HGH supplements

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My husband hit the big four O a while back and recently he said that now he knows the feeling of getting old. He takes to look at his Dad and he doesn't want to end up that way. Even though sooner or later age catches up with everybody. The only thing you can do is try to detour it from coming sooner than later. He gets lots of exercise, takes his vitamin, and eats right but still feels that sluggish feeling for a lack of energy. After discovering the hgh supplements now its myself that has to keep up with him. His energy levels has doubled and he is getting a full eight hours of un-interrupted sleep now.

Designing Christmas cards

On a boring dreary rainy fall day with not much to do I decided to start making up our Christmas cards. Working with the PC, I took a lot of the pictures and transfer them into some hysterical funny pictures. Using Paintshop and Kodak Easy Share program some of the silly things I came up with just being a little creative my husband was amazed.

Ceramic tiles

Saturday, September 26, 2009

When we moved in to our new house the bathroom floor looked good at the time. It was just linoleum. The floor held up for a while to our three year old's splashing. what we didn't know was that the contractor cut the linoleum to the edge of the tub instead of putting the tub down on top of it. So the edge was very vulnerable to water after a small corner of the caulking shrunk back.
So my husband went about stripping the floor and proceeded to replace the linoleum with some beautiful ceramic tiles. He even recruited me to put the grout down and days later sealed the floor with the special grout sealer so no water can penetrate the nice job we did.

College days

I couldn’t believe it when my husband told me some of his spring break stories. The things they did, the stuff they got away with, and how much beer they drink in weeks time at Fort Lauderdale. My husband and one of his friends at college went in half’s on renting the room. At the end of the second night they had re-rented the room to an extra ten people at a hundred dollars a night. he said it paid for all the booze. Those worse and the wild times. The heat was incredible that week along with the air-conditioned broke down in the room after partying for two days straight he said he fell asleep in the tub with the shower on for six hours its incredible to imagine this unbelievable.

Dog ramps

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I remember our two German dogs when they were young, we used to walk almost half a mile into the woods to go sliding during the winter on the tabagon and they could pull our two little kids all the way down to our favorite sliding place. Not to mention the fun we used to have ice skating on the pond in the back woods. By the time we got back every muscle in my body ached from the cold in the deep snow. Our two shepherds as they age were the talk of the neighborhood. We had dog ramps to get them in and out of the pick up truck. These guys went everywhere with us and they still weigh heavy on our hearts these days when we see another German shepherd.

Danger lurks

One of our favorite fun past times is hooking up our little trailer to our four wheeler and taking little trips through what my kids call "the jungle" down back. We always take one or three paths that we made through the woods not thinking of any dangers. What I didn't notice was both of the kids sat on one side of the wagon usually that's fine. But what I didn't see was a soft tire on the trailer. We went down the hill hit the bump and the trailer flip on its side. Thank God it didn't flip over on them. As it flip on the side they rolled out I continued to go down hill away from them which actually help to pull the wagon away from them. The only unfortunate thing that happened was they landed in a brier patch. Lots of scratches some little bruises but they're okay. They both have helmets on always.

Wrinkle cream

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting a little older in life can be a real drag. There's extra word all over the place so I'm starting early on this as a preventive maintenance program. I've always worried about what the sun has damage to my skin. But I've been checked out and everything is fine. From hot oil treatments from my hair to using the wrinkle cream on some specific spots. And taking better care of my teeth I hope to be good to at least 80 or so. Lets hope.

L.L. Bean winter fashion

Moving to the United States I never realize what cold really was until I came to new York State. Originally with my lighter clothing I couldn't stay outdoors more than five minutes in the winter. halfway through the winter my husband took me to a store to fully deck me out in the latest warmest winter fashions. L.L.Bean has the most beautiful warm and fuzzy clothing I ever worn in my life. I'm so bundled up now I look like I'm 50 pounds heavier with my styling clothes.

Free online storage

Every three or four years in a sense our computer extremely slows down. we do the standard deletions, de-fragments, re-arranging things on our hard drive to make programs run faster but sometimes to no avail. Our problem is storage in the computer. So we end up going out and buying a bigger better computer. The free online storage is so much more reasonable and easy to do. Ff we would have known about this sooner we would have saved thousands.

