Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday too!

Friday, October 31, 2008

So many things to do in Halloween you can see different costumes, eating candies, you'll see people trick or treating, have Halloween parties, ghost touring, have bonfires, reading scary stories, and watching horror movies only a few things that you can do on Halloween but also not forgetting the important thing to do carving your jack-0'-lanterns. The celebration started in the morning but mostly at night because it is dark and more scarier to walk around the neighborhood doing your favorite trick or treating knocking on every ones door. What could be more fun is celebrating your love ones birthday on Halloween. My mother in law's birthday is on the 31st of October where ghosts and witches are out. She's our good witch with a pure heart. Happy Birthday Mom and Happy Halloween...

Mind is clicking

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jarred was playing with cloudy this morning and then he is trying to cover cloudy with the blanket I asked him why he said "cold mommy" and I laughed at his answer. I think it was cute... there you go. His mind is clicking again. After playing with cloudy we give our dog a bath while Jarred is helping pouring water on cloudy while mommy rinse the soap from our dog's body. Thanks for helping Jarred.

Just A Little Peek of the Weather

Our weather wasn't nice; yesterday the first drop of snow has arrived. We were hoping that the coming Halloween would be nicer to us. But the least was so unexpected. It's going to be cold and colder. The snow had started already at this early I took a quick zoom of my camera to show what our driveway looked like.

wrecking boxes

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Have you ever noticed that the boxes of food at the store in the United States are completely different than the boxes in the Philippines? It's like how do you get this darn thing open without destroying it. Some packages require extra strong teeth it's like they don't want you to get it open and then after you get it open you can't get it properly shot. It says open here yeah right! You might as well start on the other side or get a pair of scissors not to mention new toys this days that come from china some assembly required means you need a college education on an assembly line and always keep a one hundred pack of double A batteries on hand also back up rechargeable ones for little boys little train.

push in boots

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Finally, we went to the store and bought the boots that I am going to wear on Halloween. It's tough to find size 5 shoes and most of the time we find my shoe size on the children's section. (lol!) Anyhow it was my lucky day yesterday after searching on the regular adult shoe isle I finally found what I really wanted. I love this boots and my husband thinks it's sexy.

Incredible super yachts!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's incredible how people can afford their toys. Used to be a super yacht was about a hundred feet, now somewhere out to the 300 hundred feet. Makes you wonder who can afford these things. 20 million, 30 million, 50 million dollars. Some of this ships are like small cities. Some of these super yachts actually have 40 feet smaller yachts that roll off the back of the big ship to take you to shore. Toys on board include jet skis, 20 plus feet sailboats and catamarans . We just want the 40 footer that rolls off the back as our yacht. (lol!)

Waffle, egg , bacon and fried filipino rice

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Everybody was enjoying breakfast this morning when mommy cooked the delicious mouth watering, waffle topped with the sweet syrup, sunny side up egg and bacon on the side, with fried rice. So funny when every body is so quiet concentrating on each plate. I preferred a hot cup of coffee with it but they like cold milk. Everybody was all set. That was a big breakfast for all of us.

To deal with some people

Friday, October 17, 2008

The life of a maintenance men is not that easy especially when dealing with some people who doesn't have any idea on simple problem inside their apartment. Calling his emergency phone screaming at you and bitching that their apartment is freezing. You'll run into some tenant who doesn't even know how to turn on their thermostat to heat up their apartment in winter. When do this people learn how to be polite and show some respect when talking to people. Sometimes I just shake my head when my husband came home and told me what he had encountered from work. Too much patience to deal with these kind of people.

Medical nano worms

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have you heard the latest? Scientist has developed this little robots smaller than the thickness of human hair. It's crazy they're so small that they can put them on a needle inject them into your bloodstream and their little brains are taught to track down any cancerous cells in your body. The little robots are coated with iron oxide particles when they find the cancerous cells. They attach themselves to it by having the iron oxide on the nanobots. The person goes into an x-ray, the iron oxide particles show up brightly under x-ray so doctors can see cancerous areas at an early stage. So the earlier they catch your cancer the better chances you have for survival.


My husband had a wicked head ache on his experience regarding the online business kit. They billed us four dollars for the shipping of a disk that we never receive and turned around and billed us two full months for services of this business that we never even receive or started. Then a company got a hold of my husband's name and telephone number and kept calling like he haven't paid for it. He called his credit card company and they were already charged. He let his credit card company know he was disputing the charges and he also called this merchant that billed us and canceled the entire program that we didn't even receive. He also told those girls that kept on calling to try to get his visa numbers that their company is scammer and they have no right calling. He can't report them because their unknown number and in a different country. It is a pain in a butt just to have to deal with this. If they would have just send the stuff we might overlook the charge even though they said they would bill one month at a time.

Weird phone call

Does anybody receive a call from this number 786-976-0001? Oh my gosh! we keep in getting it at one in the morning we just want to reach out and choke that person for waking us up. Another weird phone call. Its ridiculous...

Harry Robert Puff

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HR PUFF as in Harry Robert Puff a best friend and protector. Nope he is not a man, he is our Himalayan cat. The most awesome cat that I have known. Older than my 10 year old step daughter Madelyn. Never had a chance that he would hurt a baby in fact he is a protector to my son Jarred. He would lay down next to my son when he is sleeping, guarding him. Jarred liked Puff because he can cuddle him or even made as a pillow. Puff is the first word that came out of Jarred's mouth instead of mama or Dada. Funny but I guess it's the first word he can say when we always call puff to come down the stairs to be with us in the living room when we were watching T.V. or playing with him. Puff obediently came down and join us. I love our Puff...

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