Brass Stands

Monday, June 24, 2013

I remember way back when my step daughter started playing the trumpet. At her young age and as little as she was it seemed like the trumpet was almost as big as she was. Faithfully she would come home from school everyday and practice her notes. In her bedroom she had two different Brass Stands for holding her trumpet. One her dad had bought  and the other her grandmother had bought. She didn't want to part with either of them even though she received them both on one birthday that year.

Almost lost in the woods

We planned the trip for last weekend of going up North to some place a little town that we never been to. As I log in the address to map quest even map quest had a hard time showing me exactly where to go. I was so happy when we got within twenty five miles of our destination that there was even a satellite signal of my gps. There were so many roads that weren't marked. If it wasn't for my gps we would have never made it there.

Latex foam topper

Saturday, June 22, 2013

After discovering I couldn't stand my pillows anymore I bought two real nice ones that I am very happy with. At least for now while they're new. I seem to be sleeping better but not as good as I would think. At this moment I don't have enough money for complete mattress set so I decided to try a new latex foam topper for the bed. It should be here sometime next week so for now I will try to dream about the extra comfort.

Comfortable pillows

I finally bought some new pillows for my bed. It had been about eight months since I bought the last ones but they're just not comfortable anymore. This time I bought two that are equipped with cooling crystals that absorbs body heat through conduction and then they release it when the pad stored at a room temperature. I thought it was nice also that the top features a thick layer of memory foam. They seem to be very comfortable at this moment.

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