Monosodium Glutamate

Do you think you should believe your doctor? On-going for years my husband had been back and forth to the doctors for different test different medications for burning upper stomach ache. It wasn't heartburn and it wasn't an ulcer. A lot of pills they put him in. The pain would go away some will lead him sleepy some would leave him with a different kind of stomach ache. We invited the new people that just moved in across the street over for dinner one night. And she said a couple of the dishes that we were serving she couldn't eat because it had (MSG) in it. A preservative that upset her stomach. Me and my husband started watching out for MSG and unbelievably cured himself. We were so frustrated my husband had to go back and voice his opinion to his doctor after all these years.

Lip gloss

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Being we were outdoors spending most of the time this summer, I always carry lip gloss with me to help moisturize my lips. When outdoors my lips tends to get dry so using lip gloss help to get rid of the dryness. It also protects from the UV and restore chapped lips. My husband likes me to wear the super shiny red. He says the color really compliments the color of my lips makes them looking wet.

Déjà vu

You just got to love it when every time you're doing something, something turned out differently. Usually, I don't have any problem sending money using that website. A friend of mine recommended it to me and been using it for many years now. The transaction is so fast but I was so frustrated when I learned that my Sis wasn't able to get the money. So I called the company to find out why and said they weren't able to pull out funds from my account. Why? So I called my credit card company to find out. I was good to them ever since and no problem in paying on time. More frustration comes up after being on the phone for almost one hour on hold total from changing one customer service representative to the other switching from one department to the other. Grrr!!! Just wanted to get my money back after my credit card charge me. It's like Déjà vu . It happened to me one now it happened again. After I settle this. I promised I will never do the same mistake again.

Apidexin review

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My husband haven't tried it yet but we've heard a lot of good things about apidexin. He spent many years fighting his overweight problem even though he had been on a special diet. He'd been told that he have multiple embalances in his system. It gets to be a little dreary after a while. So many different diagnosis. He just want to wake up and be thin again. Sometimes he even dream that he is and then he wake up. How depressing. We searched out apidexin and found apidexin review online and this product seems to fit his needs so there's hope again for his crusade to lose weight.

Vinyl siding

What a difference! After painting the house over and over again the husband and I decided it was time for a change. We went out to Lowe's and Home Depot and check on vinyl siding cost and how to install. It's not that hard actually. You just need a level, tape, measure, and a big set of funky looking scissors. I didn't realize there was so many different parts that were involve in the siding though. There's starter strip which is the piece that you have to level all the way around the house to begin your courses of vinyl siding then there's outside corners that you have to level up on the four corners of your house. Then there's also J-channel that goes in the inside corners it also goes at the top underneath your eves. All in all it's pretty simple if you know how to use the tape measure and the level. Just remember to get the bubble of the level in the center of the lines on the level exactly and you'll be okay unless your house is very crooked to begin with. Lesson learned.


Sometimes it's hard to figure out the right lighting for the particular area. The overhead lighting in this area just shadowed everything in the wrong way. You change the light fixture multiple times different styles of bulbs leaded glass curve lenses just didn't work for what we wanted in this area. We decided to put a glass log fireplace in this area so it would broke up the wall differently for lighting. We used four sconce in that area and the shadows were gone and the lighting was perfect finally.

Toy Land

Our children's world revolve around. You might as well keep half of a truck load of spares around just when you think you have the situation covered with five different kinds of batteries they come up with a new one. Our play land outdoors for the kids gets bigger every month. Between a wrangler jeep a john deer tractor and the kawasaki four wheeler, the children have quite a life for playing with these. Whatever happened too you have to pedal it to where you're going. And when our son outgrows these its time for Sissy's hand me down which is a one ten gas four wheeler. Hopefully it survives for Jarred to play with.

Digital cameras

Two weekends ago we went on a camping trip to the Adirondacks. Amazingly beautiful country, you find yourself stopping at almost every turn in the road to view the scenery. Good thing we had extra SD card because after taking the first three hundred shots the memory was full in our digital cameras and we had to switch cards. We got to our camp site started setting up early evening and wouldn't you know it about a hundred foot away a black bear wondered through another camp. Needless to say everybody hopped in the truck. We had fun but I don't think any body slept very well that night.

Deleted employee

Employers! Can't leave without them can't live with them you would think bigger business would know the proper rules and regulations to when it comes to paying overtime. You work your butt off an extra fifteen hours a week and your boss tells you you can take comp time and I'm like excuse me I'm suppose to get overtime time and a half. He says oh no we give you comp time you can take a couple of days off next week. So you get into an argument about the situation and all they do is turn around and fire you if you don't take it their way. Its ridiculous that even when you go to the dept. of labor no one can give you a straight answer these days. So onward to the next job.

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