scan but the next gates would not work correctly. Over three hundred people were waiting fro almost two hours before it was up and running again.

Going on a road trip

It is going to be so nice this Thursday were finally going on another road trip. I love road trips down to Pennsylvania. We love going sight seeing to all the nature points and taking lots of pictures during the fall. Some of the most interesting pictures we took last year were of small creeks  and old stone dams specially when you take the pictures in black and white.

Winter fun outdoors

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Last year was the year without snow. There was only a couple of days when we got to ride the snowmobile. Hopefully this year we'll have more snow. Even though its so cold outdoors taking the kids sliding on a nice sunny day is the most enjoyment we have with the snow.

Monitor floor stands

My husband through the union occasionally goes on what he calls the oddity jobs. Out of the union hall they called six carpenters to come in and completely set up these unusual showrooms inside of a local mall. When they all showed up and sign in they expected a little direction from the general contractor. But the general contractor was less knowledgeable of the blue prints than most of the carpenters were. So it was kind of chaotic for a while. My husband's job was to build and install for monitor floor stands on the first day into concrete. They were installed on an inside corner with mirrors on both sides to possibly reflect a bigger view of the area.

Frenc vanilla rootbeer float

This summer we took another trip to the water park. We had lots of fun now that our son is a little bit older. Its nice to be all to sit down for a while and just watch him play  on the different children's rides. While we were there my husband went to the ice cream stand and bought me a real French vanilla root beer float. I can't believe something so delicious and I've never had it in my life.

RFID blocking

Its hard to believe how many gadgets the criminals have these days to try to steal your identity to steal your money. As my husband says he's good at his job as a carpenter and thieves are good at their jobs for coming up with new ideas to steal your accounts. I'm always wondering when doing my bill pay online that someone is going to access my account. Just going to the local grocery store I feel more confident with my rfid blocking. Now if they would only use a finger print scan when I slide my credit card through the machine would be nice.

Chimney inspection

Thank goodness for the chimney inspection code. My mother had bought an older modular home and it had a corner fireplace in it. Before she got her certificate of occupancy one of the things was the chimney inspection that had to be done. Come to find out the hidden chimney in the wall was in bad shape and its a good thing we didn't start a wood stove in it. There would have been a fire.

Carpet flooring

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Years ago we bought an old Victorian house to live in temporarily until we renovated it and sold it. We had our location for our new house picked out we just needed a better down payment. So on our spare time we took on the renovations of the Victorian. Listening to my dad's wisdom we started with the roof which originally was slate. We converted it to a nice gray metal roof. The custom cedar shake shingle siding as it met the roof look so terrific.

Luckily for us most of the interior of the house needed only minor repair. The kitchen was beautiful antique looking cabinets but they were worn out. We ended up replacing them with basically the same style but of course new. The counter tops we replaced with black counters with gold fleck in them. I can remember the long list of things left to do they were only little things but they took three days. At this time we were so tired with all of it. We ended up taking estimates on the carpet flooring with the help of the site we found at After two days of cleaning we called the real state agent. All of our hard work paid off as we sold this beautiful Victorian for a 70k profit.

Tough hours

My husband is going through a tough time with adjusting to his new work. He went from days and now he is going to nights. Trying to change your body's internal clock is very hard. He will only be three weeks at doing this and then he has to change back to days.

Cigar humidor

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One of my friends at works wife just gave birth to a baby girl. He is a younger guy and and seems like the old cigar tradition was never explained to him. So I got a few friends together at work and we all pitched in for a cigar humidor filled with vanilla flavoured pink ribbon wrap cigars. At first he was stunned  as we all pressured him to go outdoors to light up to celebrate the occasion.

Gold fish

Years ago we won two gold fist at the field days shooting ping pong balls into the little fish balls. Seemed too easy back then. We put these two little fish in a 32 gallon aquarium and now they're monsters. Each one of them measuring over 10 inches long and they must be five or six years old. Now its time for either a big aquarium or give them to somebody that has gold fish ponds.

Wholesale shoes

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Four months ago my husband needed new work shoes. He finally found some at a shop that specializes in them. They were very comfortable and just what he wanted carbon fiber so he could go through the metal detector at work. After working with them for about a month something went wrong with the sole inside. It cracked. He was very disappointed. We found a place online wholesale shoes from that he's looking at a new pair.

