Buy cherry kitchen cabinets

Saturday, December 29, 2012

My husband got a call the other day from a lady about renovating her kitchen. When he arrived at the address it was a brand new home never even lived in yet. The lady said that she didn't like the brand new maple cabinets and trim in her kitchen. She wanted everything in cherry cabinets instead of this. The contractor that built the house was already too busy finishing two other houses. Now my husband is off to buy cherry kitchen cabinets from a wholesaler that he's dealt with for years.


With little ones in school it seems like having a cold or sickness is part of everyday life. We went through the fever, sinus, cough, sore throat thing three weeks ago. We had a break for two weeks and right back into it. It is horrible. Going to the doctors is only one way to get more sickness.

Spongebob lip-synching

Friday, December 14, 2012

It must be because we are sick. We have had so much cold and flew medicine its making us silly. My son got home from school I sat down with him to help him with his homework. We turn the sound down on Spongebob a few minutes later. Both of us were filling in the words of what Spongebob and Patrick might be funny.

Salt water fish aquarium

Saturday, December 8, 2012

We finally changed over our aquarium. We found a good home for our huge coy fish and converted our aquarium over to salt water. The only problem with salt water, the fish is so expensive.We are going to start out with a small fish but even the small fish can set you back 200 dollars at the beginning. The three fish that I want from the beginning are a goby, hermit crab, and a bright red fire shrimp.

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