First day in first grade

The anticipation  made him sleepless all night waiting and wanting to go to that first day of first grade. He was so jumpy as I kissed and hug him bye bye for the day and when he came home he said he had an awesome day. Seems like yesterday he was a little baby. I love you son.

Chocolate sleep

Thursday, August 23, 2012

As you probably know chocolate eating enough of it an keep you up all night that is milk chocolate. Milk chocolate contains tyrosine which when eaten is converted into dopamine which keeps you very awake. On the other hand  you ca sleep soundly by eating dark chocolate all day. Dark chocolate contains serotonin which can put your mind and body to relax mode and also has a lot of other health benefits.

Mighty machines

Monday, August 20, 2012

My son has so much fun going on netflix for kids. One of his favorite shows is mighty machines. It is all about heavy equipment backhoes, cranes, dump trucks, and loaders. He is definitely interested at least in the destroyed part so far.

Army t shirts

Its tough buying clothes for my husband when he doesn't want me to buy any. He will go to work with some of the oldest clothes. If they just about fall off in him then he will get some new ones. He says it comes from years ago when he was promised through the union of 39 day job. He went out bought lots of new clothes and then the job was over in twelve days. The only thing he likes that I buy for him are army t shirts. He says they fit the best.

Job laid off

My husband finally got laid off from the union school job. It seems like it happens all the time at the very end the contractor brings in his own crews to finish up everything that's the easiest in the end. The union does the hard work and the contractor's guys just finished.

Pawn shop shows

Sunday, August 5, 2012

That Chicago Pawn shop show is such a joke it's suppose to be about a pawn shop and all it is about their family problems and how they don't get along. Along with their short temper when it comes to people bringing things in to pawn. They only pay about twenty cents on a dollar to what they can really sell it for. All in all we won't be watching. On the other hand the other pawn shop in Las Vegas is as real as it gets when it comes to dealing with customers.

Buy touch screen laptops

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My mom's birthday is coming up and its been a long time holding off from introducing her to the Internet. She says she doesn't want nothing to do with it. To buy touch screen laptops we are going to have to search for awhile online to make sure the laptop would suit my mom's needs. Really, we just need something simple so she can communicate through email and facebook so it would be a very simple touch screen.

Gas scam

Today's gas seems to get lower and lower in octane rating. The cheaper gas were shortened the mileage life of your average car by twenty five percent. People don't stop to realize this because they need to save the money from today's economy. I found out lately that a lot of gas stations are advertising about the same high price but they're using 91 octane instead of 93 octane. I think it should be posted that the lower octane the lower the mileage you get out of the vehicle. I think its part of the bigger plan to make the turnover of cars a lot faster and repairs a lot more frequent to waste our money. So saving money at the pump does not save you anything.

Carpet stores near you

Thursday, July 26, 2012

At first when I stepped into home renovations I thought I knew it all but I soon learned that I knew a lot less. I knew that I could get a lot of work done if I was only on the site. But being there was always that one or two different items that were forgotten to complete the job. Trying to keep to the closing schedule on the property and keeping track of all the sub-contractors was a lot of fun.  I've had experience after experience when it comes to fine tuning a final product. One day at the house the first storey casings were mixed up with the basement level. The basement level was all installed so we left it at that and bought higher quality casings for the main level of the house.

I found over the last few years to find the carpet stores near you to get the best deals from personal installers that you can depend on. One young couple that I sent to the carpet store picked up the samples and by the time they got back to me on their choice there was only ten days to set up the install before they moved in. To make sure things are perfect I always go through at the very last day before the move in just to make sure everything goes well.

Lesson learned over

I hate it. Sometimes you order things online and they promise you a lot and give you a little and when you go back to find the add it is no longer there. So you can confirm what they promised you originally and to get your money back it takes a few days to find the telephone number to the company and then you have to argue the point of why you want to return the item. I guess I learned my lesson again.

Soap dispenser

Thursday, July 12, 2012

We hate it so much when the cold season gets here. It seems like my little one has a cold for months and months because in elementary school there are just too many germs floating around. My son came home the other day from school and said that they had no soap to wash their hands for lunch. I thought that was so ridiculous. The very next day I sent him to school with his own personal soap dispenser that he knows to bring home on Fridays so we can make sure it's full for the week to come.

Starting my workouts

I started going back to my workouts the other day. The first DVD I start with is called Core Secrets with Brooke Burke. She demonstrates ten of Gunnars best basic exercise to work your body from head to toe. He hits every major muscle group in a sequence per strenght training moves. Its a lot of fun and work at the same time.

Glenna Jean Riley

Another baby shower in the family. It's so important not to outdo one baby shower for the next if its in the family. Some people can be so jealous of others when it comes to the set up for the party and who's invited. Besides a few little extras we decided to give basically the same thing to one niece as we did the other. By going with Glenna Jean Riley and leaving a few options for the future I think they're both really happy with our presents.

Hot work

So hot again today, my husband worked out in the sun all day at his work doing concrete siding on elementary school in Syracuse. The boss brought them  the wrong kind of aerial lift so it was a little hard to get to the levels that they wanted to not to mention at the edge of the school there was a hill they had to go down which is very steep. Not so safe.

Skid steers for sale

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

After having three estimates on the work we needed done on our old farm that we had bought we had never realized how much money it would cost to fill the back area behind the barn. We had enough gravel on hand we just needed to move it from one part of the property to the other. Instead of paying for a contractor to do the work we looked into skid steers for sale. We found a used one for only three thousand dollars more than what the contractor was going to charge us.  So we think its a win win situation.

Painting the bottom of the boat

My husband never realized before buying our boat how long it would take to scrape the bottom for repainting. After spending three days of scraping he went to get the primer an d the paint and discovered with his many coats that he needs to put on it is going to cost over four hundred dollars and a lot more time to do it.

Sports trophies

Monday, July 9, 2012

Its so much fun watching my son grow up. The unique ways that he learns things has some of his friends baffled. He seems to be a little me already. My friend came over the other day with her little one. The first thing that the little guy went after was my husband's sports trophies. My son ran over and told the little one don't touch those my daddy will get mad.

Hot weather

We're finally out of the heat wave I hope. This week the temperatures are in the mid 80's that's still too hot. But last week in the mid 90's in Central New York is unheard of.  You can't even go outdoors without a ton of sun screen on.

Shop pharmacy counter

Saturday, June 16, 2012

These days whenever I want to buy something I go online and search for reviews of whatever I am looking for. I gained a little extra weight after having my baby and I'm looking to lose it but what product is right for me and for what cost. I can't believe how many people respond to so many things. I think the feedback pages speak for theme selves. Here's a link to what I was looking for at hopefully this will work for you also.

Free jacuzzi

Tomorrow my husband and myself are going over to my sister in law's house. If we tear down the old deck to the pool she said that we can have the jacuzzi for free. We have no problem tearing down the deck we are just going to have to rent a trailer  to transport the jacuzzi to our house.

Ps3 controllers

The fight is on. It always has been between our five year old and our fourteen year old for the best ps3 controllers. My five year old started playing games on the original old play station then moving up to a play station2. All I get from both of the kids is how much better the PS3 is compared to the PS2. But when it comes to me I have to put out the money. I talked the two kids into doing more chores for the summer to take the burden off from their dad so when he comes home from work there is less work to do on the weekend. Their extra work will pay for the PS3 if they don't do it they don't get money put in the money jar. No money no ps3.

Vinyl face lift for a house

We went shopping around the other day to home depot and Lowe's to compare the prices on siding. We're thinking about changing the siding on our house now that my husband's done with the friend's house. By putting new vinyl siding on your house it's like a complete face job on a person. Now all we have to worry about is the tax men increasing the value of our home.

Appliance factory parts

Thursday, June 7, 2012

With the Internet these days you can just about find anything by doing a little reading. When you buy a repair manual sometimes you could fix things that would normally cost you hundreds of dollars to replace. I discovered appliance factory parts online along with the repair manual, it was a little touch and go at first. But the repair went fine now the next thing is to figure out how to remove the agitator in the washing machine to replace the cogs underneath that make it agitate the clothes.

Ice maker

Every summer we never have enough ice as the hot summer days go by. My husband says we don't need a new refrigerator with an ice maker. I found the next best thing. It's an ice maker that sits on the shelf and works by itself with out the freezer. In as little as 6 minutes it can make up to 26 pounds a day if needed. Now I'm ready for the summer.

Monster headphones

Friday, June 1, 2012

Some days it seems like I'm getting so stressed out. I finally figured it out there's just too much noise., The husband is trying to watch TV, my son is playing angry bird on the phone and the daughter is listening to songs in her ipod, myself I just like listening to good country songs as I'm working in the kitchen. I'm going to buy myself a pair of Monster headphones so I don't have to listen to every body's noise.

Friend or not

Sometimes my husband can't stand it but on other times when work is slow he welcomes it. Don't you just hate it when a friend takes advantage of  your knowledge to use you to take care of all their problems. When it comes to siding my husband has done it for years but it seems like his so called friend is dragging him into a project that can last all summer on his own house.

ITIL Books

Monday, May 28, 2012

In this economy today if somebody has a job opening there could be twenty resumes or maybe two hundred that are turned in to their respectful employer just like having a niche site on the Internet to catch the consumers eye . It would be nice to have a niche resume. My last job I landed my resume cover page was outlined with a bright fluorescent green edging all the way around it along with my updated studies in ITIL Books I was good to go. He actually asked me to start immediately.

Little helper

It is so cute watching my son getting bigger. Lately, he started helping daddy doing different projects outdoors. I went outdoors to see what they were doing and I couldn't believe my eyes when my son had a paint brush and he was helping his dad paint the bottom of the boat. With the hot weather they had to paint fast and looks so comical as my son was painting with the brush at high speed. What a mess. Say goodbye to those clothes.

Life insurance online

Thursday, May 17, 2012

As a kid I used to hear it all the time as my dad was talking to my mom about all the bills. He would say we are insurance poor. Of all the insurances dad would love to have would be life insurance but with all the insurances of his business it was costing a lot of money to do business. In his later years we helped him searched for life insurance online to find a comfortable policy for him. I remember that day and I'm glad we did it's sure helping out mom.

Museum Of Science and Technolody

My son brought home a permission slip to go to the M.O.S.T. (Museum Of Science and Technology). Besides going  just to the museum they're also going to the IMAX theater to watch a movie. They asked me to chaperon during this day and I couldn't have been happier because I've never been there.  

Errors and omissions insurance cost

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It seems like there's always something new when it comes to doing business these days. We had no help when we started our business so there was a lot of trial and error. Luckily, we were very cautious and had little mistakes.  Our main problem was the cost of doing business. We thought that standard liability insurance took care of about everything but we learned that we had to add in some cost to take care of errors and omissions insurance cost. It didn't amount too much through our sales but it needed addressing.

Light fixture

Sitting in our living room and trying to read a book these days is just abut impossible the way the lighting is so to make things better I went out and bought a double head free standing twisty style light. I put it behind the couch plug it in and its nice because I can focus it anywhere I want.  Now I can read on the dim days.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Polaris ATV needed some work. It all started  with the new back bumper then my husband put two brand new black side panels by the gas tank area. It was cleaning up quite nicely for our Sunday ride. After travelling with it about five miles from our house my husband stopped and wiggled the front tire noticing that a bearing was shot on the left front tire. The sad part about it was by the time we got it home my husband went to take it apart the bearings had heated up so much that they are stuck on the spindle so he will stop tomorrow to pick up a puller in hopes that it didn't ruin the spindle.

Instant Internet/tv and radio

Something new I found on the market which is kinda cool. Its a USB stick that gives you access to over 9,000 radio station and 2,000 Internet/TV stations. Seems a little hard to believe but hopefully it works because with no monthly fee and only costing twenty dollars for sure the price is right.

Att coupons

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Being we have two cellphones through AT&T I'm forever taking my husband's slot along with my own when it comes to upgrading. Let's face it women need new phones more often than guys do. I didn't know AT&T offered home wireless systems along with cable. I was so happy to see this and happier to see the att coupons. Its just a matter of time before we get rid of our other company.

Worms and dirt

Everyone has to have one growing up so I thought my son at five years old would love the Micky Mouse watch that I got him for Christmas. A few weeks had passed he finally went back to school and one day he said mommy I want to wear my watch to school. He was so proud of that watch until the classroom bully said that watch is for babies.He came home with so much disappointment on his face. It was so sad but I told him that bully's only like worms and dirt and then his watch meant a lot to us. He said all of his friends liked it so the very next day he wore it back to school and just told the bully to mind his own business with his worms and dirt. The bully had nothing to say and walk away frustrated.

Sunless spray tan

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Of course every girl wants to have her wedding come out perfect and there are always last minute changes that can make or break a perfect ceremony. My girlfriend at the last moment  even changed the flower arrangements thinking that they were too light when it will come to the photography. At five a.m. the morning of the ceremony all the girls lined up for their sunless spray tan just to make the bride happy.

Stun gun protection

Not like that we need one in our everyday life you would hope not anyhow. Because we're travelling overseas we wanted to be able to have a stun gun just in case of an attacker. One stun gun that we looked at looks just like a cellphone the other stun gun we looked at looks exactly like a walking cane. They're getting pretty good at disguising these things. The only thing I worry about is an attacker taking it away and using it on me.

Tower fan

For this summer I am throwing out our old fashioned box fan. I like the fan but the noise drives me crazy and we don't like running the air conditioner because of the cost of the power. So I found what they call a tower fan. It is almost three foot tall and only ten inches wide and it oscillates on a small base to push the air all over the room.

Steel buildings

We had been contemplating  on wether to build the steel garage or go with a regular stick built garage. There's so many things to take into consideration with the steel buildings. Most of the work we could do on our own with the size of this building. The stick built building would require more labor from a contractor which would add up the price and go above our budget so pretty much we're leaning towards buying the steel building not to mention that it goes up faster.

Fast coffee

We are always in so much of a hurry everyday, thank goodness for instant coffee because I forget almost every night to put the filter packs in and set the auto on button on the percolator. The other day I had thirty five minutes to eat breakfast and drink down two cups of coffee. If it wasn't for the instant coffee I would have none.

Plastic model car kits

Growing up with more brothers than sisters obviously I was always looking up to them for answers but there was always that little bit of jealousy when it came to their plastic model car kits. I would always sit next to my brother as he was meticulously painting all the parts. One day he had an old one that he was going to repaint and he asked me if I would paint the seats that were already in the car. I remember this day as one of the biggest of pride in my life. The excitement of helping my older brother was terrific.

Better grass

Over the years we spent thousands of dollars trying to have a better grass with the almost none nutrient base of sand underneath our thin surface of top soil. It seems like a wet year we have a lot of wash out but on a dry year  we're forever spraying the lawn to try to keep it healthy. This year  we're experimenting with Canada green grass. It has been scientifically formulated to just about grow in any situation.

Yoga certification

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Years ago I can remember my mother in law in her spare time which wasn't much  wanting to take up yoga for some relaxation. After about six months of her classes she told me that some day she would like to be able to obtain a yoga certification. After spending long hours practicing and ready all the information that she could my father in law became sick so she didn't have the time anymore on her hands. Its a shame to see one of her dreams not come true. 


Most everybody knows the cliche' stop and smell the roses. Well the other day I was looking for the old remote to our old TV and I pulled out a box from under the bed that I haven't looked at in a few years. in the box was a lot of old photo albums of the family. It was so much fun to sit down with my son and show him all the old pictures of us before he was born. He started laughing at the pictures of daddy with long hair and big glasses. And I told my son you better be careful you might end up with long hair and big glasses if you aren't good. He gave me a real weird look with no words.

Hydraulic hose

It seemed to take such a long time for my husband to finish the house. Most was done but it was the little things that take the time. After it was all done we concentrated on establishing a beautiful lawn and our landscaping. One of the things that we needed done was bringing in lots of extra fill for the backyard. I spent three days counting how many dump trucks of load were delivered. The one day I seen the truck pull in and raise up his box just as it was going to dump the whole box slammed down. It was a  big boom. I went out to ask the driver  if he was okay. He told me that the main hydraulic hose had failed on the pump which raises and lowers the box.

Jarred's creativity

My son makes and builds so many different projects. Its fun to watch what he comes up with. With his imagination and a big set of Lego Blocks he built a dump truck with a trailer that he could tow behind. I asked him what this were and he told me. Next to the dump truck was something else that he built and he looks up at me and says mommy that's the snow plow to go on the dump truck in case we get lots of snow. A big smile came to my face and I gave him a hug just thinking about what he may become as he gets older.

Xbox slim

I hate to give away my age  but I can remember being first in the neighborhood to have the original pong game that we can play in our TV. Just two years before this we still had a black and white TV.  I remember the week end after dad buying this  that we had  no less than thirty different friends and relatives coming over to see what the big hype was about.  After all these years  and about eight gaming systems later I've moved my way up to the xbox slim, so sleek in its design that it just about hides on the shelf with all my games.

Is spring here?

Monday, March 26, 2012

It's too bad you didn't need snow to ride your snowmobile because after last night's temperatures dropping in the 30's it sure felt like that. They say that there's a special kit that you can put on your snowmobile so you have wheels up front and they replaced the sliding mechanisms in your track with wheels also. There are already wheels in the track they just add more when you take out the sliding mechanisms.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Once in  a while its always fun to go with my husband to some of his jobs. We once started the renovations on a bathroom and the lady came in and ask us about her kitchen. There are so many different ways depending on how much money you want to spend as to what style of kitchen you want. Planning a kitchen for a customer can take hours and usually there's a lot of changes along the way. One of the specialty things that she wanted to install was the lighting under the cupboards. They would be led style set with different switches that would control three different color variations that would shine on the counter top.

Some tips to put listing on Ebay auction

So much stuff around the house  so much stuff that we could put on eBay. The only problem is when it comes to clothes its best to have all the details on a piece of paper ahead of time. Not just the size of it but get out a tape measure and measure everything from sleeves, length to length from shoulder to hem line the list goes on and on and on. But this is a really good way to make sure the buyer can't back out after they bought it with the complaint that its the wrong size. So we measure everything so there's no argument after they received it.

Nuclear schooling

My husband started his training over to the Nuclear Power Plant its the Nine Mile 1 Nuclear shut down 2012. The schooling they put him through is very vigorous. Last time they put him out in the steam tower where there isn't really any radiation this time they're training him for different areas of the plant which requires extreme training. With different levels of radiation in different rooms  he said to me they even have specific paths that they take as they walk through a room to work on a specific area. And if some things just not right in their pre job brief they instantly put their job in a safe mode and leave the area to get further instructions before moving on. Very intense he says and he moves real slow concentrating on the environment around him and each step so nothing can go wrong at least on his part.

Sky chair

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My husband always remembers his trip over to the Philippines to meet me for the first time.  It was extremely hot that day but then again the Philippines is always hot. I figured  I would take him to the hotel first so he could relax for the next day to meet my family. So after talking for a while and lots of smiles and nervousness I left him for the evening at the hotel. He says he remembers the best part of the hotel was the sky chair on the balcony. With the air-conditioning in his room not being on until he turned it on when he got there the breeze outdoors on the balcony felt so great sitting there thinking about what was to come the next day.

Birthday party

It was our granddaughter's 5th birthday party today. So many people and relatives. We were hoping it would be a nice day so they can have a party outdoors but of course it wasn't so everybody ended up inside. It was already too hot in there from the wood stove let alone adding that many people but all in all it was a fun time with a very happy birthday girl Lillian Rose our one and only granddaughter.

Blood testing orlando

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hanging out most of the time in our house in cold New York can get pretty boring. As they say you get cabin fever. Last year my husband and the kids and I took off in a whim to see my mother in law in Florida. What a difference. We left here it was 28 degrees when we arrive at her house it was 78 degrees felt so good. We were having such a great time for the first three days then my husband started to feel sick. This happened to him about six months ago and the doctors couldn't really find much so we decided to have his blood testing orlando just to find out if these doctors down here would find anything different.

The rising cost of precious metals

     Hooking up to the city water is something we really look into this spring. Our well water is high in iron and pretty much undrinkable.  We bought a filter system but its so expensive to replace the cartridges all the time. We were going to buy our hundred foot roll  of copper  piping to put underground  and discovered that the roll was almost six hundred dollars. Four years ago when we looked at it it wasn't even a hundred and eighty dollars for the roll. I can't believe that the prices of metals has gone up so much. Just take a look at prices of gold and silver.

Gift ideas for boyfriend birthdays

Saturday, February 18, 2012

   Roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you. That would be nice in a perfect world. But who ever heard of a perfect world. Trying to find  gift ides for boyfriend birthdays was beginning to trouble me. I know he loves me but he doesn't ever give much thought into the presents that he gives me.   

   Last year at Christmas time he waited to the last minute to go shopping and of course half of things would have had to be ordered way ahead of time. When it comes to spending quality time with me he always does and he always puts me first before his guy friends. So I guess I was settled for this because this means a lot.

Gardening made easy

Here is a fun story for you. An older gentleman used to plant his garden every year. Being he was getting up there in his age it was too much for him. In the past he had help only from his son but his son is in jail now. He wrote his son a letter explaining how he couldn't do it without his help this year.

Two days later the old man awoke to a bunch of FBI agents digging up his garden area. A couple days later he received a letter in the mail from the son saying it was the least he could do for his dad. He had told the FBI that the garden area was where he buried all the bodies. Not for real really but the son also added that it would be so much easier for his dad to plant the garden now.

Manufactured homes

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My mother in law is selling her house in Florida and moving back to the cold New York State. The prices of  manufactured homes in New York State is extremely high compared to the prices in Florida. She has actually found a better deal even with the shipping from Florida to New York rather than buying a home here. I guess its because she is only a few miles away from her place that makes the homes in Florida.

Love for pictures

I always like taking pictures I can't seem to get enough of it. I used up so many batteries even if the rechargeable I am charging all the time. When it comes to viewing them the PC is nice because we have a big screen but nothing compares to putting the SD card into the Wii and see all of our pictures on a 50 inch Sanyo HD TV. So cool.

Solitaire engagement rings

Friday, January 27, 2012

You know what they say if the price is too good to be real then its probably not real. My husband started shopping way ahead of time for  solitaire engagement rings. A couple of places that he looked at had real great prices but at the time my husband wasn't schooled on a different cuts and clarity of a diamond. He came so close to a purchase the lucky thing about it was that he forgot his wallet at home so he would have to return on a weekend to purchase it. In the meantime he heard of another sale at a fine jewelers place. He stopped in there and all the salesman talked about was the different cuts and clarity versus the price of a good diamond. He ended up buying one that was a little bit more expensive but it was so much more unique in all ways compared to the other place.

Renting apartment

Its so hard to be a landlord these days usually people  move out without  giving you a 30 days notice. And then you're stuck with all the cleaning and repairs of ignorant people. And then at the last moment you put the apartment up for rent on an add on craigslist and people just don't understand that we take applications and check job employment to confirm everything. We made three appointments the other day and the one that was supposed to arrive last arrived in an hour early with cash in her hand to move in. Again this person just couldn't understand why we wouldn't let her move in instantly. We just don't want anybody in our house that we haven't checked on.

Free online dating

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My husband was telling me stories if years ago when after he went through his divorce he used to go out every Friday and Saturday night to the bars to try to meet someone. He said that doesn't work out so well because most of the girls were drunks and the other girls were just out having fun with their friends. Nothing wrong with that. But when he found free online dating it was so much easier to search and find someone of his age group and possibly the same interest as himself. He said he ran into a lot of nice women but no one really sparks his interest until he met me. I'm so glad.


Trying to decorate the new room , we know what we wanted for the effect of the room I should say. We went with bamboo style flooring. The walls we did in an artisan shingle style tongue and groove  paneling. The effect that we were trying to come up with was a rustic look of a bamboo style cottage that we once stayed in in the Philippines.

Free youtube downloader

Friday, January 20, 2012

I have so many different programs in my computer for downloading  different things. It depends on what I'm downloading to which program that I use some are better than others and there is one that is great. For doing my work in progress themes that I keep on going back to some days I will finish them. Lately, I been looking for a free youtube downloader that I can add to my collection. I'm just going to have to find  more time in the day to blend my youtube videos in with the large collection of pictures I have.

External ice maker

The ice machine in my refrigerator broke about four months ago so my husband removed it and I loved the extra room in the freezer but when it comes to having everybody over for the holidays you need lots of ice. So I decided to buy a separate ice maker, you can just plug in. It makes ice really quick and if I have any extra I can store it in the freezer for the days to come.

CD duplication

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

After years and years  of my husband being in residential remodelling, about a year ago he stopped to look back in time at how many guys he had taught and how many of those guys had gone on to start their own business, after a few years after my husband had taught them  to be the best of the best  when it came to remodelling or renovations. So in the next year instead of teaching new guys everyday he is making a set of Cd's that will cover all aspects of each individual task on the job. After these he will have to have a lot of cd duplication. Because of the expansion of our business he plans on at least having twenty five new employees by spring and to teach each employee individually would take years for him.

Humidity in your house

All winter long it gets so dry in the house even with the humidifier running it still not enough trying to catch up with the dryness of the wood stove. So this year my husband has found a deep pan that will slide between the wood stove and the wall that we can fill up with water and the wood stove will draw the moisture from this pan putting instant humidity in the house. So its less dry.

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